The club did not have a specific name, as it is located in the east of the city and is known in the community as the ‘East Coast’. With its strict eligibility criteria and high membership fees, it had gathered a group of low-key, luxurious and sophisticated participants.


       In short, it was not easy for people who could get in and out of there. Now Xu Ye knew why there are expensive foreign wines in the small, dull bar counter downstairs, which was used as a facade. In fact, it was just a bottle that Rabbit had taken out of the underground wine cellar and didn’t bother to put back.


       The atmosphere in the BDSM circle in K City was not good in the past, and many doms took pleasure in the pursuit of brutality. In the early days of the club’s establishment, there was a case where a sub was seriously injured and his dom was a wealthy businessman. After he settled the matter with money, he swaggered to the club to find newcomers. In the end, he was tied up by Pharaoh and had both his arms broken. Afterwards, the businessman was reported by his staff for tax evasion, fined a lot of money and imprisoned. His whole company was swallowed up and finally reduced to nothing. As to who could have done it so swiftly, everyone knew it well. This kind of killing the chickens to warn the monkeys1to punish an individual as an example to others not only consolidated the prestige of the East Coast, but also shook the whole circle, and led the BDSM activities to the right track led by safety. During several years of development, the East Coast aristocrats led by Chu Yu had completely controlled the mainstream and clearly made all participants understand one thing: those who were banished from the East Coast would find it difficult to gain a foothold in the entire circle. It was like the invisible centre of a circle, which determined the positioning of the whole circle. Top players formulate various rules, including admission, protection, punishment and banishment, to maintain the boundaries of this circle.


       With Liu Jing’s help, Xu Ye squeezed in here. While enjoying the comfortable environment, strict security measures, fast information transfer, and high-quality player resources, he would also get into big trouble if he is not careful.


       For example now.


       Chu Yu only liked one-to-one relationships, and when he has a sub, he would reject others. The mask was his signature item. Later, ‘when the earl shows his face, strangers shouldn’t get close’ almost became a rule in the club that was not written into the code. There had been a number of subs trying to break it, but unfortunately, there was no winner so far. Because of this, Earl had become synonymous with single-mindedness in the eyes of everyone, completely ignoring how many subs he had changed. A way of thinking that left Xu Ye speechless.


       The moment Mr. Earl took off the mask from his face in front of everyone, Xu Ye completely lost the opportunity to communicate with any other dom, and no matter how many choices he had, it was just fleeting clouds. The black feather mask was like a mark, drawing him cleanly and thoroughly into Chu Yu’s sphere of influence. Moreover, the ambiguous shouts from inside the curtain just now, the deliberate avoidance of Lion and Pharaoh, and the crumpled shirt on Xu Ye’s body were all very reminiscent of what had just happened. It was likely that even if he took the initiative to deliver himself to the door, other doms would not even dare to touch him.


       With a blushing face and a red ear amid the sigh at the venue, Xu Ye felt like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, with a blue stamp of quarantine passing on his body, he had no room to struggle, waiting for Chu Yu’s sharpened knife to strip him of his skin and bones.


       “Come out with me.” Chu Yu’s orders were always short and direct. After he spoke, he turned around and left, not caring whether the people behind him followed. He was confident that the slaves he had marked had no way to escape.


       He waited for Xuye to get his mobile phone and car keys from the locker and went downstairs in silence. There was a black Mercedes-Benz waiting outside the door. The driver saw him and immediately ran to open the door. Chu Yu in the back seat saw him not move and looked at him sideways.


       “My car is parked over there, I can drive it myself…”


       “Get in the car.” The man interrupted him.


       Xu Ye shut his mouth and got into the back seat obediently.


       An unknown piano tune was playing in the car, a gentle and relaxing tune. Xu Ye recalled everything that happened just now in his head, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt that Marvin was a very bad person. Not counting the fact that he pushed him inside the Second Young Master Chu’s well, but this time he fell into the and completely crushed himself. It was probably hopeless to climb out.


       Xu Ye took a furtive glance to his side, but his gaze was caught by the man, and he hurriedly lowered his head. He didn’t know why he was so nervous. Now when he saw Chu Yu’s face, he remembered the words he had yelled when he was pushed to the limit. After he came to his senses, he realised that those words were like some kind of confession in disguise, and every word was sincere. This time, not only was he humiliated, but he also lose his face, and he completely lost his place in the circle and returned to Chu Yu. Xu Ye thought with frustration. After a while, he saw that the person on his right did not seem to be making any movements. He turned his face to look at him secretly again, when his eyes met again, and he quickly turned his head to look out the window.


       “Have something to say?” Chu Yu asked.


       Xu Ye’s face flushed at the sight of those ink-coloured eyes. He also had a general understanding of Chu Yu’s temper, and it was inevitable that he would be punished for doing these stupid things that provoked him. When he thought of those punishments, Xu Ye felt apprehensive and carefully tried to ask, “Did I make you angry?” in a very respectful tone.


       “Yes.” A single syllable was spoken lightly.


       Xu Ye trembled, looked at him pitifully, and called out in a low voice, “Master…”


       When he saw this kind of behaviour similar to acting like a baby, Chu Yu had a faint smile in his eyes, “Now you know how to be afraid?”


       When Xu Ye saw this, he became a little more courageous, moved closer to him, looked at the man with a pair of extremely innocent-looking black eyes and said, “Master, please forgive me this once, please?”


       There was a faint light in Chu Yu’s eyes, and he asked with a smirk, “Is this the same trick you used on Lion?”


       Xu Ye stiffened and turned pale in an instant as lowered his head and said, “Master, I was wrong.” At that time, he desperately tried to strike a blow, but he had never imagined that Lion was deliberately trying to make him anger Chu Yu. At this moment, he really wished he could turn that guy into a lion’s head2Lion’s head or stewed meatball is a dish from the Huaiyang cuisine of eastern China, consisting of large pork meatballs stewed with vegetables and braise it in soy sauce.


       “Put away your clever tricks and sit still.” The man glanced at him.


       Xu Ye sat back in disgrace and didn’t dare to speak again until the car was parked.


       Back at Hanguan No. 8, the environment in front of him seemed a little strange from the week’s absence. However, the man’s voice soon jogged his memory, both mentally and physically.


       “I didn’t give you permission to wear your clothes in the house, slave.”


       Xu Ye quickly took off all the clothes on his body and then knelt down. The living room had carpets along the sofa, but not in the entrance hall, and the marble floor was so cold and hard that it hurt a little to kneel. Fortunately, Chu Yu didn’t make him kneel for a long time.


       “Go and stay in the cage.”


       When Xu Ye entered the room on the fourth floor, there were no lights on. It had been cloudy for two days in a row, not even the moonlight, and the whole cage was pitch-black. There was silence in the room, and only the sound of his slight breathing was heard.


       Xu Ye knelt alone, not daring to move. He counted the seconds silently in my heart, guessing the approximate time.


       He hated the dark and even more hated the feeling of being alone in the dark. It was as if he was an old thing that has been abandoned and could only gather dust in the corner alone. It reminded him of those cold nights as a child when he had nightmares or got up to go to the toilet, scared but not wanting to be underestimated by the babysitter, he would curl up under the covers alone as if some part of his body would be eaten by the demons in the darkness when he reached out. He fell asleep in a state of anxiety and was sweating all over the next day.


       The darkness gave people unlimited imagination. It was as if there were countless eyes watching, as if there were countless demons peeping, and as if there were countless dangers approaching, which made people feel frightened.


       Time seemed to slow down, and every second was torture.


       When the door was pushed open, Xu Ye unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.


       The light in the cage was adjustable. Chu Yu only turned on a small dim light in the corner, which could protect Xu Ye’s eyes, which had adapted to the dark, from being stimulated by the strong light.


       The man’s soiled trousers had been changed. He took out a whip from the wall and stood in front of Xu Ye, “Raise your head.”


       Xu Ye, who was kneeling, straightened his back, looked up at him, glanced at the tools in his hand, and pursed his lips. He was looking at the black and white snake whip that had left bright marks on his chest before and felt his breathing heavy.


       “You once asked to sever the master-slave relationship and leave me to find another master. As usual, I need to reconfirm your wishes and establish the relationship again.” Chu Yu’s voice was low and firm, “But I will not do that, because from this day on, you are and must be my slave, and I am and must be your only master. The master-slave relationship between us will continue until I agree to end it.” He paused, stroked his right hand across the naked kneeling man’s cheek, and said word by word, “Always remember that you belong to me.”


       Xu Ye listened to his words in silence, with an inexplicable emotion welling up in his eyes. It was as if a person drifting on the endless sea had found a direction and a place to belong and solace. He quietly looked up at Chu Yu, and for a moment, his drooping eyes covered his eyes with butterfly-like eyelashes, and said softly, “Yes, master.”


       The whip hung down from the man’s hand, and his voice was familiarly calm, “Now, tell me who you are.”


       Xu Ye looked up at him with a calm expression, “I am your slave, and you are my only master.”


       “Tell me your rights.”


       “All the rights I can have come from your giving.”


       “Tell me about your obligations.”


       “To please you and to make you happy.”


       “Very well.” Chu Yu curled his lips into a smile, and the snake-like whip in his hand hung down and rested on Xu Ye’s bare shoulders. “Next I’ll give you a chance to tell me about the things you’ve done that have made me less than happy.”

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