Xu Ye’s body went stiff.


       What goes around must come around.


       He straightened his heart and said, “Everything I have done before was wrong, so please punish me, Master.”


       With a swoosh, the whip landed on his back, and soon red marks appeared. The pain was so intense that it made his back numb. Xu Ye didn’t dare to move. He bit his lip and endured it.


       “No sincerity. Who gave you permission to treat me in such a perfunctory manner?” Behind him, Chu Yu raised his hand and a second whip hit straight down, and the trace was exactly parallel to the last one. Immediately after the third whip came down, Xu Ye trembled, and finally couldn’t help letting out a suppressed cry of pain. He couldn’t see his master behind him, but he could feel his displeasure from the force of the snake whip that landed on his body.


       The piercing pain made Xu Ye’s eyes blur and he broke out in a cold sweat. He clenched his fists to bear it, not even realising that his nails were about to pierce his palm, and he just repeated the words mournfully, “I was wrong…Master…I was wrong…”


       “Straighten your back.” The man pressed the handle of the whip against his spine and said in a deep voice, “Now I want you to say exactly where you have gone wrong, and then accept the punishment. If the answer is not to my satisfaction, you will receive more lashes until the answer is satisfactory. Is that clear?”


       “Yes, Master.” Xu Ye tensed his back, and said tremblingly, “I shouldn’t have left Master without authorization.”


       A slap of the whip landed on his left buttock. Chu Yu behind him said lightly, “Continue.”


       “I shouldn’t have gone to Marvin, ah—” There was a hot blow on his right buttock, this time it was stronger than the previous ones, it seemed that his master was quite unhappy about it. Xu Ye shrank instinctively. Before he could open his mouth again, the whip came down again, pressing perfectly on the previous whip mark. The pain doubled. He shrieked, and the mist in his eyes was forced up.


       “Do you know why you were whipped?” The man’s voice was a little cold.


       “…Because I moved around, Master.”


       “Don’t do anything that upsets me if you don’t want your buttocks to get busted, go ahead.”


       “I shouldn’t have said …… those things in front of Master, ah—” The whip swept over the left of his upper and lower shoulder muscle, and the pain was as hot as being bitten by a rushing snake, and with some tingling, the whole body began to tremble


       “In the club, I shouldn’t treat the master with that attitude, wu…” The corners of Xu Ye’s eyes glistened with pain from enduring patiently to shrieking to wailing. He couldn’t resist all the pain this man inflicted on him like a boat being sucked into the centre of a storm, praying for everything to pass quickly amidst the huge waves and lightning and thunder.




       That word made Xu Ye want to cry without tears as he thought about it through the pain in his body, but could not think of anything else he had done wrong, so he could only stammer, “I shouldn’t…shouldn’t…act smart in the car to avoid punishment…”


       But the whip never came down. There was a tense silence in the air. Xu Ye didn’t know where it would strike next, and he didn’t dare to ask aloud, so he could only kneel tensely.


       Suddenly, long, slender fingers stroked his neck and jaw. Chu Yu’s cello-like voice sounded in the cage, “You are the first slave to run away from me. I agreed to your request and tried to keep your normal life as unaffected as possible. Instead, in my presence, you deliberately followed the orders of others, let others see, let others touch, kneel under others, and took advantage of my tolerance to provoke me.” The hand stopped at Xu Ye’s throat and tightened slightly, forcing him to tilt his head fully up to look at the man behind Xu Ye. “That’s what makes me unhappy.”


       Such a gesture was a bit of a strain on Xu Ye. He struggled to maintain his balance and not fall backwards. His white chest heaved and heaved, like a swan on the brink of death with a hunter around its neck.


       Chu Yu looked at him condescendingly, stroking Xu Ye’s Adam’s apple with his slender fingers, “The truth is, Marvin will never accept you on as long as I don’t agree. And once you completed the third order for him in my presence, I will completely abandon you. You will eventually kneel before me and ask for my forgiveness.” The corners of his lips rose slightly as the pressure came over him. “But not in such a simple way.”


       Xu Ye’s heart trembled, and his lips moved, but he couldn’t say anything. He looked up at the man with a mixture of remorse and fear in his heart. He knew what being ‘abandoned’ meant, that his world would be shattered like glass. He had almost touched Chu Yu’s bottom line and pushed himself to a dead end by being a smartass.


       “Punishment is given so that you can learn a lesson. There are parts of the human body which have a very good effect on helping memory when hurt.” The man let go of his neck, stretched the retractable handle of the whip, teased the tip of the pen-s between Xu Ye’s legs, and said, “Have you tried it? The feeling of being inserted here by a small toy.”


       The pain of having a foreign object inserted into his urethra… Xu Ye shuddered all over his body just imagining that feeling, and replied with a pale face, “No, Master.”


       “If you ever try to seduce another dom with that look again, I’ll make you feel the pain.” Chu Yu put down his whip and sat down on the single sofa, “I’m not keen on torture, slave, don’t make me treat you in a way I don’t like.” The top doms are at the top of their game when it comes to psychology. Chu Yu knew how to exert tension and pressure with words. He spoke very slowly, every word was like an invisible needle piercing the listener’s ear. He glanced at the naked man kneeling on the ground calmly, and it was no surprise that he saw a frightened look and tiny goosebumps on his skin.


       Xu Ye was afraid. When he said tremblingly, “Master, I won’t do it again…”, Chu Yu curled his lips. Slaves that were too wild needed to be deterred and pressured into submitting to the absolute authority of the master. Now it seemed that the purpose had been achieved.


      “Now I forgive you for what you have done to displease me.” Chu Yu said in a deep voice, “Just this once.”


       “Thank you.” Xu Ye blushed a little. He now regretted it completely. If he had known that he would end up coming back to him, why bother to get beaten up on his own…


       “Follow me downstairs.” The man walked downstairs, and Xu Ye immediately got up to follow, stretching the muscles on his body that had been whipped, grimacing in pain. When he came to the door on the third floor, Xu Ye stopped.


       That was Chu Yu’s bedroom. It was also the area he had been explicitly told not to enter.


       “Come in.” The man pushed open the door and entered.


       Twenty-four swan lamps in silver-grey light up the whole bedroom. It was still black, white and grey tones, calm and efficient. The most striking feature is the huge black-and-white leather bed with a milky white coloured cashmere carpet on the floor, on which Xu Ye steps barefoot and feels the softness of the wool


       Chu Yu sat down on a soft chair, pointed to the door in the bedroom, and ordered: “Go and fill the bathtub with water, and then call me.”


       Xu Ye went in after giving an answer, tested the water temperature, and began to fill the jacuzzi with water. In his spare time, his eyes were not idle, looking around in this huge bathroom.


       The mosaics in the bathroom were also black, white and grey, and Chu Yu was surprisingly single-minded in the decoration colours. The bathtub was so big that it was obviously not a single-person model. The clean bathrobes were placed neatly on the shelf, and there were actually two sets.


       Apart from the one-on-one master-slave relationship, Chu Yu would have had a normal relationship with someone in his position, right? Maybe he’ll bring someone back for the night too? Would it be male or… female? Xu Ye’s mind was boggled by the thought of Chu Yu having a shower with someone else, and his heart felt a little stuffy. Unknowingly, he replaced the fictional character with himself, and his face immediately turned red.


       He shook his head, got rid of all those images, and looked at the bottles and jars on the shelf at hand. Compared with the dazzling array of guest bathrooms, there was a lot less stuff here, just one brand of product, and it was unscented. One of the bottles was almost used up, and there was a new bottle of the exact same product sitting on the side.


       Xu Ye looked at the whip marks on his back in the mirror. The two marks on the buttocks were particularly noticeable, and it hurts when touched. All the traces were bright red, but none of the skin was broken. It seemed that Chu Yu was still showing mercy. When the water was almost ready, he turned on the faucet, went out and knelt down in front of Chu Yu, “Master, the bath is ready.” He thought the man would let him go back to the guest room, but the other party got up and walked to the bathroom door, looking back at him with a glance, and said, “Come in with me.”


       Xu Ye was taken aback for a moment and immediately followed in.


       The dense water vapour made the whole bathroom a bit hazier, and the naked body felt the steamy humidity. When he saw his master standing in front of him quietly staring at him, Xu Ye felt a little at a loss. He quickly searched in his head if he did something wrong, but found nothing.


       When Chu Yu saw his flustered and bewildered look, he couldn’t help laughing, “So clueless.” After speaking, he gave an order, “Take off the clothes.”


       Xu Ye looked down at his naked self and raised his eyes in surprise. He saw the helpless look of “Are you an idiot” in the man’s eyes, blushed immediately, and reached out to unbutton Chu Yu.


       After his clothes were taken off, the man revealed supple but not exaggerated muscle lines of his upper body.


       Sure enough, the clothes made him appear thinner and his fleshy body was not shown. Such an obvious contrast made Xu Ye look much weaker. He kept regretting in his heart why he didn’t keep working out.


       Next came his pants, and…the underwear. When Xu Ye gingerly helped his master take off his clothes, his eyes fell on a certain sexual feature, and his neck turned red all the way to his ears. He then quickly averted his gaze and fiddled with the clothes in his hands, trying to fold them. He had never done such housework as folding clothes, so naturally, he had no idea how to do it.


       The man tested the water temperature with his feet, sat in the bathtub, and leaned his head on the raised headrest. He put his arms casually on the edge, and ordered in a somewhat lazy voice, “Come here.”


       Xu Ye walked to the side of the bathtub with some embarrassment. From the moment he saw Chu Yu’s naked body just now, the guy between his legs had involuntarily raised its head, and it was getting worse and worse. At this moment, he didn’t even dare to look at the other party, so he could only lower his head to divert his attention, “Master, do you need bath oil or shower gel…ah—”


       Suddenly, the man dragged him directly into the bathtub. The walls of the tub were wet and slippery, and Xu Ye struggled to sit up, grimacing with pain in his muscles from the pain of the muscles he was hit with. Chu Yu, who was sitting across from him, glanced at the erection between his legs, and said with pursed lips, “Slave, are you harbouring devious thoughts against your master?”

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