Xu Ye walked over stiffly, bypassing the coffee table and stood in front of the man.


       Chu Yu patted the empty seat beside him, and Xu Ye sat down obediently, with his head lowered all the time, his face flushed and hot. The collar around his neck made it impossible for him to look up and look directly at anyone.


       There were three other people sitting on the large leather join sofa; two men and one woman. At this moment, the three of them were all looking at him, their eyes fell on the collar, and they all looked away in unison with ambiguous smiles on their lips.


       “Second Young Master, don’t you plan to introduce this person to us?” The woman was wearing light makeup and a deep red cheongsam that perfectly outlined her figure. The woman’s curved elegant eyes were slightly raised, showing a bit of charm; her eyes concealed a sharp aura, giving people a shrewd and dusty feeling.


       Chu Yu hooked his lips, reached out and grabbed Xu Ye’s wrist, and pulled him over. This tug was so strong that Xu Ye was caught unprepared, and his whole body fell into the man’s arms. He looked up in horror, saw the man’s warning look above him, and stiffly stopped struggling. He allowed long, slender fingers to caress the side of his face and gently poke his round earlobes, causing slight shudders in his skin.


       With a collar on his neck, as he was being hugged by the man in this posture in front of the eyes of others, made him look like a pet at the mercy of his master. Xu Ye no longer knew what he was feeling in his heart now; shame, panic, helplessness, fear… were all emotions that almost consumed him. Unknowingly, mist appeared in his eyes, and he closed them hastily.


       Chu Yu’s fingers were still moving carelessly, and he smiled at the woman and said, “If you still need me to introduce someone who can appear in my arms, I might as well keep some paparazzi to make money by selling gossip.”


       “That’s a good point, Second Young Master, but how dare we investigate your people at will?” The woman curved her phoenix eyes and teased, “On the other hand, Wanhua’s side held an urgent meeting this afternoon to revise the design. Song Wanhua should have gone to see the old man by now.”


       “Let him go.” Chu Yu didn’t care, “Since the decision-making power of that land is given to me, Father will not interfere.”


       “The matter of Song Yueran’s ex-boyfriend’s car accident four years ago has been found out…” The middle-aged man with gold-rimmed glasses glanced at Xu Ye, hesitated to speak, and looked at the second young master with a questioning gaze. Obviously, he knew about the relationship between Xu Ye and Song Yueran.


       Chu Yu clearly felt the person in his arms tense up and said calmly, “Speak.”


       “A few days before Chen Jianzhe’s accident, he found out that Song Yueran had cheated on Zhou Zixiao, the youngest son of Wenchang Group, and the two argued. After the car accident, Chen Jianzhe died an hour after being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. The hospital where he was taken for emergency treatment was not the nearest city hospital to the scene of the car accident but was a private hospital owned by Wen Chang three blocks away. During this time, Song Yueyan spoke to Zhou Zixiao three times, and Zhou Zixiao had two phone calls with the hospital director. After Chen Jianzhe died, Song Yueran and Zhou Zixiao went abroad together. Three years later, the two parted ways. This morning, I obtained a statement from the doctor in charge of the operation at the time, admitting that the hospital director instructed him to delay the treatment deliberately. I also found the record of Song Yueran’s driver taking sleeping pills from the private hospital the day before yesterday.” After saying this, he placed the two paper documents before Chu Yu.


       When he heard the last sentence, Xu Ye suddenly opened his eyes. He always thought that it was Xu Ting and Song Wanhua who set him up and felt that Song Yueran was also a helpless victim, and he never thought that this woman would pose any danger. Now it seemed so silly. If she had given him more than a sleeping pill…


       The man raised Xu Ye’s chin and made him look up at himself with a hint of mockery in his eyes, “Want to read this report?”


       Xu Ye shook his head slightly. At this moment, he felt as if he had knocked over a bottle of five flavours1sweet, sour, bitter, spicy hot, salty, and he could not tell what he felt.


       The middle-aged man’s report was concise and clear. As for how these materials were obtained, there was no need to elaborate on them. To think that such a detailed investigation into the events of four years ago had been carried out and what they had done to force the doctor to confess to a truth that had long been hidden was chilling to think about. Chu Yu’s aim was very clear; to let him listen, show him the evidence, and tell him clearly how foolish enough he had been to step into their trap.


       Even they could investigate Song Yueran like this, let alone him who stayed with the second young master? The moment Xu Ye became a slave, he might have already been thoroughly searched. What happened today also made him realise that as long as his master did not allow it, he would not be able to keep a single secret. Previously, Chu Yu had never displayed his great strength in such a direct manner, preferring to provide a relatively equal environment to get along with himself, but now he puts away his tenderness and breaks the balance he had established in an almost brutal way.


       —Xu Ye, there are many ways to play the game between you and me, but you have to choose the most unpleasant one.


       This was what the man once said.


       In the same surrounding and the same embrace, instead of peace of mind and comfort, only fear and confusion remain. The collar around his neck, the unapologetic teasing in front of him, the relationship between master and slave that was gradually expanding in Chu Yu’s hands and was slowly overlapping with real life. As the enslaved party, Xu Ye had no ability to resist and had no choice but to accept it.


       The only thing he could do was to accept it. What can he do under such preconditions?


       Xu Ye finally calmed down from his panic. At least he was a businessman and knew how to weigh up the pros and cons. He made mistakes first, was used by others, and angered Chu Yu. The only thing he could do was to beg for mercy; otherwise, the situation would only get worse and worse. Everyone in this room knew about his status as a slave, so what was there for him to cover up and pretend?


       When he saw the situation clearly, Xu Ye turned slightly to his side and reached out to wrap his arms around Chu Yu’s waist, pressing his head closer into his arms and calling out softly, “Master…”


       This soft call also carried some shy hesitation, soft, like a cat’s paw scratching through people’s hearts. Xu Ye himself didn’t expect this cry to be like this, so he stiffened and buried his head even deeper.


       The corners of Chu Yu’s lips curled upwards in a slight arc.


       It seemed his slave had figured it out.


       The three present immediately stood up and said goodbye with some winks. Chu Yu didn’t intend to keep them either and asked Xiao Xun to see them off.


       Only two people remained in the large living room.


       It was only now that Xu Ye gradually relaxed. When he saw that the other party hadn’t moved for a long time, he raised his face to look and met the man’s calm and unwavering eyes.


       He seemed… less angry? Xu Ye speculated in his heart, raised his body a little and boldly called out again.


       Chu Yu lowered his eyelids halfway, and there was no emotion in his dark eyes. He didn’t speak, so Xu Ye had no choice but to bite the bullet and continue, “Master, I don’t know what I have to do for you to forgive me…no matter what you do, as long as you are willing to forgive me…”


       “Whatever I do, right?” The man repeated, looking at him playfully, “Tonight Chu Xuan is going to receive an important guest, I heard that BDSM is also one of his hobbies, and he is a Dom. Go and stay with him for one night; I will forgive you.”


       Xu Ye’s face was ashen, and his eyes widened in disbelief.


       “What? Can’t do it?” Chu Yu laughed, his fingers fiddling with the bell on his collar and tracing the knot of his throat, feeling the slight tremble of his pale skin. “You are still trying to write things off after making me angry. Your little calculation is really shrewd. Slave, let me remind you once more that it is up to me to decide when to forgive you and how you will be taught your lesson.”


       “Yes, master.” Xu Ye lowered his head helplessly. He had no chance of winning in the fight for the one in the upper position…


       Xiao Xun came over to inform the two of them to eat.


       To Xu Ye’s relief, after the food was served, everyone in the villa left. Only he and Chu Yu were left. He took off the clothes on his own initiative and knelt beside the man’s legs.


       He was afraid of that ‘lesson’ from the bottom of his heart. Judging from the current situation, Chu Yu had no intention of forgiving him at all, and the man’s methods of punishment… reminded Xu Ye of the bloody, dried whip in the club’s display window, and he panicked.


       Chu Yu watched Xu Ye force himself to eat slowly, feeling a little amused in his heart.


       He already knew Xu Ye’s personality like the back of his hand. Xu Ye had a decent IQ but not a high EQ. He was so serious about his work that he was fussy about it, but in life, he just went with the flow. At first glance, he looked like a cactus with thorns, but he was actually soft inside, like a clean and sweet cotton candy. He was a little clever but did not have the same level of sophistication you would find in the business world. He was emotionally attached and prone to the softness of the heart. In his mind, he separates BDSM from real life, thinking it was just a casual game, like playing CS2Counter Strike or hiking. ‘Master’ was just a fictitious title, so even when Chu Yu appeared in the cafeteria, he just responded politely and played games obediently, then sent him away as a guest.


       It was precisely because of this mentality that Xu Ye never considered asking for his help when he was in trouble. This was the source of Chu Yu’s unhappiness. As for sleeping out in bed with someone overnight, it was just a front, not to mention that Xu Ye slept through it without doing anything. What Chu Yu wanted was to take this opportunity to teach him a lesson so that Xu Ye would firmly remember his existence.


       Of course, Xu Ye couldn’t guess what Chu Yu was thinking. He just wanted to try to behave better, and maybe he would get less whipped later. After the meal, Xu Ye washed the dishes as usual, and then a leash was hung around his neck, and he followed Chu Yu step by step. He basically adapted to the rope of about 1.5 meters, and he was careful not to make mistakes. At the end of the training, the man touched his head as a sign of encouragement. It seemed… that there was no intention of punishing him at all.


       Xu Ye knelt beside the man’s legs anxiously and watched the financial information on TV with him for a while.


       At about nine o’clock, Chu Yu finally gave the order, “Wait for me in the cage.”

PS: As some of the previous readers had guessed, Song Yuran is indeed not innocent. You guys are so smart.

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