The sound of gunshots pierced the silence.

       Xu Ye watched helplessly as the bright red blood spread little by little on the warm chest, resembling enchanting flowers blooming on a white shirt. In the boundless darkness, Chu Yu looked at him with sorrowful eyes. A strong wind suddenly rose, breaking the silhouette into tiny red fragments scattered and lost to the unknown. A harsh, soundless scream echoed, and despair rose like an engulfing tidal wave, swallowing him whole.

       He woke up in a cold sweat, and it took him a long time to break free from the nightmare. He took a few deep breaths to calm down as if he wanted to expel the suffocating air stuck in his chest.

       A small night light left in the room gave off a bright yellow light. Xu Ye got up and opened the window. The late autumn night wind was blowing a bit cold. He sat quietly by the window with his clothes on, looking at the night sky covered with clouds and moon, and closed his eyes tiredly.

       Ten days. It had been such a long time since Chu Yu left. It was like he had disappeared from the world out of thin air without any news. Even though he casually mentioned going to handle some trivial matters, Xu Ye understood in his heart that these matters were dangerous enough to keep him from being able to focus on himself. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have left himself alone at the Chu family’s main base. The atmosphere in the main house was also very tense. Xu Ye could see many solemn-looking people entering and leaving here every day. The eldest son Chu Qin, and the third son Chu Xuan almost never came back. All the battles were going on where he couldn’t see, and the only thing that floated on the surface was Golden Eagle’s stock price, which changed from high to low.

       Xu Ye began to suffer from insomnia, and even when he was tired enough to fall asleep, he would suffer from nightmares. In his dream, he lost Chu Yu again and again. The nightmare tormented him, almost dragging him down. Two days ago, he had no choice but to ask the old man’s personal doctor to prescribe sleeping pills for him.

       It was like returning to the days before he met Chu Yu, feeling anxious and suffocated. The old house was located in Donglin, so he ran to the construction site every day, followed by a bunch of bodyguards. After eating two mouthfuls of rice every day, he put down my chopsticks and devoted himself to work as if this would prevent him from thinking about that man.

       The sleepless nights are particularly unbearable. Xu Ye glanced at the medicine bottle on the table and sighed helplessly. Just as he was about to get up and take medicine, he caught sight of a figure in the courtyard downstairs and was stunned.

       The moon emerged from the clouds, and its clear and bright light fell silently on the man, blurring his outline. No one knew where the stars were hidden. In the quiet night, even the wind became quiet.

       Xu Ye’s eyes became moist. He stood by the window of the second-story building, and the man looked up at him and said with a tired look, “Did you miss me?”

       “…No.” Xu Ye replied innocently, but the water in his eyes could no longer be held back and slipped from the corners of his eyes.

       “Liar.” Chu Yu smiled, “What are you crying for? I’m back, right?”

       The moment he went upstairs and hugged Xu Ye, who was wearing pyjamas, the man’s body and mind, which had been tense for many days, finally relaxed. This familiar and warm feeling was what he had been missing. He unconsciously tightened his arms and hugged the person in his arms tighter.

       His jaw sharpened, waist narrowed–how did Xu Ye become so thin in just a few days? Chu Yu’s gaze swept over the scattered documents and the open computer on the table, landing on the conspicuous medicine bottle at the bedside. Frowning slightly, he released him and asked, “What medication are you taking?”

       Xu Ye was a little stiff, hesitated for a while, and said hesitantly, “I couldn’t sleep well at night. I went to see a doctor, and he said…”

       “You now rely on sleeping pills to fall asleep, don’t you?”

       “Master…” Xu Ye was like a rabbit whose tail was caught, looking at him in panic and confusion.

       That expression made him feel distressed and angry. When he thought that this was how he had been living for the past ten days, the fire in Chu Yu’s heart completely burned. “I’m away for just ten days, and you’ve turned yourself into this.” He threw his coat on the chair, took out his belt, and said coldly, “Kneel down.”

       Xu Ye knelt down silently after hearing the order.

       “Tell me who you are.”

       “I am your slave.”

       “Tell me your rights.”

       “All my rights come from what you have given me.”

       “Tell me your duty.”

       “To make you happy…” When he said these four words, Xu Ye lowered his eyes and looked at the ground.

       Suddenly, a sharp and swift wind brushed past the ears, followed by the crisp sound of a thick belt hitting the ground. Xu Ye trembled all over and raised his face in panic.

       Chu Yu’s deep eyes were like the vast and cold night, but they were also quiet, soft and gentle. He stared at the person kneeling on the ground and asked, “Do you think I will be happy if you make yourself like this?”

       Xu Ye’s eyes trembled, his nose felt sore, and he said, “I was wrong, Master, forgive me…”

       “There’s more.” The man pinched his chin and forced him to look up at him, “What should be the first thing you do when you see me come back?”

       Xu Ye was stunned for a while before he remembered the ‘rules’ the man had set before and replied with some embarrassment, “Go to the door to welcome and greet proactively.”

       “What did you just do?”

       Xu Ye was a little aggrieved but didn’t dare to defend himself, so he could only say in a low voice, “I was wrong.”

       Chu Yu sat on the edge of the bed, tossing the belt aside. When used, this thing would leave welts on the skin, and he couldn’t actually use it on Xu Ye. “Today, I’ll give you a chance to make amends. Start over.”

       Xu Ye stood up and approached him, closed his eyes and put his lips towards him. Seeing that he didn’t respond for a long time, he opened his eyes in embarrassment and called softly, “Master.”

       “Is this the extent of your passion for me?” The man looked at him with a smirk, “Take off your clothes, get into bed.”

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