Xu Ye thought that going to bed meant doing it, but Chu Yu just held him and kissed him for a while and said, “Go to sleep.”

       The room darkened, and a warm yellow wall lamp in the corner gave off a faint light like a firefly. His naked body was sunk between the soft mattresses, and the only sound in his ears was the steady breathing of the other person. Xu Ye kept his eyes open, watching the man before him, who had closed his eyes to sleep, illuminated by a faint glimmer.

       In his twenty-eight years of life, he never thought that one day he would keep such a person in his heart, trust him wholeheartedly, rely on him without any fears, and willingly surrender everything.

       It was a strange feeling, like a comet that had travelled alone for a long time and finally changed its trajectory due to strong gravity and fell to the solid surface. To be accepted, to be tolerated, and never again to have to walk alone with secrets he was too ashamed to reveal.

       Xu Ye was looking at the man quietly, but unexpectedly, the man suddenly opened his eyes. He panicked, quickly closed his eyes, and pretended to sleep. Chu Yu chuckled and said, “After staring at me for so long, you’re closing your eyes now?”

       Xu Ye couldn’t pretend anymore; his eyelashes fluttered, and he opened his eyes. The dim light hid the blushing embarrassment on his face, and he murmured, “Master, I didn’t mean to disturb your sleep, I’d better turn around.” He said it awkwardly, truly turning to the side and earnestly shifting a bit toward the edge of the bed.

       The man didn’t speak; Xu Ye only felt the bed move, and then the arm stretched out from behind, wrapped around his waist and pushed him back. When his back pressed against that warm and solid chest, the touch on his back made Xu Ye freeze completely.

       The skin-to-skin contact was completely unobstructed by clothing. Both of them were naked, his back and Chu Yu’s chest, his waist and hips and Chu Yu’s lower abdomen, fitting together closely.

       Xu Ye was a little incoherent, “Master, you…”

       “Shh—” The breath behind his ear softly brushed the back of his neck, slightly warm. A warm hand was placed on Xu Ye’s waist, and his slightly bent body was fully embraced. Chu Yu’s voice was soft and gentle, like the feathers of a young bird, soft and fluttering behind his head. “Close your eyes, relax your body, feel the frequency of my breathing, and then adjust your rhythm.” The man’s voice has a hypnotic magic that makes people easily addicted, “I will be behind you and hold you until you fall asleep.”

       The gentle voice lingered in his ears like a breeze, and his chest’s slow and similar rise and fall was like a tide, gently caressing every tiny gravel on the beach. Xu Ye leaned back slightly, relaxed his tense body, and gently closed his eyes.

       There was no erotic embrace, just comfort and companionship.

       The night was dark, and everything was silent.

       In this way, he sank little by little into the dream of the deep sea.

       He waited for Xu Ye to sleep peacefully. Chu Yu raised his hand and gently stroked the scar on his forehead. In the past ten days, he had simultaneously pacified and ruthlessly wiped out the rebel forces that Song Wanhua had set off in the Black Eagle Organisation. The enemies who were involved in the underworld were naturally not easy to handle. He himself was attacked several times, and several of his bodyguards were killed or injured. The moment he rushed back under the stars and saw Xu Ye crying, he suddenly felt that all his suffering was worth it.

       Under the gorgeous sceptre lay splattered blood, echoed agonizing screams, and lurked ugly desires. Once grasped, no matter how burdensome, it could not be easily relinquished. Yet, this was his way of protecting Xu Ye.

       No one could touch his weakness easily.

       Xu Ye moved uneasily in his deep sleep. Since that accident, he often woke up in the middle of the night and curled up unconsciously when falling asleep. This self-defensive posture stems from his deep inner insecurity. The impact of that incident on Xu Ye was not as light as he made it seem. The fear of dying still lingered in his subconscious, coming out to cause trouble from time to time. And Chu Yu’s departure made the situation more serious until it was impossible to sleep.

       The man kissed his naked back, hugged him tightly, and whispered comfortingly, “I’m back…”

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