In these ten days, both of them were physically and mentally exhausted. It was quite a challenge to get a good night’s sleep, and by the time they woke up, it was already late in the morning.

       The two of them were facing each other. Every time Xu Ye looked at Chu Yu’s sleeping face at close range, his face would turn red unconsciously. He tentatively asked in a soft voice, “Master, are you awake?” When he saw that the man was still sleeping peacefully with his eyes closed, he boldly approached him and pecked him lightly on the cheek, and then, like a little thief stealing a treasure, he happily tilted his head and looked at him.

       Unexpectedly, the arm on his waist suddenly retracted and held him closer in his arms, pressing against each other. There was a faint smile in Chu Yu’s opened black eyes, “Not behaving well so early in the morning.”

       The little thief blushed in embarrassment after being caught red-handed by someone on the spot, “Master, uh, good morning.”

       “Did you sleep well last night?” His palms went down his smooth back, stroking his body.

       “Yeah.” The fluffy head nodded slightly.

       “If you dare to take those random pills again…” Chu Yu slapped his butt hard, “I’m going to slap your butt with a belt until it blooms, do you understand me?”

       “Yes, understood clearly.” Xu Ye stayed in his arms and answered obediently.


       The maple leaves in late autumn were as red as fire. Under the stone bridge, three or five koi carp were resting peacefully in a place where the sunlight couldn’t find them.

       In the courtyard, with the sound of gurgling water, the two of them sat side by side on a long wooden bench, sipping tea leisurely and watching the clouds floating in the high sky. A black Kangal Shepherd dog walked around the two men, wagging its tail.

       Xu Ye touched the big dog’s head and said, “Caesar is in a good mood today. Normally, at this time, he would sit in the sun at the door of the main house and ignore me for a long time.”

       “He is very close to you.” Chu Yu put down the teacup in his hand, “Caesar is a fighting dog. He has killed many ferocious opponents. He is usually very arrogant and ignores everyone except us. He even bit one of the bodyguards who fed him, so the old man has been personally feeding him.”

       Xu Ye looked at the big dog with a front paw on his leg, scratched its chin and said, “It seems you have given me face, Mr. Caesar.” The big dog made a guttural sound that expressed comfort and simply put his head on Xu Ye’s lap.

       “Dogs are very sensitive to smells.” The man next to him said with a smile, “It is close to you because you smell like me.”

       Xu Ye’s face suddenly turned red, and he abruptly changed the subject, “Um…have you finished handling all your matters?”

       “The overall situation is settled; the remaining cleanup will be handled by the elder brother for a more secure resolution. I am responsible for making the decisive actions, and he is responsible for appeasing people’s hearts.” Seeing him looking at him with a vague understanding, Chu Yu’s gaze deepened, “About what happened before. You never asked me for the truth, and I never provided you with an answer. Now that everything has concluded, I should give you the right to choose.”

       Xu Ye’s eyes were shocked, and he looked at him a little helplessly.

       Chu Yu’s eyes were like everlasting stars, casting a gentle radiance, “I can tell you everything without reservation. But you need to be prepared; the truth might not be as you imagine, and my actions might be difficult for you to bear. The Golden Eagle has reached today not with sweets but with iron and blood. Standing in this position, I possess a cruelty and ferocity that you have not witnessed. So, once you choose to know the truth, you also choose a path leading into darkness. You will have to accept my methods, abandon your previous notions of good and evil, right and wrong, and unconditionally trust me, agree with me, and follow me.”

       “If I choose not to ask, will you… never tell me the truth?”

       “Yes.” The man raised his hand and caressed the scar on his forehead, “I will give you an undisturbed, forever pristine and beautiful world, allowing you to stay by my side as innocently and happily as before.” Chu Yu suddenly paused, with a hint of reluctance in his eyes, “These two choices were forced on you by me, and it’s not fair to you, Xu Ye. Forgive me for my selfishness.”

       Xu Ye’s eyelids were slightly drooped, and his eyelashes trembled like insect wings. Mixed emotions surged in the clear black and white eyes, but the gaze was bright and soft, like a fishing fire in the dark night, just waiting for someone to return. He rubbed Caesar lying beside him with his hand, thought quietly for a moment, and finally sighed softly, “I give up my choice.”

       Chu Yu’s eyes moved slightly, staring at him with his dark eyes.

       When their eyes met, Xu Ye’s clean and handsome face had a heart-warming tenacity and gentleness, like a natural jade stone, with its own aura. His voice was very steady, “You are my Master. I am willing to give you all my trust, and I am willing to stay by your side in the way you want.”

       Like a high-stakes gamble, he willingly placed himself in the hands of a man named Chu Yu. From now on, the future, life, and everything else would be under the control of the other.

       The tenderness in Chu Yu’s eyes turned into a vast sea in an instant, and he slowly curved the corners of his lips, “Will you regret it?”

       “No regrets.” Xu Ye’s voice was soft but firm.

       The wind swayed the branches and blew the dry leaves off, swirling them to the ground. Winter was approaching.

       Chu Yu put his arms around the waist of the man next to him and let him lean on his shoulder. When he spoke again, he had already made up his mind, “The people who attacked you are people from within the Black Eagle Organisation, and the mastermind is Song Yueran. She lied that you r4p3d him and used the young leader’s feelings for her to attack you.”

       Xu Ye was stunned, and after a moment, he frowned deeply, anger igniting in his eyes, “She actually…”

       This truth really caught him by surprise. He asked himself if he had ever done anything to warrant an apology from Song Yueran. He was drugged by her but did not pursue it. It was awkward, but he avoided her everywhere. It was only when he was confronted at the door did he uttered those harsh words. He never expected her to resort to such ruthless measures, almost costing Leopard his life.

       “I wanted to lock her up for a few days to teach her a lesson and then let her go. However, I received information that Song Wanhua was secretly mobilizing people, inciting emotions and planning to take action against the old man. There are too many people in the Black Eagle Organisation, and the area is wide. It takes some time to investigate the situation thoroughly, so I had to leave you here temporarily.”

       Xu Ye felt chills all over after hearing this. During internal strife, it was difficult to tell those who were loyal, and those who were ready to betray around him, and one wrong move would lead to a loss. Chu Yu’s understatement of ‘investigating the situation’ seemed to carry layers of danger that he felt terrible just by imagining it.

       Fortunately, he returned safely.

       Xu Ye put his head against his neck and reached out to grab the warm hand. Although he said nothing, Chu Yu could still understand the uneasiness in his heart and comforted him, “It’s all over. Golden Eagle has officially acquired Wanhua, and this company will no longer exist. Those who have hurt you will never appear again.”

       “Are they… all dead?” Xu Ye asked softly.

       The man raised the corners of his lips but did not answer. He took his hand, put it to his lips, kissed it, and asked, “Where do you want to eat tonight, my prince?”

       Xu Ye blushed, retracted his hands, and stammered, “Whatever… you just decide…”

       Chu Yu skillfully skipped over the specific details and the final outcome.

       Song Yueran had become a pet in the hands of a top trainer, with no self, no thoughts, and no feelings other than obeying orders. Song Wanhua failed to rebel and had no way to escape. He was shot to death in a dock warehouse of Wanhua Group. After Xu Ye was injured, the senior cadres of the Black Eagle Organisations were all punished without exception. The eighteen thugs were unlucky; they became the outlets for the frustration of these cadres who had nowhere to vent their anger. Among them, their small leader was even worse. He fell into the hands of Tang Can, the head of the execution hall, and was unable to live or die. All the members of the Black Eagle Organisation, which Song Wanhua had drawn in, were purged, and several large-scale conflicts were summarily concluded by the police as armed robberies.

       Xu Ye wouldn’t know any of this.

       This was the third path that Chu Yu chose for him. To tell him the truth, but shield him from the brutal and violent details. The man wore an armor of boundless darkness, protecting a realm of pure whiteness. He carefully safeguarded his only weakness, ensuring complete protection.

       The next day, the news of Golden Eagle acquiring Wanhua did not stir up any ripples in Xu Ye’s world.

       The night before, he moved back to Hanguan No. 8 from his old house with Chu Yu. The man was like a lion who had returned to his own territory. He couldn’t wait to get his scent all over Xu Ye’s body and pressed him down on the sofa and did it several times. He had barely let him go, but when they went into the bathroom to take a shower, the emotions flared up again, and he didn’t stop until Xu Ye couldn’t cry anymore.

       At this moment, Xu Ye’s back was sore, and his legs were aching. He was lying on the sofa eating oranges. He only glanced at the TV when the news was broadcast and went to study the construction progress report. There were many things he had to worry about recently, such as Donglin’s project progress, which waist massager to buy, and the upcoming Chu Yu’s birthday.

       The second young master had always kept a low profile. For his birthday, he only invited some close friends to have a c0cktail party at Hanguan No. 8. This year was the same, but what differed was that two rows on the guest list were reserved for Xu Ye.

       “You can invite family and friends over,” the man said to the slave kneeling between his legs. “I will formally introduce you to all the guests during the toast.”

       Xu Ye was startled and looked at him with his bright black eyes.

       Chu Yu chuckled, “Are you surprised?”

       “A little.” He answered honestly.

       “After our relationship is made public, you will be under a lot of pressure. Many people will spare no effort to use vicious language to slander you, discredit you, deny all your achievements and abilities, and they will portray you as a shameful person who sells himself for personal gain.” The man paused and asked, “Are you afraid?”

       Xu Ye shook his head, “I don’t care about this. As long as I work hard, one day, I will let these people see my success. Besides, true successful individuals at the top don’t care about what jealous people below say.”

       “More mature than before.” The gentleness between Chu Yu’s brows turned into a smile at the corner of his lips, and he reached out to lift his chin, “My slave, I will wait for you to step by step walk to my side, stand side by side with me, and share life together.”

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