To host the second young master’s birthday dinner, Hanguan No. 8 was forced to take on a completely new look.

       The space on the first floor had been rearranged by xiao Xun, freeing up a large area. The long dining table placed next to it was covered with a dark purple velvet tablecloth, and silver-rimmed bone china plates held fresh fruits and desserts. In glasses of various shapes and sizes, liquors of different colours shimmered splendidly under the lights. The servants stood neatly aside, waiting for the call.

       From the decoration to the utensils, there was a subtle luxury in every detail. Just like when they picked up a wine glass, one wouldn’t know that the brightly coloured c0cktail in the glass was made by a specially invited top bartender, nor would one find that the seemingly ordinary stemmed glass was hand-blown by a Czech craftsman. While paying attention to quality, being meticulous and not ostentatious, this was in line with Second Young Master Chu’s style.

       At exactly seven o’clock, guests began to arrive. Men dressed in suits and voluptuous ladies in elegant dresses gathered in small groups, engaging in conversations. The scene was filled with alluring shoulders and beautiful backs, and glasses clinked together, creating a lively and extraordinary atmosphere.

       When Liu Jing and the other five arrived, Xu Ye and Chu Yu were greeting the guests at the door. Xu Ye gestured and said something while Chu Yu listened attentively with a gentle smile on his lips.

       The sight left the five of them exchanging glances. Their social circles were far removed from the Chu family, and any encounters were distant. However, they had witnessed Chu Yu’s imposing presence; one glance with an expressionless face could silence everyone. There were even rumours that he recently initiated a brutal purge within the Black Eagle, with cruel and harsh methods. They really didn’t expect that this fearsome man also possessed such a gentle side.

       “You are here.” Xu Ye saw them and greeted them with a smile. The five people he invited were all friends who hang out together. They all know each other’s hobbies and orientations, and they were considered like-minded in the circle of second-generation business elites.

       After he finished introducing them one by one, Chu Yu nodded politely, “Welcome.” The cold dark light in his black eyes swept across their faces, and everyone froze unconsciously. After greeting them, he turned to Xu Ye and said, “It’s too cold outside. Why don’t you go in and chat with them for a while?”

       Xu Ye responded and led his friends into the house. As soon as he entered the door, five people gathered around the corner of the sofa as if they were trying to force him to confess. Liu Jing asked straight to the point, “Are you and Second Young Master Chu together?”

       “Yes.” He admitted frankly.

       “You’ve got a lot of nerve!” Another person said, “This is not how you play for excitement. I was so scared that my legs were weak when I received the invitation letter from the Chu family. I was wondering if I offended the Second Young Master Chu in some way. It wasn’t until I saw it was a birthday celebration that I could breathe again.”

       Several others nodded in agreement.

       “Leaving aside other matters,” Liu Jing furrowed her brows, “have you considered what will happen to you if you don’t handle your relationship with him well?”

       Xu Ye thought for a while and said, “If the other party is him, there shouldn’t be such a problem as ‘not being able to handle it well’.”

       Liu Jing couldn’t laugh or cry, “You are playing with fire. It is difficult for people of the same sex to get along with each other. The gap between you two is too vast, and your status is not equal at all. With his methods and capabilities, he could swallow you whole, leaving nothing behind, not even a trace.”

       “I understand what you mean.” Xu Ye said, “This was also a problem I was worried about, so I ran away from him at that time.”

       Liu Jing was shocked, “The dom you told me about at that time…is he him?”

       “Yes.” Xu Ye smiled brightly, “When I first found out about his identity, my initial reaction was fear. I didn’t want any involvement with him; I just wanted to run away. Looking back now, I feel fortunate that I didn’t run too far at that time. I understand your concerns, and I’ve considered the potential problems that might arise in the future. But I think, instead of worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, it’s better to seize the moment and enjoy the present.” He paused and lowered his eyes, “Some people say that love is finite, like the sand in an hourglass; once it runs out, it’s gone. If that’s true, before my last grain of sand falls, I’m willing to dedicate all my time to him.”

       After hearing his words, several people were speechless for a moment. After a moment of silence, Liu Jing sighed softly, “I’ve got to hand it to you. After all these times, you’re the craziest of us all.”

       “But having said that, Second Young Master Chu seems to be quite nice to you.” The one with newly dyed yellow hair said, “It’s the first time I’ve seen him smile like that. It feels like seeing Ultraman.”

       Xu Ye blinked, “He always smiles like that. In fact, he is very easy to get along with.”


       Everyone slandered: That’s just you! Getting along with someone who looks like a monster is definitely eerie!

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