While they were talking, the main person on the topic came over.

       Chu Yu was dressed in a deep blue suit with a crescent-white shirt, a silver-grey diagonal-striped tie neatly fastened, and the silver buttons on his suit shimmered coldly under the lights. The whole person appeared handsome and imposing, exuding a regal aura that effortlessly captured everyone’s attention. As he approached, the five young men immediately stood up, finding it hard not to feel nervous in his presence.

       “It’s almost time.” The man only had eyes for the one person he cared about.

       Xu Ye, who was wearing a white suit, stood up, took the goblet in his hand, and followed him to the centre of the vacant field. The silver bell in Xiao Xun’s hand rattled and made an ethereal sound. Then, the place gradually became quiet.

       After Chu Yu looked around, he said, “Thank you all for taking the time to come to this dinner. In fact, in addition to celebrating my birthday, there is a special reason for inviting you here today. I want to share my joy and happiness with you all.” He paused and continued, “I just heard a saying that everyone’s love is finite, like the sand in an hourglass that keeps falling and is eventually consumed.”

       When he heard this, Xu Ye raised his eyes and looked at him in surprise.

       The man looked at him sideways, his black eyes filled with depth and insight. He said in a steady tone, “But the person by my side is the one who makes me willing to turn that hourglass at any cost. Today, I officially introduce him to everyone. His name is Xu Ye, the one I love unconditionally, the person I trust without reservation, and the partner I will spend my life with. In the days to come, I hope everyone can give him the same respect and support as you do for me.” He overheard Xu Ye’s words outside the window, and it warmed his heart. From Xu Ye, he gained an unreserved trust that he would never bear to live up to in his life. This was his answer.

       A wave of astonishment swept through the room. For those who didn’t know the inside story, this revelation was a bit hard to digest at first, but everyone understood the meaning of these words. After tonight, the name Xu Ye would quickly spread throughout the upper echelons of society. He would be the focus of attention from all quarters, with some showing respect while others displayed disdain and contempt. However, everyone would have to tread carefully in their treatment of him because behind him stood the man named Chu Yu.

       “Finally, thank you again for coming, and I wish you all a good night.” Chu Yu raised his glass, clinked it with the glass in Xu Ye’s hand,  and they both drank the champagne amidst a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Congratulations’. Then, he opened his palm toward Xu Ye, clasped the slightly nervous hand, and smiled, saying, “Let’s go meet the guests together.”

       Xu Ye nodded, his obsidian eyes shining with warmth.

       That night, he was introduced to many people by Chu Yu, including some familiar faces wearing new skins. What surprised Xu Ye was that Lion was actually the boss of an entertainment company with many famous models and artists under his management. Pharaoh was a lawyer who specialised in economic cases. Tom was a professional manager and had been considering changing jobs recently. Jerry was a jewellery designer, and the nipple ring on Xu Ye’s chest was his work.

       Both Chu Guangye and Xu Ting sent people to deliver gifts. Chu Qin and Chu Xuan also came to congratulate him. The third young master handed the gift directly to Xu Ye and said with a smile, “Open it and take a look.”

       Xu Ye opened it in confusion. When he saw the thing clearly, he blushed as if on fire and thrust the box back into his hand.

       “It’s not for you. You have no right to refuse it.” Chu Xuan’s peach blossom eyes smiled ambiguously, “Be good and wear it to him at night. My second brother will definitely be pleased.”

       “…If you want to wear it, you wear it yourself.” He turned around and left with a blush on his face, almost knocking over the cup in Chu Yu’s hand.

       “What is it?” The second young master asked, looking at his fleeing figure.

       Chu Xuan held back a smile and opened the box. Inside was a pair of transparent mesh thongs.

       When he saw Xu Ye standing far away with such shyness that the tips of her ears turned red, Chu Yu couldn’t help but chuckle.


       After sending off the last batch of guests, Xu Ye breathed out a sigh of relief.

       The man hugged him from behind and asked, “Are you tired?”

       Xu Ye shook his head. His face was slightly flushed after drinking, and his dark eyes were a little excited. He looked like a delicious peach. “Wait a minute…” As if he remembered something, he ran upstairs and brought down a small box, handing it to Chu Yu with both hands.

       The box contains a bottle of perfume. The sea-blue liquid was placed in a clear carved crystal bottle, which looked very beautiful under the lamp.

       Xu Ye explained slowly, “Because I didn’t know what you needed, so I bought the brand you usually use. I’ve smelled it, and the aftertaste is very light and pleasant. You should like it. Uh, if you don’t like it, the bottle is quite unique. Just keeping it around as a display is also good…” He looked at the man awkwardly and said softly, with some shyness, “Master, happy birthday…”

       “I will use it.” Chu Yu had a gentle smile in his eyes and raised his hand to touch Xu Ye’s cheek, “I’ll only have the scent you like on me.”

       Xu Ye arched his eyebrows.

       “But I want you more than gifts.” The man’s eyes were like a black hole that wanted to suck everything in, and his mesmerising voice made people addicted. “Go take a shower, and then come to the room at the end of the third floor.”

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