After Xu Ye cleaned himself thoroughly from the inside out, he came to the door at the end of the third floor with some confusion. As far as he knew, this should be a small meeting room where Chu Yu sometimes conducted remote meetings or summoned senior executives to discuss business matters.

       When he opened the door and walked in, he noticed something different at first sight. The long table was gone, and in the middle of the conference room filled with electronic screens was a white soft bed on which a large box was placed.

       “Open it.” Chu Yu sat on the leather swivel chair and gave him the order.

       The moment he took off the lid of the box, Xu Ye froze, and his face was on fire again. He looked at the man with an embarrassed and pitiful expression and softly called, “Master…”

       “You know what my next order is.” The second young master sat leisurely with a smile on his lips, “Let’s get started.”

       Xu Ye bit his lip, and his face turned red. He then stood in embarrassment for a while and reached out tremblingly to pick up the two furry hairpins placed on the top of the box and clipped them on his hair, one on the left and the other on the right. As a result, there was a pair of white fox ears on his head, which shook cutely when he turned his head. He looked at Chu Yu sadly and saw that the other party had no intention of stopping, so he had no choice but to continue.

       Xu Ye felt a little regretful now. If he had known that he would wear these things, he might as well have just worn a pair of thongs given by Chu Xuan… The third young master indeed knew his brother’s peculiar taste and interests very well.

       In his thoughts, his Master’s commands were irrefutable. He fastened the collar with the silver bell and put on a pair of wide bracelets with white fluff. Then he stared at the two-finger wide white ribbon and asked the man for help, “Master, I don’t know where this is used.”

       Chu Yu smiled faintly, “Leave that one alone and continue.”

       Xu Ye put on the matching anklet and opened the black cardboard box at the bottom. His hands shook, and he called out with a pleading look on his face, “Master, can we skip this part…”

       The man looked at him with a sly smile, “Are you bargaining with me?”

       Xu Ye’s face turned pale, and he climbed into bed with some grievance. he picked up the bottle of lubricant in the box and applied it to his fingers. Then he lay down, slowly opened his legs in an M shape, and used his fingers to expand his ass hole little by little.

       The naked body was flushed with a seductive pink colour, and his lower abdomen, tensing and relaxing intermittently, rose and fell with each breath. The fingers inserted between the buttocks spread open the entrance, stirring within and creating a lascivious sound. Xu Ye’s moans from time to time were like the fluttering feathers of flying birds, falling lightly on the water, stirring up ripples of desire. When he could insert four fingers at the same time, he stood up with a flushed face and took out the thick massage stick with a fluffy white tail. After applying lubricant, he slowly pushed it toward the depths between his thighs under the watchful eyes of his Master.

       “Woo… Master…” Xu Ye’s eyes were filled with mist, and he spread his legs wide, exposing his shamefully contracted pale rose-coloured hole in front of the man’s eyes. When the whole thing was inserted, he lay on the bed, unable to breathe. Suddenly, all the electronic screens hanging on the walls and ceiling lit up.

       He was startled and froze completely when he realized that the person on the screen was himself photographed from different angles.

       When he was lying on his back, the screen above his head was like a mirror, completely reflecting his frightened and helpless expression. His naked body was decorated with small decorations, and the long white tail between his slender legs made him look even more alluring. He was like a captured demon fox that was put on a collar and shackles with no way to escape.

       He shrank his body; the position of the hard vibrating di-do inside his body changed and squeezed the sensitive inner walls, and an uncontrollable moan escaped from his mouth.

       “Don’t you think it looked good on you?” Chu Yu came to the bedside, narrowed his eyes slightly, leaned over and teased the buds on his chest that he had marked.

       “Uhng…no… it doesn’t look good…” Xu Ye looked at his gasping self on the screen, feeling embarrassed and ashamed. He closed his eyes and tilted his head to one side.

       Chu Yu chuckled, “Then I’ll make you look better.”

       Before he finished speaking, the di-do in his hole suddenly vibrated rapidly. The sudden stimulation made Xu Ye scream. The foreign object was raging inside his body; the bulging part squeezed the sensitive glands without mercy, and the c0ck under the crotch gradually stood up. Xu Ye looked at himself trembling and moaning on the screen and begged for mercy with a shy cry, “Please…turn it off…hng…”

       The man turned off the remote control switch and asked, “Want me to change your tail?”

       “No…” Xu Ye said with a blushing face, “I don’t want to use these… Master, please… hold me…”

       Chu Yu sat down on the edge of the bed, wrapped his hand around his head with white ears, and asked deliberately, “How do you want me to hold you? Like this?”

       Xu Ye’s face was full of grievances, and his eyes were wet. It took him a long time to muster the courage to whisper, “I want Master… to put it in…” Such a proactive request for pleasure made him blush all over with shame. Unexpectedly, the other party did not intend to let him go easily and continued to ask, “Where do you want me to put it in?” He saw that Xu Ye could not speak; the man smiled and shook the remote control in his hand, “If you don’t want to say anything, we will continue.”

       Xu Ye almost cried and replied hurriedly, “Insert it inside…inside my body…please…”

       Chu Yu took off his bathrobe and got into bed. He lay on his back and leaned on the pillow. He spread his legs slightly, revealing his semi-hard c0ck and said, “If you want, try to appease it.”

       Xu Ye crawled over on hands and feet and knelt obediently between the man’s legs. The tail hanging behind him was driven by the movement and shook slightly. He leaned down and took the c0ck that he loved and feared in his mouth, and started licking it.

       The moment the semi-hard genital was wrapped in the soft mouth, Chu Yu let out a deep breath. The warm and soft tongue rubbed every sensitive spot between the legs, like a kitten licking its food plate, sometimes lightly and sometimes heavily. Ambiguous sounds leaked from the mouth, like a catalyst that fueled the hair of desire. The man’s heavy breathing seemed to be a sign of recognition, making the cat even more attentive. As the frequency of swallowing and gagging gradually increased, the sexual genitalia in the mouth became hotter and harder.

       He hooked his fingers around Xu Ye’s collar to bring him closer. Chu Yu pulled out the di-do buried deep inside Xu Ye and said in a deep voice, “Sit up.”

       As a slave, Xu Ye had no room for resistance. He spread his legs and knelt, aligned the small opening behind him that had been ravaged by the di-do with the thick erect c0ck, and sat down bit by bit. The feeling of his asshole being completely stretched made his legs tremble, and the hot and hard weapon mercilessly violated the secret hole that was not meant for sexual intercourse, but he felt shameless pleasure.

       “Open your eyes.” Chu Yu’s slightly hoarse voice was sexy.

       Xu Ye gasped and followed the order, watching himself appear on every screen as he swung his waist and took another man’s c0ck into his body. The picture changes with the controller in Chu Yu’s hand, from different angles and directions, and can even be zoomed in to every detail of the lubricant being squeezed out after the tender hole was invaded by the man’s thick c0ck. Like a series of lustful and charming paintings, stimulating Xu Ye’s uncontrollable desire. When there was still a bit left, he sat down directly since his legs were weak, and the pressure of his weight made his c0ck push deeper.


       All the support of the whole body was concentrated in that one place, and this feeling of being completely penetrated was both painful and pleasurable at the same time. He dared not move anymore, so he had no choice but to ask the man for help, “Master…”

       “Keep going if you want to.” Chu Yu leaned on the soft goose feather pillow and looked at him leisurely.

       Xu Ye’s eyes were full of mist, like a child who was bullied and wanted to cry but didn’t dare to cry. He didn’t know what to do. His hands and feet were stiff, so he tentatively moved his waist, raised his hips a little, and then sat down slowly. He did it again and again, and finally, he felt something. He gradually relaxed his body and tried to adjust the angle to hit his sensitive points when swallowing the c0ck in. However, such actions made him feel shy, especially when he could see himself. The sense of shame and desire for desire were mixed together, and even the moans were sobbing, pitiful and cute.

       In fact, Chu Yu endured the hardship very well. Xu Ye’s clumsy movements and sometimes nervous contractions made him very tormented. The look of being bullied made him feel funny and distressed, and he wished he could just turn over and hold him down for a good fvck. The reason why he had been enduring it was because Xu Ye’s behaviour was always too passive. One-sided control was not fun for lovemaking, and the interaction would make it more harmonious. As Master, Chu Yu must cultivate the slave’s desire for himself and encourage him to ask for what he wants.

       This kind of intercourse process was extremely difficult for Xu Ye. He couldn’t even let himself reach a climax when his arms and legs were weak, let alone satisfy Chu Yu, who had always been long-lasting. He looked at the other party helplessly and begged in a trembling voice, “Master…I can’t…please…”

       “If you want me to take the lead, you have to follow my standards.” Chu Yu glanced at the erect c0ck between his legs with a deep look, “Tie the ribbon.”

       Xu Ye knew now what this white ribbon was for. To wrap around the base of the hard c0ck. He heard the man’s deep voice, “You’d better tie it tight. If you cum before my permission, I will make you cum until you can’t cum anymore.” Xu Ye’s fingers trembled, and he endured the pain and tightened it.

       “There is a clasp on the inside of the bracelet. Fasten it yourself.” The second command came.

       Xu Ye put his hands close together in a daze. When he reached a certain angle, he only heard a click, as if he had been handcuffed and couldn’t move any further.

       “Don’t close your eyes, don’t say no, do you understand?”

       Xu Ye bit his lip and nodded.

       Chu Yu rolled over and pinned him down, taking back the initiative. The bound hands were fixed above his head, and the man raised his calves and put them on his shoulders, leaning down to press him down. After switching positions, the angle of the c0ck that lay across the body changed, causing the person underneath him to tense up, gasp uncontrollably, and the silver bell around his neck made a pleasant sound.

       Everything seemed to be back on track.

       The hot and hard friction in the tunnel, the entering and withdrawing, made Xu Ye feel extremely at ease. He relaxed his body and let the other person take charge of everything. The man awakened his desire, but he kept a slow pace, neither light nor heavy. Xu Ye twisted his waist a little impatiently, with a longing expression on his face.

       “Master…I want…”

       “What do you want?” Chu Yu asked.

       “I want..hng…go faster…”

       “Should I teach you manners and rules again?”

       “Ngh… Master, please faster…”

       Satisfied with the answer, the man pushed up hard, one more violent hit to stimulate the pleasure glands, making Xu Ye cry out in disbelief.

       “Tell me how you feel.” The man asked while straightening his waist and moving.

       Xu Ye gasped and did not answer.

       Chu Yu’s eyes dimmed, and he hit that sensitive spot hard and continuously, forcing tears out of Xu Ye. Xu Ye whimpered and spoke, “Ahng… Master…it’s too deep… You’re going to break me… Hngh—please, be gentle… wooo…”

       Practice makes perfect. The ability to provide real-time feedback had begun to bear fruit under his training. Xu Ye was like a shy flower that fully bloomed in his hands.

       The hard c0ck was wreaking havoc in the body that was bent just right. The satisfaction brought by the insertion and the emptiness that arose when withdrawing alternately made Xu Ye completely hypnotised. Everything was blurred, and only the supreme pleasure generated by the two people’s tightly attached bodies dominated everything.

       “Look at yourself.” The man’s low whisper seemed to come from distant outer space, vague and psychedelic.

       Xu Ye looked at the other him in the mirror with his dark eyes moistened by tears.

       On his fair body soaked in lust, there were traces of marks left by the man’s kisses. He trembled with the rhythm of the man’s impact, one after another, and the silver bell around his neck shook and jingled at the same time. Although there were tears in the corners of his eyes, the expression on his face was one of joy and satisfaction. When he raised his neck and moaned passionately, there was a kind of intoxicating charm, as if he was yearning for that person’s gaze, hugs, and kisses all the time, looking forward to his deeper possession.

       It turned out that this was what he looked like when being held by Chu Yu…

       “Your beauty only belongs to me.” The man bit his nipple lightly, leaving his mark in his whimpering voice.

       At the moment when the climax was approaching, the restraints on Xu Ye’s front were released. During the violent thrusts like a storm, his Master issued an order, “Call my name.”

       “Chu Yu… um…” Xu Ye’s eyelashes were wet with tears and trembled. He looked at the other party like a devout believer and said softly, “Chu Yu, I love you…”

       The man’s movements paused for a moment, and then he leaned down and kissed his lips, pushing in hard, merging the two people’s joints together seamlessly.

       “I love you too.”



       Xu Ye’s sudden confession made Chu Yu, who had always had strong self-control, completely lose control and did him over and over again. The next day, the second young master got up refreshed and went to work, but Xu Ye lay on the bed and couldn’t get up.

       “I had a meeting this morning…” The person who was tortured to the point of having only half a life left stared at the other person dully as if he dared not speak out in anger.

       “Sorry, I will be more careful next time.” The man sat sideways on the bed and pinched his waist in a good-natured way. “You can use the small conference room on the third floor for remote meetings.”

       Xu Ye thought about last night when the screen was full of himself crying and begging for sex. He blushed and said aggrievedly, “I don’t need that room…I won’t go into that room in the future…”

       Chu Yu couldn’t help but chuckle, patted his butt and said, “Get up and tie my tie.”

       Xu Ye climbed up from the bed, holding his waist. When he took the tie, he was stunned and asked, “Master, this is…”

       “Does it look familiar?” the man asked.

       How could you think it was familiar with this hand-embroidered model with tiny silver rhombus patterns on a dark blue background?

       “Originally, I bought this as a birthday gift for you, but something happened, and I thought I lost it.” Xu Ye looked at the tie in his hand, recalling the panic at the time, and sighed and said, “You can wear another one. Something like that happened the day I bought it, and I’m afraid it would be…unlucky for you to wear it.”

       “I wear it to alert myself.” The man stroked the inconspicuous scar on his forehead, with distress in his eyes, “I once made such a mistake because of my carelessness, and I almost lost you.”

       Xu Ye was stunned, lowered his eyes and smiled. He raised his hand and wrapped the tie around Chu Yu’s neck. His slender fingers tied a neat knot under the collar and tightened it. Stare at the person for a while and say, “It looks good.”

       The man touched his head and said, “Have a good rest at home and leave work matters to your subordinates. Apply the ointment on the bedside every two hours. The strength wasn’t controlled well last night, and your back is a little congested.”

       Xu Ye’s cheeks were hot. He threw himself back on the bed and said, “See you later.” without raising his head.

       Chu Yu went out with a smile.

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