Chapter 53 – I Belong to You [End of Main Story]

       The lives of the two were very harmonious. On the third day after announcing their relationship, Chu Yu had all of Xu Ye’s belongings moved from the small apartment to Hanguan No. 8. The original guest room was completely abandoned. Xu Ye rolled on the big bed in the master bedroom every day to watch movies, calculate profits, answer phone calls, and play games. Occasionally, he would sneakily eat snacks on the bed, but after enduring ten lashes, this habit quickly changed.

       Xu Ye’s personal career was also going smoothly. When the main building of Donglin’s resort was completed, he took a funny selfie wearing a safety helmet with a sense of accomplishment. He slyly swapped Chu Yu’s phone with his own when Chu Yu wasn’t paying attention, changing the wallpaper to his own face. The next day, the second young master was in a meeting with a sullen face. His expression softened instantly when he saw Xu Ye’s face light up on the screen. After answering the phone, his mood improved significantly, which made the silent cadres all breathe a sigh of relief. In private, these cadres were willing to get close to Xu Ye, but due to the strict order of the Second Young Master, ‘to not say anything that shouldn’t be said’, no one dared to mention the shady things in the Black Eagle Organisation in front of Xu Ye.

       After making their relationship public, Chu Yu would always be accompanied by Xu Ye whenever he appeared on formal occasions. There was a complete tacit understanding between the two people’s eyes, words, and gestures. People became more and more accustomed to seeing them together. Many people approached Xu Ye in order to curry favour with the Second Young Master, but Xu Ye’s attitude was always polite but distant. He never interfered with Chu Yu’s decisions for the sake of others. In his eyes, if Chu Yu’s position deviated from the world, then he would rather believe that the entire world was wrong. Someone once made sarcastic remarks to him in front of him, but Xu Ye laughed it off without refuting it and did not even tell Chu Yu afterwards. When those words reached Tang Can’s ears, he was so angry that he sent someone to beat the man severely. After the Second Young Master found out, he didn’t say anything and turned around and destroyed the man’s company. From then on, no one dared to be disrespectful to Xu Ye in person.

       In early winter of that year, the Chu family’s eldest grandson was born. Chu Qin, who had now become a father, took his children back to his old house whenever he had free time so that Chu Guangye could enjoy the joy of having grandchildren. Chu Yu liked this little nephew very much and often teased him.

       It snowed for the first time that night. Xu Ye sat by the window, bowed his head and was silent for a long time before speaking hesitantly, “Master, if you like children, you can… you can have one, um… two are fine. Actually, I don’t mind if you have children of your own.”

       The man looked at him sideways and asked, “Who are you going to let me have a child with?”

       Xu Ye pursed his lips and said, “As far as I know, there are plenty of women who would be willing to have children for you.”

       “You don’t mind if I sleep with someone else, do you?” There was already a faint sense of oppression in the deep voice.

       He avoided that line of sight uncomfortably and hummed softly.

       Chu Yu’s face was cold, “How should I arrange after her pregancy? Will she come to live with you at Hanguan No. 8?”

       Xu Ye froze and said, “If you are willing, I have no objection.”

       “After the child is born, I will be its father, and that woman will be its mother. We will live together and raise it. What are you going to do with the excess?”

       The word ‘excess’ was like a sharp knife piercing Xu Ye’s heart. He lowered his head, his eyes were red, and he suppressed the sadness in his heart and said, “I can leave…”

       “That’s enough!” Chu Yu suppressed the anger in her heart and said coldly, “Kneel down.”

       Xu Ye had never seen such an angry expression on his face before. He trembled and knelt down.

       The man pinched his chin and asked him to look at him. He slowed down his words and said in a deep voice, “I’ll ask you again. You don’t mind if I sleep with someone else, do you?”

       Xu Ye felt as if he was delayed by the angry gaze, and there was water in his black eyes, “Master, I can give you everything, but I can’t give you children. If you want to have it, I am not willing to be your obstacle.”

       The man’s gaze was clear and sad, and it was clear that Chu Yu was equally heartbroken. He sighed helplessly, looked at the man kneeling in front of him, and said, “None of us three brothers are our father’s biological sons.”

       Xu Ye was startled and looked at him in surprise.

       “When my father adopted me, I was just born. I was left outside the police station. I heard that I almost froze to death. My birthday is the day he adopted me.” He saw Xu Ye looking at him in surprise with his dark eyes. The man reached out and touched his face, “Don’t you think it’s strange? To give names like Chu Yu and Chu Xuan to the second and third child, but the oldest one’s name is Chu Qin, which is out of place?1it might be coz the word Qin is not usually used as given name but surname, so the eldest son name is like surname+surname” He paused and said, “We existed to commemorate a person named Qin Yuxuan. He is the person my father spent his whole life remembering.”

       “It is rumoured that the old master Chu destroyed the Water Snakes Gang because of a dead brother…” Xu Ye said.

       “If it weren’t for Qin Yuxuan, there wouldn’t be the Golden Eagle today, and similarly, there wouldn’t be me as I am now.” The light reflected in Chu Yu’s deep eyes, emitting a gentle glow. “He saved my father’s life, and the two endured hardships together for many years. My father once promised to rise to prominence with him. Before that ideal could be realized, he was schemed against and killed. My father never had a woman in his life, never married. Though he never said it aloud, we all knew that Qin Yuxuan was the one he loved. Even though he’s no longer here, he has always been unforgettable.”

       Xu Ye didn’t expect such twists and turns and felt a little sad for a moment.

       “Xu Ye, I have always envied such a relationship until I met you. I was now convinced that I had such a relationship. I have never considered having children with a woman, and I will never consider it in the future. If I decide to expand our family, I will discuss it with you, and we’ll adopt together in our shared name. I will respect your opinion because you are the one I intend to grow old with.” Chu Yu’s eyes seemed to contain the stars and the sea, deep and bright.

       “Master…” These words made Xu Ye feel warm in his heart. He whispered with some shame, “I’m sorry I made you angry.”

       “You know your mistake?”


       “Okay, now that you admit your mistake, let’s talk about punishment.” The man curled his lips, “You will be in charge of tonight’s pre-sleep exercise. You are not allowed to stop until I am satisfied.”

       “…Master, I can’t do it…please…ahng…” Before he could beg for mercy, he was already pressed between the soft quilts.

       Outside the window, snow fell gently, spreading over the sky and earth.

       Inside, warmth filled the room like spring, where joy was profound, creating a world of its own.


       In the spring of the next year, Donglin Resort officially opened. The Second Young Master of Golden Eagle came to unveil the monument in person. Under the red velvet cloth, the two words ‘Ye Yu2from Xu Ye and Chu Yu’ were engraved in huge letters on the blue-grey stone.

       Together, they mean brilliance.

       In late spring, Chu Yu and Xu Ye registered their marriage in the UK and became legal partners in the presence of relatives and friends of both parties.

       The moment he put on the ring, Chu Yu leaned over and kissed Xu Ye’s hand, “I promised your father that I would love you for the rest of my life, and Xu Ye, everything I have belongs to you”.



Before I met you, I drank my fill of loneliness. After I met you, I tasted happiness.

I thought it was you who made me surrender. Only in the end did we realise that we all had surrendered to love.

Just like two planets coincidentally intersecting in the universe, our mutual attraction altered our trajectories, and we have revolved around each other since then, never to be separated.

Until the end of the universe and the end of life, I still don’t want to say goodbye to you.

[End of story]

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