The story of Xu Ye and Chu Yu concludes here. During the process of writing this manuscript, there were delays and numerous revisions, but today it can be considered complete.

The initial intention behind writing this story was merely to explore a different flavour. I had been immersed in a light and fresh style for too long and wanted to write something different. After much thought, I decided to delve into the BDSM theme. I used my own interpretation to depict what seems like kinky behaviour. A man with an intense desire for control and a sensitive, lonely, and insecure man establish a master-slave relationship to satisfy their desires. One controls and the other submits, understanding, tolerating, and changing in their interactions, and finally, they fall in love and become lifelong partners.

The overall tone of the entire novel is light-hearted, without excessively sadistic or uncomfortable scenes. All the foreshadowing becomes clear in the ending—about the names of the Chu family’s three brothers, about Chu Guangyue and Qin Yuxuan, about that tie, about Chu Yu’s promise to Xu Ting, about the love of Ye Yu’s love.

“Surrender” is the first Danmei novel that I have written with all my heart. To make the characters more well-rounded, the second half was overturned and rewritten. It was really sad to see that large section deleted (laughs). Fortunately, it finally looked like what I wanted, complete and beautiful, like an amber, wrapped in my feelings about love.

I hope you like this story too.

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I translate this because I found this on the 1&2 book collection and at this point, I honestly don’t know which version I should tl, but then again, I’ll just merge those two and translate what the other book is lacking
But *sweats* what huge chunk got deleted???

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