On a late spring night, the hour hand was at an angle of ten o’clock.

       On the fourth floor of Hanguan No. 8, the training room called the Cage was brightly lit. Chu Yu sat on the sofa, his dark eyes looking quietly at the naked man in front of him.

       Xu Ye had a collar around his neck and was kneeling on the carpet with his hands on the ground. In his mouth, he held a thin long biscuit, and his face filled with an expression of restrained impatience. After a while, an ‘ngh’ sound was heard, Xu Ye’s body trembled, and he lowered his head. The biscuit in his mouth was bitten off, and the crumbs fell to the ground.

       This was the fourth one that had been broken. The reason why he bit off it was not because he was hungry, but because…

       Lust surged through his body, staining his skin a light crimson. Between Xu Ye’s round buttocks was a rabbit’s tail that was constantly twitching. The white fluff on it trembled and looked very cute. However, in the secret back hole covering it, there was a huge vibrating and rotating di-do. The obvious protrusions on the column rubbed against the intestinal walls, squeezing the sensitive glands and causing him to resist moaning with a sobbing voice.

       Seeing Xu Ye biting his lip and looking at him in sorrow and embarrassment, Chu Yu narrowed his eyes slightly and pressed the remote control in his hand.

       The thick di-do buried deep in the back hole increased the amplitude and frequency again. Xu Ye gasped and arched his back, lowering his body even lower. His trembling legs were almost unable to kneel, and his whole body was trembling. “Master…please…” he whimpered and begged for mercy.

       “I told you. Every time you fail, I’ll speed up the speed.” The man said slowly, “You only have one last chance. Hold it in your mouth for ten minutes. You are not allowed to bite it off, you are not allowed to drop it, and you are not allowed to ejaculate before I give you permission. Of course, you can also give up, and then Shen Jiayan will be at my disposal.”

       Xu Ye’s eyes were filled with water. He tremblingly picked up the last long biscuit on the plate and bit it gently. The mechanically operated di-do in the back hole strongly squeezed the sensitive points on the inner wall time and time again. The numbing pleasure went straight from the groin to the brain, and the unrestrained sexual organ between the legs was raised high. He could only endure it, suppressing the desire that was about to burst out in his body. The fuzzy guttural voice that escaped sounded like pleading or moaning and combined with his posture, it added a bit of lustful charm.

       Tortured by desire, time seemed to last forever. Xu Ye finally couldn’t help crying because he could only sob softly while holding the biscuit in his mouth. Tears overflowed from the corners of his eyes, and fell on the carpet.

       “Do you want me to let him go so badly?” Chu Yu squatted down, raised his chin, and gently stroked the slightly red and swollen wound on Xu Ye’s lip with the pad of his thumb, his eyes as dark as the sea. He said slowly, “Every time I see this wound, it makes me want to tear him apart.”

       Xu Ye didn’t dare to move and couldn’t speak. He just looked at his Master and whimpered. The suppressed lust rolled through his body, making him clutch the carpet tightly.

       It was his fault. It was he who brought Shen Jiayan back from the United States to help him build White Crane’s e-commerce platform; it was he who didn’t realize the other party’s feelings for him until it was too late; it was he who drank uncontrollably; got half-drunk at the annual meeting, and then went to the terrace with Shen Jiayan in a daze.

       The moment he was embraced by Shen Jiayan, there was a momentary lapse in his mind, and he softly called out, “Master?” Then everything went out of control like a wildfire. The gentle and careful kiss rolled over his lips, gradually becoming more intense, taking away his breath bit by bit. When Xu Ye realized what had happened and started to struggle, Shen Jiayan was like a hungry beast, suppressing him with force, ravaging his lips and tongue roughly, and kissing him as if he was going to devour him. By the time Leopard and a group of bodyguards pulled Shen Jiayan away and knocked him to the ground, Xu Ye’s lip had been bitten. Shen Jiayan looked at him, smiling wildly and a little desolately, “I’ve hurt you, and Chu Yu won’t let me off easily. Whether I can be safe from his hands depends on you. Xu Ye, how much affection do you have for me?”

       When Chu Yu saw the wound on his lip, the low pressure in the room was almost suffocating. The seven bodyguards, including Leopard, knelt down and received twenty lashes without saying a word, and Tang Can, the head of the execution hall, took the punishment himself. The soft whip used for punishment was added with black gold thread. These bodyguards were trembling in pain but did not dare to make a sound, which made Xu Ye, who was watching from the side, feel like a knife was twisting in his heart. If the bodyguards who failed to protect him were treated with such harsh punishments, the treatment for Shen Jiayan, who forcibly kissed him, would be even more terrifying. However, Jiayan had been his college classmate for four years and working partner for a year, and Jiayan had helped him solve the challenges in platform construction, assisting the White Crane in advancing step by step. He had no affection for Shen Jiayan, only appreciation. It would be a pity for such a young man with unlimited potential to be ruined. That’s why Xu Ye interceded for Chu Yu even though he knew the man was furious. At that moment, the man’s cold gaze seemed to freeze the room.

       “You want me to let him go?” Chu Yu looked at him expressionlessly, “Okay.”

       He gave Xu Ye a chance. However, the first four biscuits were broken, leaving only the last one.

       Even his jaw was trembling, and the swelling desire made it almost impossible for Xu Ye to think. He instinctively curled up and knelt down, barely raising his head to look at the Master in front of him with hazy eyes, like a small rabbit caught by a ferocious beast with no way to escape, he anxiously awaited the other party’s decision.

       Chu Yu’s gaze passed over the swollen genitals under Xu Ye’s body and fell on the wound on his lips, his eyes as dark as night. He raised the collar, making his slave stand upright. The changed position intensified the stimulation of the vibrator. Xu Ye, who was already unable to control himself, grunted even harder and trembled all over. In this situation, he couldn’t stand at all, and his whole body was leaning on the man’s arms. The biscuit in his mouth was not broken, and his face was slightly pale.

       Chu Yu knew Xu Ye’s physical reaction very well. This situation had reached its limit, and he would not be able to bear it any longer. The man turned off the remote control switch in his hand, held his waist with one hand, clasped the back of his neck with the other, and kissed the slender biscuit. Fragments fell to the ground, while some found their way into Xu Ye’s mouth. The kiss was gentle and lingering. The moist tongue licked the wound on his lip like a caress. The contact between lips was very gentle, as if they were carefully treating a treasure that had been buried for thousands of years.

       Xu Ye raised his face to respond to the kiss, and the tears in his eyes fell from the corners of his eyes and were gently wiped away by his Master with his slender fingers.

       “Ahn, Master…” The moment the man held the upright c0ck between his legs, he trembled and said, “I can’t bear it anymore, please…”

       “You can cum.” Chu Yu’s hand only moved up and down a few times, and with a cry-like gasp, a stream of white turbidity spurted out and splashed on him. Xu Ye, who was lost in the afterglow of orga-m, had his long eyelashes half drooped and leaned softly in the man’s arms. It took him a while to recover, and he murmured, “Master…”

       “Slave, you soiled my clothes. How should I punish you?” The man pressed him against the wall, kissed him gently from the neck down, leaving many marks, and then used his tongue to touch the pale rose-coloured nipple. He rolled the tip into his mouth and licked and sucked.

       “Hmm…” Xu Ye felt as if the restlessness that had just settled within him had sprouted anew, bursting forth like spring grass breaking through the soil. He then replied with a blushing face, “As long as Master likes it, anything is fine.”

       “Take off my clothes.”

       Having received the order, Xu Ye reached out to touch his Master’s chest, unbuttoned his shirt one by one, and took off the shirt stained with his own semen. Then he gently unbuckled his belt and took off his pants and underwear. The thick c0ck was pressed against his lower abdomen without any restraint. Xu Ye’s face turned redder, and there was shy longing in his eyes.

       The man moved closer, trapping him completely between himself and the wall, grabbing Xu Ye’s hand and placing it on his c0ck, looking at him with burning eyes.

       “Master, do you want me to do it with my hands?” Xu Ye obediently held the hot long shaft with his long fingers and asked softly.

       Chu Yu chuckled, lifted one of his legs, hung it on his waist, and slowly pulled out the di-do on his asshole. His fingers gently drew circles on the hole, and the breath blowing against the ear was ambiguous and erotic, “Put it in your mouth here.”

       Xu Ye shivered, leaning his back against the softly wrapped wall, trying to raise his legs and then guide the thick erection to aim at the dilated hole. Standing on one leg like this made it a little difficult for him to move. He finally inserted the tip in, and the sphincter muscle that was once again stretched by the foreign object contracted suddenly, making the man groan.

       “This little mouth is so hungry. Are you so eager to let me cum for you?” Chu Yu said teasing words while lifting his other leg, letting him hook it around his waist, and then holding his tight buttocks, he pushed himself up and fully penetrated without any gentleness.

       Xu Ye gasped and put his hands around his neck. At this moment, almost all the weight of his body fell on the part where the two of them were joined together. His c0ck entered so deeply that he couldn’t help but tremble, “Master… it’s too deep, ugh…”

       “Tell me who you are.” The man held his waist, pulled out slightly and then pushed in. He already knew this body well and deliberately squeezed the sensitive points hard.

       “Ah─” Xu Ye raised his neck and gasped in response, “I am your slave. Everything about me belongs to you…”


       “Uhng, I’m your slave… Ahn─Master, it’s too fast… Please… everything about me belongs to you…” His words were shattered by the fierce invasion, and his eyes were filled with tears. The misty fog gradually appeared, trembling and rising with the man’s frequency, “Please… I only belong to you… Master, uhn─Slow down, please slow down… I can’t stand it anymore… Ahh─”

       The sound of flesh hitting each other and the sound of the sticky liquid stirring in and out of the hole were mixed with Xu Ye’s louder moans and cries. The hot c0ck invaded that secret path again and again, stirring up all desires and occupying all emotions. His back rubbed against the soft anti-shock wall, and his body seemed to be on fire. Pleasure flew through his limbs, gathered in his lower abdomen, and spurted out.

       On weekdays, considering Xu Ye’s physical strength, Chu Yu had always been restrained in having sex and would control the number of ejaculations of his slaves in a timely manner. But tonight, he had no restraint and rushed into that tight and hot wet hole, letting the man cum in his arms again and again. Until the end, he cried loudly and begged hoarsely under him, “Master, I can’t cum… please forgive me… wuwu… spare me…” Finally, he leaned softly against the man’s chest and fell asleep exhaustedly.

       This time, it was really harsh. Xu Ye didn’t even wake up while taking a shower and cleaning his back hole. Chu Yu looked at his peaceful sleeping face, sighed softly, dialled Tang Can’s number and said, “Let Shen Jiayan go.”

       When Xu Ye woke up at noon the next day, Chu Yu was sitting on the sofa by the bedroom window reading a book. Seeing that he was awake, he sat down by the bed and gently rubbed his waist, his movements very natural. They had been together day and night for many years, and they had already understood each other and had a tacit understanding of each other.

       “Master.” Xu Ye hugged his arm and said softly, “I pleaded for Shen Jiayan not because I have other feelings for him. The only person I love in this life is you, and I only belong to you.”

       There was a faint smile in Chu Yu’s eyes, “He’s taking the flight to Washington tomorrow night. You can go see him off.”

       Xu Ye was stunned and said in surprise, “Master is not angry anymore?”

       The man looked at him and said, “I am learning to be generous.”

       Xu Ye curled her lips and smiled, “Master, if you are free tomorrow night, can you accompany me to see you off at the airport?”

       Chu Yu thought for a moment and said, “Okay.”

       In the crowded airport, the young smart Shen Jiayan looked at the two people in front of him and said helplessly, “Seeing you guys coming to see me off together makes me feel really complicated.”

       “Have a good trip.” Xu Ye, wearing a loose sweatshirt, said with a smile.

       Shen Jiayan’s eyes fell on the crimson hickey on his neck. He turned to the man standing next to Xu Ye and asked, “Why did you let me go?”

       Chu Yu looked at him calmly, “I won’t do anything to make him sad.”

       “The person who forcibly kissed Young Master Chu’s person can still escape alive. When I think about it this way, it’s quite a sense of accomplishment.” Shen Jiayan chuckled, waved the boarding pass in his hand, and said to Xu Ye, “Xu Ye, if he makes you sad, remember to come to me.”

       Xu Ye looked sideways at the person next to him and met the gentle gaze with a smile as clear as the breeze, “That day will not come. Take care.”

       Outside the window, a huge plane roared towards the sky. A warm hand grasped his, and the same silver ring on his ring finger touched, reflecting dazzling light.

       In this life, please let me always love you in my own way.

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