When Qin Yun followed Moschery out of the Duke’s mansion, he had not yet regained his senses. After spending half a day with the Emperor to seek assistance, not a single person was recruited…

       “Leaving just like that?” Qin Yun was confused, “What on earth are we here for…”

       Moschery didn’t seem to care about the result and said indifferently, “Come and tease him.”

       “…” Qin Yun: “You two actually have a good relationship…”

       Moschery grabbed him by the neck. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

       His fingertips stroked the side of Qin Yun’s neck, and he could even touch the goosebumps on each other’s skin with his palms, “Arthur and I have never been enemies.”

       Qin Yun: “??”

       Moschery: “You will understand later.” He took his hand away from Qin Yun’s neck and patted the other party’s head gently, “At the very least, we both disagree of the Cabinet or Olympus being overly fixated on god-level matters. They even use it to interfere with the regime, dividing the empire. This is absolutely intolerable.”

       “I would rather the god-level gene be completely terminated in my generation.” Moschery said calmly, “With centralised political power and stable territory, the god-level will forever remain a mere legend, and from now on, will cease to exist.”

       “…” Qin Yun opened his mouth, “…I always thought you were joking when you said you wanted to die alone.”

       Moschery: “…”

       Qin Yun’s expression was one of admiration, “So it’s true…”


       Lin Dongliang’s mental power gently wrapped around Shen Zhuofan’s brain nerves, but there was no improvement in the damaged area. He did not stop until he was close to exhaustion.

       “I’d better call Skarter for you.” Shen Zhuofan looked at the almost fainting Lin Dongliang with concern, “You can’t even stand up”

       “It’s even more troublesome if he comes.” Lin Dongliang waved his hand tiredly. He hid Yuanbao, who was already tired and fell asleep and was about to sit down and recover some strength, “What did you just say?”

       “Qin Yun’s adoptive mother.” Shen Zhuofan poured him a glass of water, “One of the best students in the first Averio Guide Academy, and the one who disappeared inexplicably in the end.”

       Lin Dongliang frowned, “All this information is in there. Qin Yun’s background is not a secret.”

       Shen Zhuofan nodded, “Indeed, these can be found, but we have overlooked one thing.”

       Lin Dongliang looked at him.

       Shen Zhuofan: “Why would a SSS guide adopt a child who doesn’t even have a spiritual link?”


       “I actually had a pretty rough life.” Qin Yun finished attaching the rhinestones on the Mickey Mouse headband and started putting it on the pillow, “When I was 8 years old, I didn’t have a spiritual link, so my adoptive mother raised me as an ordinary person. I always thought I was just an ordinary person.”

       Moschery snorted hard and said disdainfully, “I have no interest in sanitary pads’ childhood.”

       “I’m trying to comfort you.” Qin Yun couldn’t bear it and said, “This is like indirectly telling you that nothing is absolute. You’re still young; don’t speak of growing old alone in such a tragic way!”

       Moschery was enraged and said, “You learnt to teach me a lesson?!”

       Qin Yun raised his head and said, “I’m just trying to be reasonable… I’m just telling you the truth.”

       Moschery sneered, “Have you forgotten that I am a tyrant? Have you ever seen a tyrant being reasonable?”

       Qin Yun: “…”


       Zhongyan was naturally very happy when he saw the newly attached Mickey Mouse headband, but Moschery stopped letting him wear it after entering the training room.

       “You already have two horns, and you still wear this?” Moschery said with a look of disgust on his face, “It’s ugly as hell.”

       Zhongyan’s wings drooped in dejection, and it seemed on the verge of tears. Qin Yun hurriedly comforted it, saying, “It’s okay, it’s okay! Next time, I’ll make you a diamond horn cover! I guarantee it’ll be a hundred times more dazzling and beautiful than this!”

       “…” Moschery simply gave up and wiped his sword with his head down.

       Qin Yun was now proficient in weaving guiding tendrils into a mesh for Zhongyan to wear as ‘battle armour’. After Moschery polished his sword, he saw that his guide had tied a ‘bow’ on one of Zhongyan’s horns. It made the sissy dragon look even more charming, fluttering its wings enthusiastically.

       “…” “…” Moschery continued to endure. He casually knocked over a just-released Flame Crocodile with a swing of his sword…

       Qin Yun re-woven the guiding tendrils into a ‘skirt’ and wrapped it around Zhongyan’s waist, and also decorated the dragon’s tail with a ‘ruffle’. He excitedly called Moschery, “Doesn’t it look good?! Isn’t it cute? It looks so cute!!”

       Moschery held the sword and looked at the person with an expressionless face.

       “…” Qin Yun blinked guiltily. Zhongyan, on the side, stepped on the flame crocodile obediently under Moschery’s gaze. The ‘skirt’ swayed around his buttocks following the movement, and the ‘ruffles’ on the tail fluttered in the wind…

       Moschery took a deep breath, “…Do you really want to make it a Barbie dragon?!”


       Even though their personalities were completely different, the master’s mood directly affected the state of the spiritual link, so no matter how angry Moschery appeared, Qin Yun knew that he was not really angry.

       As the two trained together more and more, their tacit understanding became better and better. While controlling Zhongyan, Qin Yun was able to devote his energy to taking care of Moschery’s consciousness cloud and even condensed his mental power into ‘arrows’ when he was idle to attack, although the accuracy was not very good.

       “If you can’t shoot, don’t shoot.” Moschery said sternly, “Your skills are not as good as those of young girls.”

       Qin Yun muttered softly, “Nonsense…women don’t know how to shoot…”

       Moschery roared with a dark face, “Don’t think I can’t hear you!”

       Qin Yun was startled by his roar. His hand shook, and the arrow missed again…

       Moschery cursed trash, and a flame crocodile chased after him from behind the two. Moschery had no choice but to carry Qin Yun and move to another hiding spot.

       Zhongyan was hovering in the sky, warning the two people on the ground about the location of the Flame Crocodile. Occasionally, it would glide down quickly and crush one or two to death with its claws, but this could only be done without the enemy noticing; after all, the fireballs that the Flame Crocodile spewed out to burn it wasn’t a joke.

       “Last time there were 4… this time there were 40…” Qin Yun felt like dying, “I remember there were not even 40 in the entire D Star!”

       Moschery said calmly, “If they are not eliminated within an hour, the system will automatically release 20 mammoths.”

       Qin Yun: “…Do you really want to die together with me that much?”

       Moschery glanced at him, “I can’t help it if you must think so.”

       Qin Yun felt that he was still not as thick-skinned as the emperor, so he simply shut up. He watched Moschery gently draw out the dragon-scale sword and slowly move around to the back of a flame crocodile.

       “You must learn to stimulate my consciousness cloud, not just control it.” Moschery ordered calmly.

       Qin Yun couldn’t help but become nervous. He swallowed, “I’ll try my best…”

       “Try your best?” Moschery clicked his tongue. He suddenly grabbed Qin Yun’s collar and kissed his lips fiercely. After a while, he let go and said, “You have to have such momentum, do you understand?”

       Qin Yun didn’t dare to wipe the saliva from his mouth and stayed there in a daze.

       Moschery asked expressionlessly, “Have you had enough of the pheromones?”

       Qin Yun: “…” Damn it! What idiot would use this method to replenish his guide with pheromones? Isn’t this a trap?!


       The Flame Crocodile was cunning and treacherous, and it was a rare type of high intelligence among large creatures. Although the 40 of them were just highly simulated digital monsters, they were taken lightly; one wouldn’t know if they could die in the end.

        Qin Yun was not daring enough to let go of Moschery’s hind legs casually. He followed his sentinel step by step, guiding tendrils to reach into the other party’s consciousness cloud.


       The red ‘dragon eye’ on Moschery’s left side narrowed slightly, and the golden pupil stood up in a straight line.

       The Flame Crocodile with its back to them seemed to finally realise the crisis, and its huge tail swept over instantly…

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