Chapter 31 – This is for borrowing!


Xing Zhongwan was video calling in the bathroom. After the three finished talking about their business, Cheng Zhengzhe lifted his two long ponytails and pouted his lips thick with smoky makeup, “Lao Xing, I heard that you and Qi Yun are getting married? Brother didn’t get anything for you yet so I’ve sent a link, I’m thinking of getting the four-piece set.”


Xing Zhongwan mercilessly kicked the person out of the call, but Cheng Zhengzhe was soon let in by Xue Qing who sent him an invite to join back. She had a facial mask on while eating durian, “Lao Xing, you really want to go to Jiangnan with Qi Yun? Jiangnan has lots of beautiful mountains and rivers. It’s where a love story is most likely to happen.”


Xue Qing was then kicked out by Xing Zhongwan but Cheng Zhengzhe quickly invited her back in, “Lao Xing, if you want to go there. Pay attention to your personal safety and protect the chrysanthemum1his behind lol behind you.”


Xing Zhongwan rolled his eyes, “Get straight to the point, otherwise you will both be blocked!”


Xue Qing, who had just been invited back, ripped off the mask on her face, “Seriously, I’m bringing Professor Gao back tomorrow. I know only you and Qi Yun are aware of what’s going on in your hearts. We’re just joking and hope that you don’t become too involved with the Qi family. You already have some ideas about it and I know you have some sense so we are not worried about you. Go ahead to Jiangnan and pay attention to your own safety. If anything happens, contact us. We can take action if necessary.”


Xing Zhongwan shook his head, “Nothing’s happened yet so don’t worry.”


Cheng Zhengzhe’s face got closer to the screen of his mobile phone, startling both Xing Zhongwan and Xue Qing, “Lao Xing, when you go back, pray to your mother for us too. We miss her very much. If there is something amiss, remember to ask her to appear in our dreams to let us know.”


“You, take off your makeup. You’re going to scare everyone to death!” Xing Zhongwan and Xue Qing said in unison, kicking Cheng Zhengzhe out of the group chat 



In Qi Yun’s room, Chen Ying stood at the side, “Master Yun, everything has been arranged in Jiangnan. You can leave at any time.”


Qi Yun rubbed his eyebrows and nodded slightly. Chen Ying thought for a while, “The thing you ordered me to do last time has been done. The bait has been released, now we are just waiting for the fish to take the bait.”


Qi Yun slowly opened his eyes. There was some coldness in those eyes, “I want the fourth young master, Qi, to never be able to get up again.”


Chen Ying stroked the glasses on the bridge of his nose, “I shouldn’t have meddled with some things, but… Young Master Yun, let me ask you one more thing. Don’t you care a little too much about the young madam?”


Qi Yun didn’t respond and asked, “Is this about the will that was released to the Qi family?”


Chen Ying said, “Yes, the old lady made two wills. One is public and I have secretly disclosed some of the contents to Madam Qi. I think the other side should not be able to sit still.” 


“Your grandfather is still quite calm.”


Qi Yun looked on indifferently, “He is sitting on the fence while watching the tigers fight, I wish to provoke and hurt both sides.”


After a pause, the indifference on his face dissipated, “Send more people to protect Wanwan well.


Chen Ying frowned internally, “You really don’t need me to investigate the identity of the young madam?”


Qi Yun turned to face the window. He knew that the sun was shining and there was the crisp sound of birds chirping in his ears, but he couldn’t see it at all.


“As soon as you make a move, the Qi family will know and they will also investigate it. Don’t touch Wanwan.”


“How am I supposed to let the people who harm me live at ease in the world? How am I to not let them fall into the darkness one day?”


Qi Yun’s words were deep and cold. Each one was like a sharp knife that dug deep into one’s bones and Chen Ying’s palm was slightly sweaty, “Master Yun, the chairwoman’s health is getting worse and worse, you… She really wants to see you.”


Qi Yun lowered his head and tugged at the bandages on his hands, “She never liked me ever since I was a child. She could still pretend in front of my grandma, but as soon as grandma died, she couldn’t wait for me to die. What was the point of meeting each other?”


Chen Ying’s sweat was soaking the shirt he wore inside his suit, “Master Yun, the chairwoman had a hard time hiding from the you back then. She is not who you think she is.”


Qi Yun snorted coldly, “Chen Ying, you’ve been with her for a long time. Have you finally been assimilated by her? You’ve been with my grandma for so many years and you will know how sincere she really is towards me. She hates my father and hates me even more. She even feels disgusted just glancing at me because of my bloodline. Don’t say anything else and please take good care of her body.”


Qi Yun closed his eyes and didn’t want to say anything anymore. Chen Ying lowered his head and bowed to Qi Yun. As he walked out slowly and opened the door, Qi Yun’s deep voice sounded behind him, “Don’t touch Wanwan, unless you want to test my limits!”


Chen Ying paused and went out gently as he shut the door behind him.


As soon as he looked up, he saw Xing Zhongwan who was walking towards him. The sun was behind him so he couldn’t see Xing Zhongwan’s face clearly. Chen Ying felt a slight sense of oppression as he thought of Xing Zhongwan’s face. It flashed across his mind quickly, and a drop of sweat fell between his eyebrows. Chen Ying didn’t know whether Qi Yun’s feelings for this man were real or not, but Chen Ying knew how much influence this man had on Qi Yun. It’s been like this just after a few months of getting along together. What would happen if Qi Yun saw Xing Zhongwan’s appearance in the future…?


Chen Ying didn’t dare to think about it…


On the day he was about to leave for Jiangnan, Xing Zhongwan looked at Qi Yun’s luggages and the dozens of accompanying people.


He looked at his own little duffel bag and rubbed his nose.


Throwing the duffel bag into the trunk, Xing Zhongwan turned around and saw a strange girl following the entourage into the car. She had an ordinary appearance, but looked very obedient.


Xing Zhongwan shrugged and opened the car door. As soon as Qi Yun smelled Xing Zhongwan’s scent, he relaxed. Xing Zhongwan took a vacuum flask from the side, opened the lid and handed it to Qi Yun, “Hey, it’s time to drink your medicine.” Qi Yun took it and looked up. Without frowning, he drank the whole bowl of chinese medicine2Extremely bitter. into his stomach. Xing Zhongwan peeled a lollipop and stuffed it into Qi Yun’s mouth, the sweet and greasy taste instantly dispelled the bitterness. 


After the two talked it out, Xing Zhongwan never had a lollipop again and the remaining ones he had all went into Qi Yun’s mouth. Didn’t this person have to drink chinese medicine anyways? Qi Yun only frowned when Xing Zhongwan put the candy in his mouth for the first time and then accepted it readily subsequently.


Xing Zhongwan looked at Qi Yun with a lollipop in his mouth. His cold face obviously didn’t match the white paper stick sticking out, Xing Zhongwan held back a smile, “Hey, why is there a girl in the group?”


When Xing Zhongwan finished speaking, Qi Yun took out the lollipop from his mouth, his face was a little unsightly.


“Is that girl very beautiful?”


Xing Zhongwan replied casually, “Not bad!”


As soon as he finished saying those words, Qi Yun grabbed his hand and said coldly, “Don’t look at her!”


Xing Zhongwan was stunned stupid. He asked dumbfoundedly, “Why? Are you still restricting me to this?”


Qi Yun was unhappy, “Is she prettier than me?”


Xing Zhongwan saw that his face had turned blue so he opened his mouth and said, “Of course not as beautiful as you are. There are probably very few people in the world who are more beautiful than you.”


Xing Zhongwan’s mouth has always been accustomed to flirting, and if he wanted to coax people, he would do it. Qi Yun’s ears slowly turned red, “Then why are you looking at her? Just look at me.”


As soon as he finished speaking, his ears were already fully red.


Xing Zhongwan couldn’t help laughing out loud, “I just feel that there was one additional person suddenly, and I don’t know whose spy that might be, so I asked. What are you thinking about?”


He couldn’t help but add internally that the person was not his taste. In terms of appearance, she wasn’t necessarily that good-looking and he doesn’t think he’ll pick that person.


Only then did Qi Yun’s face relax, “Don’t worry, she was specially chosen by my mother to leave it to me.”


“For you?”


Xing Zhongwan said in surprise, but seeing Qi Yun leaning on his shoulder and closing his eyes, it was obvious that he didn’t want to say more.


Xing Zhongwan was a smart person so he understood as soon as he thought about it. She was borrowed to be the surrogate! 


Madam Qi moved really fast and she didn’t delay it at all.

T/N: Owo just thinking about how Qi Yun’s mother could just heartlessly bring in another women for the sole reason of reproducing an heir for her disgusts me. Poor Qi Yun, with a mother like that, it’s better to not have one at all… I also feel bad for the girl, cause she was probably made a deal with Madam Qi out of desperation too.


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