Chapter 32 – What should I do? I want to escape!

Chapter 32 – What should I do? I want to escape!


Locally, it was afternoon when they arrived at the airport. Xing Zhongwan walked out of the VIP lounge while chewing some gum in his mouth. He also had a large pair of sunglasses on his face. The person who came to pick them up after their flight was a woman in her thirties. The smile on her face was different from the serious Chen Ying. When she saw him, she called out to the young madam enthusiastically. With a dark face, Xing Zhongwan lowered the sleeve of his coat to cover the bracelet on his wrist.


Qi Yun was clearly in a good mood and his voice was not as cold when he spoke. Xing Zhongwan raised his head and looked around. Unexpectedly, he saw a familiar figure. Xing Zhongwan took off his sunglasses and thought he saw wrongly, but he didn’t expect that the man would smile politely to him after being discovered before disappearing into the crowd. Xing Zhongwan took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Cheng Zhengzhe, who replied after a while.


“Jiangnan is your territory. If you want to pay homage to your mother, it is impossible not to summon the people from over there. It’s better to say hello to them as early as possible. Don’t worry if I’m not in contact with you, your safety will be guaranteed.”


Xing Zhongwan shoved the phone into his pocket speechlessly while Qi Yun grabbed his clothes, “Let’s get in the car.” Xing Zhongwan snorted and pushed his wheelchair to the parking lot.


The house they lived in was in a small village. It is said that the small village has actually been developed into a private resort. The place was excellent and the facilities were complete. The most important thing was that there was also a specially-equipped small community hospital for Qi Yun’s rehabilitation. Their residence was in the center of the resort and there was a tea garden right outside their door. Xing Zhongwan liked it very much. After carrying and settling Qi Yun down on the bed, Xing Zhongwan opened the window of the room and took a deep breath. Qi Yun was a little tired and asked with half-closed eyes, “Do you like it here?”


Xing Zhongwan nodded repeatedly, “Yes, I like it very much. The environment is nice and the most important part is that the original style of the place was retained. How did you find this place?”


Qi Yun covered his aching forehead, “I don’t remember what year it was but when I heard that the place where me and my grandma lived together when I was a child was going to be demolished, I bought and rebuilt it. Only the place where we lived was kept as it was. Grandma liked it very much. Now, I’m very glad that I made this decision back then and I’m glad you like it too.”


Seeing him covering his forehead, Xing Zhongwan stepped forward and helped him massage it, “You can sleep now. We sat in a plane and car for the whole day today. I’ll call you when it’s time to eat.”


The massage Xing Zhongwan gave Qi Yun was very comfortable and he said sleepily, “I want to eat the Dragon Beard Noodles1A variety of noodles from Shandong province in China. Long and thin. you make.”


Xing Zhongwan frowned. Yes, you sure know the way to order me around.


When Qi Yun fell asleep, Xing Zhongwan went to the tea garden and brought over a bamboo chair to sit on. A long time ago, when his mother was very ill, she would talk intermittently about her childhood days. Xing Zhongwan’s eyes were a little red as his phone rang. Xing Zhongwan took a look around before taking it out.


“Master, are you back?” There was an elderly voice on the other end of the phone.


Xing Zhongwan looked up at the blue sky, “Yes, Uncle Zhong. I’ll be moving my mother’s grave back to Xing’s house in two days. Please prepare for it.”


There was some joy in Uncle Zhong’s voice, “The lady will finally… Oh how happy will she be to be able to finally go home. I will tell the people to prepare. Please pick a day.”


Xing Zhongwan smiled, “One more thing. I will stay here for a little longer this time. Don’t let anyone follow me. It’s not good if I were to be discovered.”


Uncle Zhong disagreed, “It’s better for someone to follow behind. No one else will find out.”


Xing Zhongwan felt resigned, “I’m no longer a child.”


Uncle Zhong on the other end respectfully said, “Even if you are in the country for only one day, we are still obligated to guarantee your safety. You can be rest assured that we will do it very discreetly and will not hinder the young master from doing things.”


Xing Zhongwan knew that he could not persuade this stubborn old housekeeper and gave up.


A cool breeze blew by and Xing Zhongwan tightened his jacket. He suddenly felt a little sleepy.


At dinner, Qi Yun held the bowl contentedly and ate up the bowl of noodles under Chen Ying’s surprised eyes. Xing Zhongwan chewed a radish stick in his mouth, “Is it delicious?”


Qi Yun nodded and wiped his mouth with the small towel on the side, “The craftsmanship is really good.”


Xing Zhongwan snorted coldly. You’re eating it so comfortably while my hands are almost stiff from kneading the dough.


“In the evening, have a rest. I’m going out for a walk.”


Xing Zhongwan got up and Qi Yun was taken aback, “Where are you going?”


Xing Zhongwan said, “Going out, of course.” Qi Yun’s face visibly fell, “I’m going too.”


Xing Zhongwan was puzzled, “Why are you going too? It’s inconvenient for me to take you.”


Qi Yun lowered his head, obviously angry and Xing Zhongwan sat back on the chair again, ” You said you’re weak. What are you going to do if you get sick? I promise I will come back sooner.”


Qi Yun didn’t say anything…


“I’ll bring you something delicious and fun?”


Qi Yun didn’t say anything…


“I’ll go out for only two hours…”


Qi Yun said nothing.


Xing Zhongwan lay on the table with a bitter face, “I’ll take you there, third young master.”


Qi Yun raised his head. His eyebrows were curved up. Xing Zhongwan buried his head on the table reluctantly.


On the other side, Chen Ying’s jaw almost dropped. This… Young Master Yun… This must be an illusion, I must be dreaming, this was not our Young Master Yun…


Qi Yun needed to go upstairs to change his clothes and Xing Zhongwan could only carry the man upstairs without complaint. He then picked out clothes for him to put on before carrying him downstairs and placing him in a wheelchair.


Qi Yun touched the collar of the shirt he was wearing and called Chen Ying over.


Chen Ying quickly walked over and faced Qi Yun, “Master Yun, what are your orders?”


Qi Yun pointed at his clothes, “Does it look good?”



Chen Ying didn’t react for a while. After seeing that Qi Yun was frowning, he quickly said, “You’re dashing.”


Qi Yun’s brows stretched, “Wanwan picked it.”


That smug look was like saying; Look, the daughter-in-law has good taste.


Chen Ying was fed a mouthful of dog food 2That feeling when you’re a single dog and a couple is flexing their love in front of you.for no reason and escorted the two of them out in fear. Turning around, he wiped the sweat off his forehead. The entourage on one side was puzzled, “Secretary Chen, it’s only April. Are you feeling hot?” 


A trace of embarrassment flashed on Chen Ying’s face. When has he ever seen Qi Yun like this? It was already not bad that he could still maintain his composure. A hint of worry flashed through his eyes.


Xing Zhongwan brought Qi Yun to the night market. The night market was crowded and it was inconvenient for Qi Yun to walk, so Xing Zhongwan didn’t dare to go shopping. Instead, he found a tea shop and sat down. Qi Yun’s bodyguard was far away from them as Qi Yun would not let them follow closely.


Xing Zhongwan put a doll adorned with a blue floral fabric into Qi Yun’s hand, “Check this out. It’s very cute and it’s purely handmade. It looks a lot like you.” Qi Yun took the item and gently felt it with his hands. The female doll’s hair was braided and Qi Yun frowned. How is it like me?


“You said you wanted to go out, just to come to a night market?”


Xing Zhongwan took a sip of tea. “If not? Why did you think I wanted to come out? When you were resting in the afternoon, I asked around and they said that the night market here is very famous, so I wanted to come out and see it. Look, you were so adamant about coming out and I’ve brought you out but you don’t even seem happy.”


Qi Yun held the doll in his hand, “When I get better, I’ll come with you again.”


Xing Zhongwan turned his face away. When you’re better, I’m leaving.


“This doll is for you.” Xing Zhongwan grabbed a handful of sunflower seeds as Qi Yun carefully put the doll in his pocket and replied with an ‘ok’.


His neck was a little red and Xing Zhongwan wondered, Are you shy? You blush too easily.


As he was thinking about it, a girl selling flowers entered the place, looked around and walked towards Xing Zhongwan,


“Big brother, don’t you think you should buy some flowers for the pretty sister next to you”


Xing Zhongwan held the sunflower seeds in his hand as he looked at the round face of the girl before looking at the unknowing Qi Yun who had a puzzled look, “Is he the pretty sister you’re referring to?” He then pointed a finger at Qi Yun. The girl nodded, “Yes, I have never seen such a beautiful sister before.”


Xing Zhongwan was stunned for a moment and couldn’t help but laugh. Qi Yun gradually understood and his face turned a little unsightly.


“For the sister that you just referred to, I want all the flowers in your basket. Hahaha” The girl happily accepted the money before hopping away.


Xing Zhongwan took the basket of roses and put it on Qi Yun’s lap, “Here, beautiful sister. I’ll give it all to you.”


Qi Yun had a sullen face and didn’t speak for a long time.


Xing Zhongwan was in a good mood. After being called a girl by Qi Yun for so many days, he finally felt reinvigorated. As he was about to say something funny, the girl who called Qi Yun a sister hopped back, holding a bamboo-woven ring in her hand.


She went to Xing Zhongwan and held his hand, “Brother, brother. Mother said your girlfriend is so beautiful, so I will give you a ring. You must both become happy.”


Xing Zhongwan almost spit out the sunflower seeds in his mouth and there was a smile in Qi Yun’s eyes as he put a basket of roses on the table. He grabbed one out before speaking in Xing Zhongwan’s direction, “Little brother, we must become happy, hmm?”


Xing Zhongwan was stunned and looked at Qi Yun who was holding a rose with a smile. His eyes were unseeing and he looked forward without focus, but his fair skin contrasted with the table of red roses and he looked simply charming. Xing Zhongwan’s head throbbed and he couldn’t think straight because of a bit of bitter-sweetness in his heart.


Now, that beautiful fairy-like sister was holding flowers.


Back then, when he was young, he had innocently said: Sister, can I marry you when I grow up?


Now, the beautiful fairy-like sister: Little brother, we must become happy, hmm?


The young man’s face in his memory morphed into the current Qi Yun and Xing Zhongwan stood up suddenly, clutching his aching heart. What should I do? I want to escape!    


T/N: Hehe, run you may try. But do you really think he will let you go? Fuhuhu, loved translating this chapter. Perhaps it was the change in scenery. It was something different from the previous chapters, cause they got to go on a light-hearted vacation together.


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