He Yunsheng had just finished speaking, and Xi Feng had already taken two steps to grab his mobile phone. Xi Feng hung up the phone and said, “Don’t call anyone. I can continue to take care of you tonight.”

       He Yunsheng didn’t take a step forward to fight over his phone but watched him and couldn’t help but sneer, “You? Taking care of me? Are you going to take care of me for the rest of your life?”

       Xi Feng was stunned when he heard the words, he rubbed He Yunsheng’s cell phone with his finger, and he couldn’t speak for a long while.

       He Yunsheng continued, “Do you feel sorry for me? Are you going to take care of me when I become an old man and become a lonely man?”

       “I…” Xi Feng could neither agree nor say no.

  He Yunsheng felt somewhat powerless, “Xi Feng, I can’t get married, I will find a man I love to be with, and that’s the end for me. You’ve cared enough about me to go beyond being a friend, so let’s stop here.”

       After finishing speaking, He Yunsheng took his cell phone back from Xi Feng’s hand, did not redial the number. He just turned around and walked inside.

       Xi Feng stood in place for more than ten minutes, never getting the answer he wanted, and finally turned around despondently and left.

       He Yunsheng did not call anyone to accompany him and returned home alone, sitting on the sofa in silence for half an hour.

  When brushing his teeth, He Yunsheng tried for a long time but failed to squeeze the toothpaste onto the toothbrush because he could only use one hand. He felt impatient and angry. He waved his hand, swept all the cups and toothbrushes on the sink to the ground, and slammed the marble countertop with his left hand fiercely.

       He was really tired of Xi Feng. If not for him, his life would not have been so bad!

       At work the next day, He Yunsheng went to ask the manager in charge for leave because he could not use one of his hands. Seeing that the National Day was a few days away, he simply took all his annual leave this year.

       The manager saw that he had hurt his hand, so he asked him to hand over the work and approved his leave.

       After applying for leave, He Yunsheng returned to the office and handed over his works with his colleagues. He went straight home on the same day and booked a flight and hotel online, intending to fly to Japan for vacation.

       Xi Feng only learned that He Yunsheng was on vacation that afternoon. He heard the news from his colleagues in the financial department. At that time, he was somewhat disappointed and frustrated. He went back to the office, took out his cell phone, and looked at He Yunsheng’s number for a long time but didn’t dial out.

       By now, he didn’t know that He Yunsheng was hiding from him, and he really felt like there was a screw loose on his head.

       When he left work in the afternoon, Xi Feng met Xu Qing in the elevator.

       Xu Qing stood in front, not looking at him from the start until his end. When the elevator reached the first floor and the door opened, Xu Qing raised her head and walked outside.

       Xi Feng looked at Xu Qing’s back, knowing that he would not be able to go back this time. No matter how much he said sorry, it would be useless. He knows he didn’t like Xu Qing enough. If he continues to be with each other, he will still be unable to avoid hurting each other, so it’s better to end it now.

       Thinking of this, Xi Feng suddenly thought of He Yunsheng, who didn’t want to get married. If you have to be with someone you don’t love, it will be a torture for each other for a long time.

       He went to work every day, went back home to eat, play online games and sleep.

       Xi Feng’s life was boring, but once he calmed down, all the things he thought about in his head were He Yunsheng. Even when he was dating in college, he never tossed and turned for a person.

       It lasted until the National Day holiday. On the eve of the holiday, his mother called and asked him if he wanted to go home. Xi Feng hesitated and said he couldn’t go back. Shortly after the end of the call, he received a call from his closest classmate in college, telling him he was getting married.

       Xi Feng was stunned at the time, “Why is it so sudden?”

       The classmate said, “It was decided suddenly, and I didn’t plan to do it at first. So I called to tell my good friends.”

       Xi Feng asked him quickly, “What day? I must come to the wedding.”

       The classmate smiled, “There really is no ceremony. We are just going to get the certificate before the holiday, and it’s over. If you want to come, come and play on National Day and see my wife along the way.”

       As he heard this invitation, Xi Feng’s heart stirred for a moment, and he said, “Wait for me, I’ll think about it.”

       After some consideration, Xi Feng finally decided to go to his old classmate’s place for a few days to play and give the wedding money in person.

       The classmate’s name is Dai Meng. He lived in a dormitory with Xi Feng when he was in college. They had the best relationship, to the point they borrowed each other’s pants. Until he graduated from college, Dai Meng left the city without a girlfriend. Later, he contacted Xi Feng occasionally and never mentioned it. Somehow, he acted quickly and was suddenly getting married.

       Xi Feng flew over, and Dai Meng drove to the airport to pick him up.

       Seeing Dai Meng’s car, Xi Feng sighed, “Boy, you are doing a good job.”

       Dai Meng said, “I bought it with a loan. In order to take my son to and from school, the car interest is added up to the home loan and makes my money run out every month. I have to rely on my wife for food.”

       Xi Feng was stunned, “You have a son? Didn’t you just get married? Was it a shotgun wedding?” That’s too soon, isn’t it? It doesn’t make sense that he just got married, and his son is already studying.

       Dai Meng laughed a little while driving, and said, “I’ll tell you first, don’t make a fuss over nothing when we go back later.”

       Xi Feng listened to his tone and felt that this matter might not be so simple.

       Sure enough, Dai Meng said, “The son belongs to my wife and her ex-husband. He is already in elementary school.”

       The car was silent, and after a while, Xi Feng couldn’t help asking, “What year was your wife born?”

       Dai Meng said, “In ’83. My son is seven years old.”

       Xi Feng and Dai Meng are of the same age. It has only been three years since they graduated from university. They are only 25 years old now, but Dai Meng’s wife is already thirty-two years old.

       This age difference made Xi Feng suddenly think of He Yunsheng.

       But apart from the age difference, what surprised Xi Feng most was that Dai Meng found a divorced woman with children. He felt that with Dai Meng’s condition, he could find a better woman.

       “Your family didn’t object to it?” Xi Feng couldn’t help asking.

       Dai Meng smiled bitterly, “Of course they object, but I am very determined.”

       Xi Feng heard this answer and asked in a daze, “Why?”

       “Why?” Dai Meng seemed to think this question was a bit ridiculous, “Because I love her.”

       Dinner was eaten at Dai Meng’s house that day, and Xi Feng saw Dai Meng’s wife. The thirty-two-year-old woman is well maintained, beautiful and gentle. Her son is seven years old and looks very cute and obedient.

       Others might think it’s strange that a 25-year-old man with a good appearance and family background and a good job finds a woman who’s divorced with a seven years old son, but in this family, they themselves feel delighted.

       In the evening, Dai Meng let Xi Feng stay at his home, but Xi Feng did not have the heart to disturb them and went outside to stay in a hotel by himself.

       Lying on the big hotel bed, Xi Feng stared at the phone for a long time. He called He Yunsheng for the first time in so many days, but the other party’s phone turned off.

       Xi Feng raised his hand to cover his face, and his breath was full of fatigue. He felt too uncomfortable with this state of mind.

       After a few days in the city, Dai Meng accompanied him around, and one night the two went for a drink.

       After drinking a little too much, Dai Meng developed a desire to talk and told Xi Feng how hard his life was after being with his wife.

  ”At that time, my parents prepared all the money for buying a house, but they took it all back to force me to not be with her. As a result, part of the money for buying the house is still being given by my wife,” Dai Meng finished speaking and took a sip of beer with his glass.

  Xi Feng swayed the golden beer in the glass, wiped the beer foam from the glass with his fingers, and said, “Your parents also want you to live well. Since they opposed it so much, won’t you be more or less unfilial if you insist?”

  Dai Meng looked at Xi Feng and shook his head, “They want me to live a good life, but I only know what a good life is. It’s not that just marrying a young woman will make me have a good life. If you can’t be with the person I love, how can you be happy? The parents’ original intention is good, but the problem is that their ideas are wrong.”

  Xi Feng looked at his glass, “But they will be sad.”

  Dai Meng said, “Then I should let them know that I am happy. I will still be filial to them, and I’ll let them know how well our family life is, and one day when they are gone, I will have a complete and happy family in this world. They do not have to worry about me.”

  Xi Feng still looked blank.

  Dai Meng said to him, “People who love you want you to have a good life, but everyone’s definition of a good life is not the same. How to say this? It is like people who drink water and will say, why would you drink cold beer when the weather is cold. But only you know how refreshing a cold beer is!”

  After finishing speaking, Dai Meng raised his glass and touched his.

  Xi Feng took a sip and asked, “Can you be sure that you will be happy in the future?”

  Dai Meng laughed when he heard the words, “Who can be sure of happiness in the future? You may marry Ms. Perfect, and you might be cheated to your bankruptcy by your wife one day. If you don’t even dare to pursue happiness now, don’t talk about happiness in this life. Because you may never realize what happiness is.”

  Hearing Dai Meng’s words, Xi Feng suddenly felt as if someone had poured cold water on his face, and he gradually became sober while he was startled.

  What is a good life? If he doesn’t even dare to pursue the one he loves, then no matter how smooth life is in the future, he might not know if it is really good.

  That night, Xi Feng lay in bed tossing and turning all night. When he made up his mind, those things that had been weighing heavily on his heart became lighter. He even began to imagine some illusory future, and he was happy for those uncertain futures.

  At the end of the seven-day holiday, Xi Feng still did not see He Yunsheng the first day he went back to work.

  He made a special trip to the personnel department to inquire about He Yunsheng’s return date. He Yunsheng had three days left on his annual leave, and he would not return to work until after these three days were over. Then another weekend had passed.

  On the weekend, when He Yunsheng was about to go to work, Xi Feng went to the market to buy cob bones. He returned home and called his mother to ask how to stew bone soup.

  He does not know how to cook, but all the seasoning has been bought now. He didn’t ask clearly when he called and checked the recipes online. After a long time in the kitchen, he stewed it and put it in the refrigerator.

  The next day, he got up early again, boiled the soup, put it in a newly bought thermos, and took it to the company.

  In the morning, Xi Feng called the finance department and asked them if He Yunsheng had come back to work, and after getting a positive answer, he hung up the phone feeling satisfied.

  As soon as it was time for lunch, Xi Feng hurried to press the elevator with the thermos bucket. He was afraid that He Yunsheng would leave if he arrived late.

  His colleagues wondered about his strange behavior of going against the current on the peak lunch hour, but Xi Feng was not in the mood to explain. He pressed the phone anxiously, fearing he would miss He Yunsheng.

  As a result, he was lucky. When he arrived at He Yunsheng’s office, the rest of the finance department went to a meal, but He Yunsheng stayed in his small office and looked through the documents.

  When he heard someone enter, He Yunsheng looked up. After seeing it was Xi Feng, he put down what he was holding and asked him, “Is there something wrong?”

  Xi Feng put the thermos barrel on the table and did not ask He Yunsheng where he had been during this period of time. He just asked, “Is the injury on your hand better?”

  He Yunsheng touched his right wrist. It was no longer as uncomfortable as it was at the beginning, and he was no longer afraid to move it at all, but he didn’t dare to use force.

  ”I’m fine,” He Yunsheng said to Xi Feng.

  Xi Feng opened the thermos barrel by himself. The bone soup inside was still steaming. He said, “I made you some bone broth. Drink it before you go eat.”

  He Yunsheng looked at him expressionlessly. If someone else came to deliver the soup, he might be embarrassed to refuse, but he would definitely not accept it since the person was Xi Feng.

  ”No need,” He Yunsheng said in a deep voice.

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