Chapter 98

  Chen Zejun watched the elevator surveillance recording of the rehabilitation facility building with Ye Xing.

  He knew that Ye Xing could not have the patience to watch a complete surveillance video, so he watched the complete surveillance that afternoon in advance, and focused on the three men who went to the floor of the rehabilitation facility.

  In fact, Chen Zejun also understood that these three people were not necessarily the suspects. The murderer might choose a more secure way like stairs instead of exposing himself to the elevator surveillance camera. But he could only do his best now. The only thing he had in his hands was Ye Xing, and the rest of the rehabilitation facility would no longer provide evidence to him.

  Ye Xing did not give any reaction when he saw the two people in front of him until he saw the third person, who was a tall and sturdy man, Ye Xing’s eyes widened and stared at the display.

  Chen Zejun has been paying attention to Ye Xing’s expression. He paused and asked, “Is it him?”

  Ye Xing did not answer.

  Chen Zejun zoomed in on the screen and asked again, “Is this the man who appeared in the classroom that afternoon?”

  Ye Xing still didn’t speak.

  Chen Zejun was a little anxious, grabbed Ye Xing’s head, forced him to get close to the display screen, and shouted, “Is that him?”

  Ye Xing shuddered and closed his eyes.

  Chen Zejun was furious and slapped him on the head. Ye Xing’s head was bounced and he still closed his eyes tightly. After a while, Chen Zejun found tears from his closed eyes.

       Chen Zejun was stunned, and released the hand holding him, hugged him in his arms, and gently patted his back to apologize to him.

  When the filming ended, Xie Ruoming gave Wen Jianing a thumbs-up to express his appreciation.

  In the tearful episode, Xie Ruoming didn’t expect to be able to shoot so smoothly. But it turned out Wen Jianing performed much better than he thought.

  After a short break after the car accident, Wen Jianing continued to shoot.

  For the role of Ye Xing, Wen Jianing thought a lot and exchanged many ideas with Xie Ruoming. Sometimes Xie Ruoming felt a little surprised because now Ye Xing under the camera was even more amazing than the character he originally envisioned.

  Together with the assistant director, he repeatedly watched the previous episode on the monitor. The Ye Xing inside the lens, played by Wen Jianing, closed his eyes tightly, and even his eyelashes were trembling slightly, and his face was pale.

  The assistant director exclaimed, “I have never seen a young actor with such brilliant acting.”

  Xie Ruoming put a hand on his lips and said, “He is born to do this.”

  Xie Ruoming couldn’t help feeling emotional with the fact that his appearance and acting skills were both still young.

  At the end of the shooting, Wen Jianing was still brewing his emotions when he talked with Xie Ruming about the next scene.

  He put a lot of effort into this drama, and he was completely immersed in the character every time he was filming, which was very difficult for him in the past because too much immersion also meant that it was going to be difficult to pull away.

  But now, after having experienced many things, including death, Wen Jianing could distinguish between acting and reality better. He believed that he could change his role and mood at any time because he still had people who he cared about.

  As he thought of this, Wen Jianing turned his head and glanced at Lu Jinlang.

  Lu Jinlang was making a call with his mobile phone, and when he saw Wen Jianing looking at him, he smiled at him.

  The shooting continued.

  Chen Zejun went out to buy dinner at night. After returning with the takeaway, he found that Ye Xing had disappeared. He frantically searched for Ye Xing’s traces all over the house and later found him in the closet of the room.

       Ye Xing shut himself in the closet and shivered, and he refused to come out no matter how much Chen Zejun called.

  Later, Chen Zejun carried him out.

  It took a lot of energy to coax him to eat and sleep. Before they fell asleep at night, Chen Zejun kissed Ye Xing’s forehead and said, “Good night, baby.”

  Chen Zejun was taken aback after doing this. He began to recall that before his daughter went to bed, he always kissed his daughter’s forehead like this. He somewhat confused Ye Xing’s identity with his daughter.

  Lei Xing had been talking about the acquisition of ‘Xingxin Entertainment’ recently.

  Although Bai Shengzhe was the one who came forward, Lu Jinlang was busy with both sides and it was not easy.

  Wen Jianing once asked him what his plans were after the acquisition of ‘Xingxin Entertainment’. Lu Jinlang said that he would re-launch a professional and literate entertainment magazine. He was determined to develop Lei Xing into a comprehensive large-scale entertainment company. The acquisition of ‘Xingxin Entertainment’ was only a preliminary plan, and he needed to have the right to speak in the media.

  When he heard Lu Jinlang say this, Wen Jianing felt a little disappointed. He asked, “You’re going to shift your focus to business? Don’t you plan to continue acting?”

  Lu Jinlang heard the words and laughed, “Acting is my interest in the first place, otherwise I would not insist on my eldest brother’s opposition.”

  Wen Jianing said, “Then what do you plan to do now?”

  Lu Jinlang smiled and said, “To create better conditions for you to concentrate on acting and not be disturbed by other things in the future?”

  Wen Jianing finally smiled, nodded and said, “Okay.”

  Chen Zejun remembered that Ye Xing said before that the murderer was a very thin man, but in this video, he was obviously a very strong man.

  So he felt tangled and suspicious.

  He asked Ye Xing, “Am I skinny?”

  Ye Xing had autism. He had his own heart and his own benchmarks for judging the world, and it was not necessarily the same as ordinary people.

  Ye Xing was playing with the little train at this time, raised his head to look at Chen Zejun, and nodded.

  Chen Zejun felt it necessary to check this man.

  When Wen Jianing was lying in bed and preparing to go to bed that night, he received a text message from an unfamiliar phone number. He opened it and saw it was a photo.

  It was a picture of him kissing Lu Jinlang in the Lanlu.

  In places like Lanlu, everyone didn’t mingle very much. If the people there were interested in taking pictures with their mobile phones and cameras, it was predicted that the entire entertainment industry would be in chaos. But no one would do that, because being able to enter the Lanlu meant that you were a member of this circle, and once this photo leaked, you would lose the qualification to be in this circle.

       It didn’t matter who took the photo. Wen Jianing just wanted to know what the person who sent the photo wanted. Without hesitation, he dialled that number immediately.

  It took a while for someone to answer the call. The voice of the person who answered the phone was a little hoarse, but Wen Jianing still heard it. He asked, “Zhu Zexin?”

  There was another moment of silence, and Zhu Zexin said, “Mr. Ke, are you free to come out for a chat?”

  Wen Jianing smiled and said, “Yes.”

  Zhu Zexin said, “I will decide the time and place. You have to come alone.”

  Wen Jianing also hesitated a little, then replied, “Yes.”

  Lu Jinlang had been too busy recently. In addition to catching up with the movie, he was also busy with company acquisitions. He didn’t even have much time left to sleep every day.

  Wen Jianing didn’t tell him at all. After he made an appointment with Zhu Zexin about the time and place, he drove over by himself.

  The place Zhu Zexin picked was a villa area on the outskirts of the city.

  It was said to be on the outskirts of the city. But in fact, it was already in the middle of the two cities, a very remote place. Because the land was cheap, some people in the city have built a villa area here, but it was basically uninhabited during the week, and at night there were no lights as if it was the middle of nowhere.

  Zhu Zexin was waiting for Wen Jianing at the gate of one of the villas.

  Wen Jianing got out of the car and saw that there was indeed no one around, so he said, “What? Are you planning to kill someone?”

  Zhu Zexin replied without a smile, “You must be joking.”

  Wen Jianing walked towards the inside of the house, and Zhu Zexin gave way. After he entered, he found that Zhu Zexin was not the only person in the room, so he turned his head to look at him.

  Zhu Zexin was not embarrassed at all and said, “I’m afraid you didn’t come alone, so I called some brothers.”

  Wen Jianing said, “Aren’t you afraid of me calling the police?”

  Zhu Zexin sneered, “Aren’t you afraid of getting exposed?”

  Wen Jianing didn’t say anything, he went straight inside and sat down beside the sofa, and said, “Let’s talk, what do you want?”

  Zhu Zexin then said straightforwardly, “There are five photos in total, with different times, locations and angles. If you want you can buy it for one million for each photo.”

  Wen Jianing looked up at him, “You’re just going to throw everything away, and seriously blackmailed me?”

  Zhu Zexin lit a cigarette for himself. He suddenly stretched out his hand and patted Wen Jianing’s face, then twisted his fingers and said, “You have a soft face. Anyway, you won’t let me continue to work on this road. What can’t I do? It’s better to make a fortune and leave.”

  Wen Jianing remained motionless, letting him pat his face.

  Zhu Zexin seemed to feel that he was in the upper hand. He then reached out his hand to touch his face, and said, “No wonder Lu Jinlang doesn’t want any more women, but likes to sleep with you.”

  In addition to Zhu Zexin, there were three men in the house, all listening to the conversation between the two people without saying a word, probably Zhu Zexin paid them.

  Wen Jianing was very calm, and just said, “I can give you the money, but I am not sure that you really don’t have a backup. In the future, will I not become your cash machine? Won’t it be endless?”

  Zhu Zexin did not speak, obviously silently going along with what he said.

  Wen Jianing continued, “Then show your sincerity, don’t treat me like a fool…”

  Before he finished speaking, there were two knocks on the door suddenly.

  Everyone in the room looked at the door, their expressions a little surprised.

  ”Who?” Zhu Zexin asked Wen Jianing.

  Wen Jianing raised his hands, “How do I know?”

  Zhu Zexin hesitated but chose to go over and open the door to the room.

  There was a man standing outside the door, his clothes sloppy and dr4p3d over him, smoking a cigarette and looking impatient. He glanced at Zhu Zexin and said, “Is Ke Xinhang inside?”

  Zhu Zexin looked at him and felt a little familiar, but couldn’t remember who it was for a while, so he asked, “Who are you?”

  The man suddenly punched Zhu Zexin on the nose, spit on the ground and said, “I’m his brother!”

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