Chapter 99

  Zhu Zexin was punched in the nose by Ke Xinfan, and he stepped back a few steps, and some blood immediately dripped from his nose. He panicked and covered his nose with one hand, and cursed, “What the fvck?”

  Several people in the room stood up all at once.

  Ke Xinfan was not afraid. He walked towards the room, and at the same time he took out a gun from his inside jacket pocket with a flick of his hand, loaded it and pointed it straight at Zhu Zexin’s head, and said fiercely, “You bastard!”

  Zhu Zexin was stunned at once.

  The people in the room also lost their voices immediately. They were about to gather around just now, but now they all stood still in confusion.

  Ke Xinfan did not come alone. At the moment he took out a gun and pointed it at Zhu Zexin’s head, six or seven people came in from outside the door.

  Wen Jianing got up from the sofa.

  Ke Xinfan glanced at him, and said impatiently, “It’s nothing to do with you, get out.”

  Wen Jianing hesitated for a moment, but he did not say much and walked out of the room.

  At this moment, a young man who broke in from behind walked up to Ke Xinfan and handed him an envelope.

  Ke Xinfan glared at Zhu Zexin for a moment, retracted the gun, and tore the envelope open, all the photos inside fell on the ground.

  Zhu Zexin’s face suddenly became cold.

  Ke Xinfan stepped on a photo and said, “Is this your mother?”

  Zhu Zexin said nothing.

  Ke Xinfan stepped on another photo and said, “Your sister? I heard that she’s still in college? It’s a pity that she doesn’t look very good and doesn’t suit my taste.”

  Zhu Zexin couldn’t stand it anymore, and shouted, “What did you do to them?”

  Ke Xinfan said, “Nothing. Just finding someone to watch them, while I’m just waiting and seeing what you can do to my brother?”

  At this time, one of the people who were with Zhu Zexin couldn’t help but step forward.

  Ke Xinfan raised his finger to him, “It’s none of your business! Do you want to drag his sister into it? If you want, just give it a try.”

  That person immediately didn’t dare to act rashly.

  Ke Xinfan suddenly lifted his foot and kicked Zhu Zexin, causing him to fall to the ground on his back, then stomped on his chest, sneered and said, “What’s the matter? Using threats to blackmail someone, huh? This is not all that I have. Let me tell you, if you want to be cruel, you should also weigh whether you have the guts, what should be provoked and what should not be provoked. Why do you think Lu Jinlang still doesn’t do anything to you? It’s because he doesn’t care about you at all, nor is he afraid of your little tricks.”

  Zhu Zexin’s face flushed red, and he looked at Ke Xinfan bitterly.

  Ke Xinfan said again, “You should thank me for saving your life, otherwise if you really touch my brother. You will be afraid that you don’t even know how to die.”

  Zhu Zexin’s chest was violently up and down, and he gritted his teeth for a while and said, “I didn’t touch him.”

  Ke Xinfan said, “I know you didn’t touch him, otherwise how can you still hear me talking nonsense to you here? I advise you, since you can’t get out, don’t make these crooked ideas. You can’t afford to play hard.”

  Zhu Zexin looked at Ke Xinfan and said, “Don’t touch my mother and my sister, I will give you the photo.”

  Ke Xinfan snorted coldly, “Keep the photo for yourself to play. If you dare to leak it out, you will suffer the consequences yourself, think about it.”

  Outside the villa, Wen Jianing stood quietly with his back leaning on his car.

  After a while, Ke Xinfan walked out of it.

  Wen Jianing asked him, “What about the photo?”

  Ke Xinfan said, “I told him to put it away by himself. Anyway, as long as it leaked out, I’ll trouble him, whether he does it on purpose or not.”

  Wen Jianing was silent for a while.

  Ke Xinfan said, “Don’t worry, he won’t dare.”

  He got in contact again with Ke Xinfan again exactly after Wen Jianing was involved in the car accident. In fact, they had always had contact information with each other, but they had not contacted each other.

  After Wen Jianing was in a car accident, Ke Xinfan took the initiative to call him, and the first sentence was to ask, “Is he dead yet?”

  But after hearing that Wen Jianing was fine, Ke Xinfan’s tone was obviously relieved.

  Today Wen Jianing came to see Zhu Zexin. Of course, he would not be so stupid to come alone, but he did not tell Lu Jinlang and asked if Ke Xinfan could help him.

  After Ke Xinfan returned, he really defeated Boss Yuan by his own ability. In his opinion, Zhu Zexin was not ruthless enough. Not ruthless enough to others, not ruthless enough to himself, and really couldn’t do a big deal.

  So he told Wen Jianing that he would come to help him clean up Zhu Zexin.

  ”Lu Jinlang is too polite. You should deal with this kind of person until they are too scared that they don’t dare to chirp anymore.”

  From the first time he met Ke Xinfan to the present, Wen Jianing’s feelings and attitude towards him have changed a lot.

  He had no brothers or sisters since he was a child, and suddenly there was an elder brother who was very mean to him, but he was actually very kind to him and cared about him, which was actually a thing worth cherishing for him.

  Although he had hesitated if it was better to tell Ke Xinfan about his true identity, Wen Jianing quickly rejected this idea. Since Ke Xinfan did not know that the real Ke Xinhang was no longer there, let him consider himself Ke Xinhang.

  ”Big brother,” Wen Jianing suddenly reached out and hugged Ke Xinfan.

  Ke Xinfan shook off his goosebumps and stretched out his hand to push Wen Jianing, “Why are you so disgusting?”

  Wen Jianing still hugged him and sighed, “Alright, so be it.”

  Chen Zejun lost his police officer’s ID. Although he had a fake ID, his presence in the building of the rehabilitation institution was very easy to arouse suspicion, after all, the people in the rehabilitation institution knew his identity.

  He checked the man who appeared on the surveillance. He was a good for nothing who was engaged in dishonest works. Although he seemed suspicious, he appeared in the rehabilitation facility that afternoon to borrow the bathroom, and he left soon afterwards.

  In order to find out what that person was doing that afternoon, Chen Zejun almost got into a fight with him.

  Chen Zejun came home very tired, sat on the sofa, raised his hand and held his face without saying a word.

  Ye Xing hid behind the door to watch him.

  After a while, Chen Zejun looked up and saw Ye Xing, and beckoned him to come over.

  Ye Xing hesitated, and still refused to go.

  Chen Zejun didn’t have the energy to entangle him. He lay down on the sofa and closed his eyes.

  After some time, Chen Zejun suddenly felt Ye Xing pulling his arm. He opened his eyes and looked at Ye Xing with some confusion.

  Ye Xing said, “It’s bedtime.”

  Chen Zejun didn’t want to move, and said to him, “Go to sleep.”

  Ye Xing was still pulling him, as if trying to pull him into the room, and repeated, “Go to sleep.”

  Chen Zejun suddenly reacted. It turned out that Ye Xing was used to sleeping with him these days, and he suddenly saw him sleeping on the sofa today. So Ye Xing couldn’t bear it anymore and had to pull him to the bed.

  Chen Zejun had no choice but to get up from the sofa and go to the room to sleep with Ye Xing.

  Lu Jinlang was told that Wen Jianing went to see Zhu Zexin without telling him.

  Lu Jinlang did not blame him, only said, “If you think it’s appropriate to handle it that way, I have no objection.”

  However, after that, Lu Jinlang invited Ke Xinfan to Lu’s house to have a meal together.

  Although it was more appropriate to invite Wen Cuilan to this meal, after all the fact about Wen Jianing’s true identity was not convenient and not easy to talk about. Lu Jinlang never intended to let the family know, so the one who was invited to this meal was replaced by Ke Xinfan. With the addition of Ke Xinhang’s brother, the families on both sides were now gathered together.

  Ke Xinfan looked rowdy, and Lu Jinfeng saw him rather uncomfortably.

  However, when he was in the Lu family, he really minded his manner, especially his attitude towards old lady Lu was very good, so Lu Jinfeng didn’t express any opinions.

  Later, after Ke Xinfan left, Lu Jinfeng only coldly slapped three words out, “Contact him less.”

  The old lady thought Lu Jinfeng was too rude and was afraid that Wen Jianing would be upset when she heard it. She quickly explained to Wen Jianing that Lu Jinfeng didn’t mean that, so let him not care.

  Wen Jianing said with a smile, “I understand, it doesn’t matter, my elder brother has a bad personality. I don’t mind it.”

  He not only has a bad personality but also had a cheap mouth.

  Fortunately, Wen Jianing was used to it. No matter what he said, he would not take it to heart, even if Ke Xinfan deliberately used his physical disability to provoke him.

  ”Like a child,” Wen Jianing commented on Ke Xinfan.

  Lu Jinlang heard it, and said with a smile, “If you really think about it, it’s more appropriate for him to call you big brother.”

  Wen Jianing propped his face with one hand and smiled too.

  Ye Xing stayed at home for several days and never went out.

  Chen Zejun brought him out suddenly. He didn’t even have a change of clothes, because he had some free time today, so he suddenly wanted to take Ye Xing out to eat something delicious and buy him two new sets of clothes.

  Chen Zejun used to take his daughter out to play when he was free.

  But his time was very irregular, because he did not take weekends off, and worked shifts. In addition, he usually worked a lot of overtime, so the time to take his daughter out was very precious.

  He first took Ye Xing to eat, and after they finished eating, he took him to the mall to buy clothes.

  When passing a toy store, Ye Xing stood in front of the window and looked at the model train inside and refused to leave.

  Strangely, Ye Xing, like Chen Zejun’s daughter, loved small trains very much. When he looked at Ye Xing’s profile, Chen Zejun felt a little speechless, as if something was predestined to doom.

  Strictly speaking, this kind of feeling was probably called empathy. However, it was clear that one was an 18-year-old young man and the other was a 10-year-old girl. Apart from both suffering from the same autism, there was no other similarity, but Chen Zejun continued to look for his daughter in Ye Xing.

  Ye Xing looked at the little train for a long time, and suddenly stopped when he raised his head.

  Chen Zejun had been paying attention to his expression. At this time, he looked at his gaze and found that he was actually looking at the reflection in the shop window, which was the shadow of a man on the glass across the street.

  Chen Zejun suddenly turned his head and saw a middle-aged man.

  Chen Zejun still had an impression of this middle-aged man. That was a teacher who used to be in a rehabilitation institution. Chen Zejun once left work early to pick up his daughter and saw him beating and scolding the child in the classroom. Ye Xing was also kicked to the ground by him at the time and did not get up for a long time.

  According to Chen Zejun’s understanding, his daughter had also been beaten before and was spanked by the man who took off her pants. At that time, Chen Zejun almost beat the man out of anger, and then he was expelled from the rehabilitation facility.

  Chen Zejun froze for a moment and surprisingly left Ye Xing behind and ran towards the opposite side of the street.

The author has something to say:

It’s not that there’s nothing to say, it’s just that I don’t feel like dragging it out, because it’s reaching the end

So no matter how many words are in the next chapter, it will be fully finished.


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