Chapter 15

       “No need,” He Yunsheng refused firmly.

       Xi Feng paused for a while and then continued to pour some soup into a small bowl and put it in front of He Yunsheng, “I asked my mother, she said that the broken bones can heal faster with drinking some bone soup to replenish calcium.”

       He Yunsheng looked down at the soup bowl Xi Feng had brought in front of him. He could feel the steam hitting his face, but he still refused, “I don’t want it.”

       None of them refused to give in, and it was a little awkward.

       Xi Feng pulled a chair and sat down next to him. He put the bowl in front of He Yunsheng and said, “Don’t make things difficult. It’s just soup, and I boiled it for a long time yesterday.”

       He Yunsheng looked at Xi Feng, “I’m not going to drink your soup. Take it away.”

       Xi Feng’s expression dimmed, and after a while, he said, “Then just take it and pour it out if you are not going to drink it. It’s useless if you don’t drink it anyway.”

       He Yunsheng sat quietly for a while, stood up and poured the soup in the bowl back into the thermos, and then walked outside with the thermos.

       Xi Feng froze in his seat.

       He Yunsheng carried the thermos to the bathroom.

       At this time, all the colleagues had gone to eat lunch, and the corridor was empty without a single person.

       He Yunsheng actually was not a hard-hearted person. But in front of Xi Feng, he would rather pour out the soup. He could detect the change in Xi Feng’s attitude toward him, and whether the other party was serious or just temporarily interested, He Yunsheng did not intend to accept it.

       Since he didn’t accept it, he mustn’t allow the slightest ambiguity, and he won’t give the other party the slightest hope.

       He poured out the soup in the thermos bucket thoroughly. He took out the bones and threw them in the trash can. He Yunsheng brought the empty thermos bucket back and put it in front of Xi Feng, and said, “It’s emptied. You can go now.”

       Xi Feng’s raised hand shook visibly for a few moments. In the end, he held the handle of the thermos barrel. He took a deep breath and stood up, and said, “Go have lunch, and work again after you’ve eaten.”

       He Yunsheng sat back at his desk and replied, “I know.”

       Xi Feng stood up and walked outside carrying the thermos bucket. He Yunsheng looked at his tall back and somewhat always felt it looked a little lonely.

       Xi Feng put the empty thermos on the desk. He sat quietly and felt uncomfortable after a while. He then took the thermos to the bathroom to clean it. In the end, there was oil in the thermos, and after washing for a long time, he stained his hand with oil. He simply squeezed a lot of hand soap into it and continued to rub it vigorously.

       He raised his head occasionally, and Xi Feng saw his desperate reflection when he saw himself in the large mirror in front of the sink.

       He put the clean thermos next to his seat. He was not in the mood to go to lunch, so he lay down on the table and planned to take a nap. He felt that it was really bad for him to be like this. As a man, he should be a little more big-hearted. Otherwise, He Yunsheng might look down on him even more.

       To put it nicely, Xi Feng has a straightforward character, but to put it badly, he is someone with thick nerves. If he likes a person, he will chase the other party until they accept or show a blatant rejection.

       He Yunsheng is the only one who makes him so torn, and it’s all because of He Yunsheng’s gender.

       However, no matter how thick-headed Xi Feng is, he can also be very considerate. Once he likes you, he can give his heart wholeheartedly, regardless of everything.

       He Yunsheng showed blatant rejection to him but did not completely deter Xi Feng. That’s why he believed that He Yunsheng’s rejection was because he was hurt at the beginning.

       Looking back at how he acted, Xi Feng also felt that he really deserved it. If he had known that one day he would like He Yunsheng— but there would be no way to know it earlier.

       That’s the way it is with emotions. Didn’t someone sing it in the song? One person breaks free, and one person picks it up1莫文蔚Karen Mok【陰天Overcast】.

       He Yunsheng broke free. Now he can only pick it up behind him.

       He felt hungry early in the afternoon as a result of not having lunch at noon. In the evening after work, Xi Feng asked for three or two noodles plus two buns in the noodle shop below his house.

       There was a little bit too much chili in the noodles, and he eats a lot that he keeps wiping his nose with a tissue.

       After taking a shower at night, Xi Feng was sitting on the bed in pajamas and surfing the Internet with his mobile phone. He suddenly found out He Yunsheng’s number from the company’s WeChat group, and typed it over and said, “I’ll sing you a song.”

       He didn’t know whether the other party saw it or not. Anyway, He Yunsheng didn’t respond to him.

       Xi Feng cleared his throat and sang a section of Karen Mok’s “Overcast” to He Yunsheng.

  After Xi Feng sang, he felt a little more relaxed, kicked the quilt with his long legs, pulled up half of his head, and closed his eyes to sleep.

       At work the next day, Xi Feng sent a message to He Yunsheng before noon, “Would you like to have lunch together?”

       He Yunsheng did not reply to him.

       Actually, Xi Feng rarely used WeChat to contact He Yunsheng. He felt that it was extremely inconvenient to wait too long for an answer, so he preferred to call. But now, he is always worried that He Yunsheng will not answer his calls, so he feels that WeChat is safer. As long as He Yunsheng doesn’t block him, it’s okay.

       As for going to see He Yunsheng face to face, Xi Feng was a little scared. He Yunsheng’s behavior of pouring out the bone broth hit him too hard, and he was afraid that he would not be able to sustain another blow like that.

       Xi Feng didn’t know if He Yunsheng’s car had been repaired or not, but even if it is repaired, with He Yunsheng’s current state, he should not be able to drive back with the car.

       Xi Feng thought he might be able to mention it to him and help him drive the car back.

       When he got off work in the afternoon, he was waiting for He Yunsheng in the lobby on the first floor, only to see He Yunsheng hurried out of the elevator. Before he could come up and talk to He Yunsheng, the other party had already walked out.

       There was a car outside waiting for He Yunsheng outside.

       Xi Feng walked around to look and saw that it was a Cadillac. He had seen the driver. It was the man who had dinner with He Yunsheng last time.

       He Yunsheng pulled the car door and got in the passenger seat, and left with the man who was driving while talking and laughing.

       Xi Feng let out a deep breath and couldn’t bear to squat down at the company entrance and hugged his head. After holding his head for a while, he let go of his hand and stood up, turned his head, and saw Xu Qing coming out from the entrance gave him a cold look.

       He一always felt sorry for Xu Qing, so he took a half step back and walked around the side to leave.

       This situation lasted for more than a month. Except for the never-answered WeChat, Xi Feng did not say a word to He Yunsheng.

  Sometimes when looking in the mirror, he feels that he has lost weight. He has tried many times to no avail, but he has never attempted to one-sidedly and forcefully harass him. Whether the result will be hopeless or not, Xi Feng himself doesn’t know.

       He didn’t know if it was because God thinks he’s too pitiful. At the end of November, the company arranged an official business trip. It should have been the deputy director of Xi Feng’s department, but the deputy director took time off because his wife had just delivered a baby.

       As a result, finally, an opportunity fell to Xi Feng.

       It was the deputy manager of the company who led a group of seven people to visit an expo in another province.

       This was not something to be too excited about. However, it might be different for He Yunsheng and his colleagues.

       There are only two female colleagues in their group of seven, and the others are male colleagues. They have booked four rooms in the hotel.

       The deputy manager naturally stayed in a room by himself, and the remaining three rooms were standard rooms. The two ladies stayed in one room, and the arrangements for the others have not yet been agreed upon.

       When he got on the plane, Xi Feng saw that He Yunsheng’s seat was in front of him diagonally, and he didn’t even need to turn his head to see He Yunsheng’s every move.

       And He Yunsheng began to sleep shortly after takeoff, and he didn’t know if he was really fell asleep. He didn’t move for a long time.

       A male colleague sat next to Xi Feng and bumped his arm when Xi Feng was watching a movie and whispered, “Let’s stay together in one room.”

       Because in addition to He Yunsheng, there is also a middle-aged male colleague who is also a middle-ranking officer. The young man next to Xi Feng is young and doesn’t want to stay with his superiors in a room.

       When Xi Feng heard it, he just said, “It depends on your leader. I can’t say anything.”

       After getting off the plane, their pre-booked commercial car took them to the hotel and checked in first.

       The pot-bellied middle-aged man glanced at He Yunsheng and then at Xi Feng. Finally, he chose the young guy next to Xi Feng and said, “Let’s stay in one room.”

       After saying that, he even pretended to ask He Yunsheng, “Manager He, is that okay?”

       He Yunsheng didn’t even look at Xi Feng and replied, “It’s okay.”

       The young man has no choice but to nod his head and say, “Aah!”

       Xi Feng stood beside He Yunsheng and handed in his ID card.

      After a while, the front desk of the hotel handed the room card to He Yunsheng. He Yunsheng took out one and pushed it directly in front of Xi Feng from the counter in front of him.

       Xi Feng stretched out his hand and put the card in his pocket, turned around, took his travel bag in one hand and lifted He Yunsheng’s suitcase with the other, and walked towards the elevator.

       He Yunsheng immediately said, “I can do it myself.”

       Xi Feng didn’t speak and walked forward with his head lowered.

       After entering the room, the two of them unpacked their things separately.

       Xi Feng actually had nothing to unpack. He felt uncomfortable after sitting on the plane for a long time, so he sat on the bed and took off his shoes. It was just that after taking it off, he was suddenly worried about whether his feet would smell foul, and he glanced at He Yunsheng, who had put the towel, water cup, and pajamas one by one, and hesitated if he should actually put his shoes back on first.

       They are going to stay here for four nights. He Yunsheng is probably a bit of a clean freak, except for the daily necessities that are inconvenient to bring; He Yunsheng brought everything else.

       Xi Feng only had a small travel bag, thinking that the weather might be cold, and only brought some underwear and socks, not even an extra coat.

       He sat on the bed and looked at He Yunsheng calmly, saying that although He Yunsheng didn’t admit it, he was really a bit girly sometimes.

       It’s just that Xi Feng suddenly found that even the girly He Yunsheng doesn’t seem to feel annoying anymore, but instead, he finds it quite cute.

       He Yunsheng felt disturbed by Xi Feng’s stare. He persuades himself not to get angry and just do his own thing.

       After finishing cleaning up, he raised his head to look at Xi Feng and said, “What are you staring at me for?”

       Xi Feng didn’t dare to speak and provoke him, so he could only look for the remote control and said, “I forgot to turn on the TV.”

       He Yunsheng sat down by the bed, and instead of watching TV, he took out his mobile phone and looked at it for a while.

       On a whim, Xi Feng grabbed the phone he had left by the bed and sent a WeChat to He Yunsheng: “Would you like to go for a walk after dinner?”

  After the message was sent, he heard He Yunsheng’s mobile phone ringing a WeChat alert tone, and he also noticed that He Yunsheng’s movements were noticeably stopped. Of course, He Yunsheng didn’t reply to him, but Xi Feng was satisfied, knowing that He Yunsheng had been seeing his WeChat messages.

The author has something to say:

I would like to explain that Xi Feng was actually tempted long ago and was swayed twice. The first time was when he was guarding He Yunsheng in the hospital, and the second time was when He Yunsheng asked him if he wanted to take care of him for the rest of his life.

He had been thinking about it for so long, and his classmates’ words were just a push to him

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