Sometimes fate’s truly unpredictable. The last time he was with Shen Huiming, they got stranded in Moscow due to a sudden storm. This time, Shen Huiming was not with him, yet Suo Yang, who had not flown to Berlin for a long time, was actually trapped in the same place again because of a snowstorm.

       Having flown for so many years, Suo Yang had encountered various bad weather conditions and unexpected emergencies. He had become accustomed to this kind of life. Outside the window, the wind howled, carrying with it a sky full of snow. The visibility had dropped so low that it was nearly impossible to see the airport staff outside through the window.

       It was definitely impossible to take off in such weather.

       All passengers were placed in the hotel, and Suo Yang and the others also checked in.

       This time he had a room by himself. Although the environment was average, it was quiet.

       He briefly talked to Shen Huiming about the situation here and jokingly said that Moscow might like him too much and insisted on keeping him for a while every time he passed by.

       Shen Huiming made a video call to him. He looked at Suo Yang, who had just taken a shower and was sitting on the edge of the bed. He smiled and said, “I like you too much too, so can you stay by my side for a little longer?”

       Suo Yang smiled, “Who did you learn this from?”

       “Self-taught, you know, sometimes you can say anything when your emotions take over.”

       Suo Yang complained about his glib tongue, but he was embarrassed to say that he was very impressed by Shen Huiming’s ‘smooth talk’.

       It was the middle of the night in Moscow when he video called Shen Huiming, who was already up and ready to go to work, a five-hour time difference that made them feel like they were in two different worlds.

       The couple, who had not seen each other for more than ten hours, chatted for about ten minutes. One was getting ready to rest, and the other was getting ready to go out to work.

       “Do you miss me?” Shen Huiming said before turning off the video, “Last time you were in Moscow, I was still with you.”

       Suo Yang looked at him, wishing he could get into the screen and kiss this man.

       “I miss you.” Suo Yang was more or less influenced by Song Kai today. As the saying goes, “You never know until you try.” After exchanging a few words with Song Kai, he increasingly realized the value of Shen Huiming.

       Not to mention now, but back when they first met, Shen Huiming always maintained an extremely gentlemanly attitude when expressing interest and pursuing Suo Yang. Now, Suo Yang finally understood that a destined partner could only be found but not sought. In his world, the one who was predestined, whose spirit and flesh perfectly match his, can only be Shen Huiming.

       It was his luck that he met this man at the age of 27.

       Suo Yang said, “I miss you very much, but I have this.”

       He took out a candy from the pocket of his nightgown, “Familiar?”

       Shen Huiming laughed out loud, “Do you really carry it with you?”

       “Yes, I’ll take one if I miss you.”

       After Suo Yang said this, he suddenly understood Shen Huiming’s phrase, ‘when emotions take over’.

       When emotions took over, he could also say such cheesy words of love that make people lose their teeth.

       The two chatted softly for a few more words and finally hung up the video call reluctantly. Suo Yang held the candy in his hand, lay down on the bed, and slept peacefully.

       This blizzard delayed them longer than the last one, and they didn’t board the plane again until the next afternoon.

       Fortunately, the subsequent flight went very smoothly. Although it was more than ten hours late, it landed safely.

       After landing, Suo Yang went to the hotel with everyone to rest. He had enough time to relax and take a look around Berlin.

       However, because Shen Huiming was not around, his desire to stroll around was not that strong.

       Suo Yang spent most of the day in the hotel, and then he remembered that he wanted to buy a gift for Shen Huiming, so he changed his clothes and walked out of the hotel room.

       As soon as he went out, he happened to see Song Kai. The man came back from outside carrying a bag. When Song Kai saw him, he seemed startled and immediately stood with his back against the wall.

       Suo Yang felt that his behaviour was a bit exaggerated, but he didn’t want to say more. He really didn’t want to say a word or look at Song Kai.

       Suo Yang ignored him, pretended he didn’t see him, and left directly.

       In fact, Suo Yang reflected on his behaviour on the plane afterwards and found that he might have been a little over the top. After all, he was a colleague, and he should not have done anything lightly. But if it happened again, Suo Yang probably would do it again. He was too eager to draw a clear line with the other party because he knew very well that if he didn’t kill people like Song Kai with one sword, there would be more trouble later. He was not worried about anything else, but he was worried that it would affect Shen Huiming, or in other words, he was worried that one day there would be some misunderstanding between him and Shen Huiming because of Song Kai.

       As an adult, one must take responsibility for all their actions and eliminate all unnecessary trouble.

       He walked out of the hotel building, put on his headphones, and played the song ‘Berlin’ that Shen Huiming had recommended to him. Then he walked slowly and leisurely on the streets of Berlin alone, thinking about what gifts he should buy to take home for the boyfriend he missed.


       Suo Yang’s return flight went smoothly.

       He sent Shen Huiming his flight information before boarding the plane, and the other party said he would pick him up. The two made an appointment to go back to Suo Yang’s parents’ place for dinner in the evening.

       Suo Yang bought gifts for Shen Huiming in Berlin. This time, he also brought gifts from Shen Huiming’s parents. He carefully selected them and hoped that his parents would like them.

       On the way back, he passed through Moscow again. The weather was sunny, and the warm winter sun made people feel better. He would be able to see Shen Huiming in another seven or eight hours of flight. When he didn’t have any work to do, Suo Yang touched his pockets and thought to himself: Falling in love is really distracting.

       He looked at the sky and clouds outside the window. The sun was dazzling. He squinted his eyes and smiled, remembering that he and Shen Huiming had sat together and watched the stars. At 30,000 feet in the sky, there were secrets and romance that belonged to them both.

       The more than ten hours of flight finally came to an end, Suo Yang started to play the announcement, reminding all passengers to put away the tray tables and adjust their seats backs, and also told everyone that the plane would start descending in five minutes.

       After the announcement ended, Suo Yang went to the cabin to inspect the cabin as usual to ensure that there were no problems with the passengers, then returned to his seat and fastened his seat belt.

       In another half hour, they would be back on the ground again.

       He glanced at his watch and guessed that Shen Huiming should be waiting for him at the airport coffee shop at this moment.

       The plane began to descend, and everything was normal. However, just when it was about to land, an unexpected incident occurred that no one could have imagined.

       Suo Yang suddenly discovered that the plane that was supposed to land suddenly ascended again, and the passengers in the cabin began to become restless after discovering this situation.

       He quickly contacted the crew chief and received the news that the landing gear at the front of the plane failed, and it could not land normally.

       This was Suo Yang’s first time encountering the failure of the landing gear, but he knew exactly what it meant and finally understood why the plane started to circle.

       If the front landing gear malfunctions and neither the automatic nor manual deployment works, the pilot has no choice but to try to use up all the fuel and make an emergency landing by scraping the belly of the aircraft, with the possibility of fire.

       Suo Yang didn’t have time to think too much. After receiving the notification, he took a deep breath and immediately entered an emergency state.

       What he needed to do was trust the captain and then get his passengers to trust him.

       The announcement rang, and this time it was the captain’s voice, calm and restrained, speaking at a steady pace as usual, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain of this plane. The plane has a mechanical failure and has decided to make an emergency landing on land. …”

       Suo Yang stood there, calming the uneasy passengers and listening to the broadcast.

       In the past flights, emergencies were not uncommon. In various emergencies, Suo Yang was even injured more than once, but he was never afraid because he knew very well that once he was afraid, his passengers would have no one to protect them.

       At this time, the crew were the only ones every passenger on the plane could rely on and trust.

       Suo Yang turned to look out the window, and they were still circling.

       The image of Shen Huiming flashed through his mind. The man was sitting in a coffee shop, flipping through a book, waiting for him.

       Over the airport, Suo Yang and his plane had already circled twice. Shen Huiming, who was sitting in the coffee shop waiting, took a look at the time and felt it was about time, so he got up and walked to the international arrivals exit, ready to see if the plane landed on time.

       However, when he walked there, he found that the crowd was extremely restless, and everyone seemed to be discussing something with their brows furrowed.

       Shen Huiming walked over and was looking up for information about the flight when he suddenly heard someone starting to cry and talking about explosions.

       He initially didn’t think this had anything to do with Suo Yang’s flight until airport staff came over to comfort everyone waiting outside.

       Which flight was it?

       Shen Huiming confirmed it three times in a row.

       He had little understanding of various emergencies on airplanes. He often saw them on the news but mostly brushed them off.

       Before meeting Suo Yang, he never thought that he would be involved in this industry.

       Didn’t they say that airplanes were the safest means of transportation in the world?

       How could the safest means of transportation still have mechanical failures?

       Even if there is a possibility, why did it have to happen to them of all people?

       Shen Huiming’s back felt like an electric shock, and he suddenly broke out in a cold sweat, as if he had been doused with a bucket of ice water in the coldest month of winter.

       He turned around and ran towards the window facing the airport tarmac, clenching his fists subconsciously.

       He stood by the window and watched the planes take off and land normally. After a while, he saw the plane carrying Suo Yang that had been circling for an unknown amount of time.

       He wasn’t sure, but he seemed certain.

       His Suo Yang was right up there.

       Shen Huiming did not dare to think too much, let alone search for various possible situations that might occur when the plane crashed. He only told himself that everything was fine, Suo Yang would land safely soon, and then he would give him a solid hug.

       Maybe it was true that bad news travelled fast, and even before the plane landed, the news was already spreading on the Internet.

       Cheng Sen called, but the person who spoke was Zhou Mo.

       “Where are you?”

       Shen Huiming answered the phone and heard Zhou Mo’s voice trembling, but Shen Huiming asnwered very calmly, “I’m waiting for him at the airport.”

       Zhou Mo paused for a few seconds, “I’ve experienced an emergency landing once, and we…”

       “Don’t talk anymore.” Shen Huiming looked out the window and interrupted him, “I’ll wait for him to get off work.”

       Zhou Mo was trembling in Cheng Sen’s arms at this time. He had encountered it before, and it was his last flight.

       “I was trying to say,” Zhou Mo said as calmly as possible, “Suo Yang is much more professional than me, and he can handle it very well.”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “Yes, don’t worry. I’ll be here waiting for him to get off work.”

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