The knot that had been suppressed in his heart for many years finally untangled. Even if the development of the whole thing was completely different from what Suo Yang expected, at least he understood his parents’ intentions and knew that he was not completely abandoned.

       When he walked out of the bank with Shen Huiming, he felt lighter. The most difficult problem for him had been solved, and all that was left was to enjoy life and love.

       Suo Yang called home, pretending to tell them that he and Shen Huiming would go back tomorrow but actually hinting to them that he already knew everything.

       His parents were not good at expressing their emotions, and Suo Yang couldn’t explain them too clearly. Nevertheless, after the phone call, there was a sense that mutual burdens had been lifted from their hearts.

       After that, Suo Yang took Shen Huiming back to his school. However, the guard refused to let them in at all.

       The two walked around the outside of the campus and looked inside through the iron railings, at the snow-covered lawn and the students still wearing thin uniforms playing ball in the winter.

       In the past, Shen Huiming took Suo Yang to see the mark of his youth. Now, Suo Yang finally had the opportunity to show Shen Huiming the place where he grew up.

       Shen Huiming suddenly smiled, “Tell me, if we had known each other since childhood, would you have fallen in love with me earlier?”

       Suo Yang glanced at him and asked with a smile, “Do you want to hear the truth or lies to make you happy?”

       “Tsk, how could you ask such a question!” Shen Huiming looked at him helplessly, “How can I answer if you ask that?”

       “If it were someone else, I wouldn’t even consider it. But if that person is you, let alone early love, it would be great if our engagement were settled before we were born,” Suo Yang said and then playfully asked him, “Mr. Shen, are you satisfied with that response?”

       Shen Huiming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Okay, I understand, this sentence is a lie to make me happy.”

       Suo Yang smiled and then suddenly took his hand.

       The two grown men were walking hand in hand on the roadside. Occasionally, passers-by would pass by and peek at them with their peripheral vision.

       In winter, when their hands were exposed to the air, the backs of their hands would soon become cold, but the palms of their hands were warm when they were held together, and no one wanted to let go.

       They wandered outside until dark. Shen Huiming asked him to choose a restaurant that he often went to before and then go back to the hotel after dinner. Suo Yang said, “There is no restaurant that I often go to. I used to go home to eat. Besides, after so many years, I feel a bit unfamiliar with this place…”

       In fact, Suo Yang felt that it was a bit regretful. It had been almost ten years since he went to college.

       In the ten years since he left home, this city had not changed much, but if it really hadn’t changed, Suo Yang still felt that it had become unfamiliar.

       The other side was still the other side, but this hometown was no longer his hometown.

       This was probably a feeling that everyone living outside would have—a perpetual sense of wandering. Even if one bought a house and settled down in a certain city, one still couldn’t get rid of that feeling.

       But fortunately, his Shen Huiming could make him feel at ease.

       Shen Huiming could probably understand how Suo Yang was feeling at this moment. He took the other person’s hand, held it in both hands, held it like it was a treasure, and rubbed it while exhaling, “It’s cold.”

       Suo Yang looked at him with a smile, leaned forward slightly, and pressed his face against the cold back of Shen Huiming’s hand.

       “It’s so cold.” Suo Yang said.

       Shen Huiming muttered, “Yeah, let’s just find a restaurant with a heater.”

       He said, “Don’t freeze.”

       Suo Yang looked at him and smiled, taking his hand into a nearby old restaurant.

       Although it was a randomly selected restaurant, the taste was pretty good. The two of them had a good time eating, and the chill on their bodies was gone. Afterwards, they returned to the hotel and lay down early, but Suo Yang was not sleepy at all.

       He was held by Shen Huiming and looked at the ceiling with his eyes open.

       Shen Huiming was careful and knew that he was not asleep, so he raised his hand and turned on the lamp beside the bed.

       “Did I disturb you?” Suo Yang asked softly.

       Shen Huiming leaned over and kissed him, “Your breathing is very light. It’s strange that you can disturb me.”

       The two were lying on the bed, leaning against each other. Shen Huiming said, “Can’t sleep?”

       “Well,” Suo Yang said, “My mind is a little confused.”

       He was wondering if he should go home and visit before leaving tomorrow.

       “Before we leave tomorrow, let’s go back one more time.” Shen Huiming seemed to be able to read his mind. “Say goodbye, and bring some gifts for Uncle and Auntie. I went there empty-handed today; it feels a bit awkward.”

       Suo Yang closed his eyes and leaned his face against Shen Huiming’s chest.


       “Huh?” Shen Huiming kissed Suo Yang’s forehead gently.

       “Why did I meet you?”

       Shen Huiming lowered his eyes to look at him and heard him say, “All along, I have never felt that I have been particularly bad or good luck; everything is ordinary to the point of not being worth mentioning, but this time, my luck was particularly good.”

       Shen Huiming smiled, “Who wouldn’t? I was lucky enough to meet you.”

       Suo Yang looked up at him, suddenly raised his legs, turned over, and sat on Shen Huiming.

       “Want to compare luck with me?” Suo Yang put her hands on his shoulders, “Then you really can’t beat me.”

       After saying that, he leaned forward and kissed Shen Huiming on the lips, “I can’t sleep anyway, so let’s do something to help me sleep.”

       Suo Yang turned off the desk lamp in the hotel room, and the quilt was lifted up to wrap the two of them.

       They didn’t know when it started snowing again outside, but it was warm inside the room.


       Before Suo Yang and Shen Huiming left, they returned to Suo Yang’s house again. This time, Shen Huiming was holding gifts in both hands, which the two spent the whole morning carefully selecting.

       Suo Yang’s parents were both here, and they were a little surprised to see them back.

       However, their behaviour was not much different from yesterday. They were still cold and untalkative, but Suo Yang kept smiling.

       Shen Huiming saw that Suo Yang was in a good mood; he was also happy, and he treated Suo Yang’s parents more enthusiastically.

       In fact, the most fearful thing was guessing the other person’s thoughts. When Shen Huiming knew that Suo Yang’s parents had actually accepted them, he felt less pressure.

       Each family had its own style of getting along with each other. He had no position to judge what was good or bad, and there was no need to integrate fully. He only needed to do what he should do.

       The two didn’t stay at Suo Yang’s house for too long. It was almost time, and they were ready to go to the train station.

       When they stood up, Suo Yang’s father said, “It snowed last night, and the road is not good today.”

       Shen Huiming glanced at Suo Yang and then heard his father say, “I’ll give you a ride.”

       Suo Yang smiled, and Shen Huiming smiled with him, “Thank you, Uncle! I’ll trouble you then.”

       Suo Yang’s parents followed them out the door and accompanied them to the train station.

       Along the way, Suo Yang’s parents didn’t say anything. Shen Huiming sat in the back with Suo Yang. He kept talking about their lives and work. It seemed like he was chatting with Suo Yang, but in fact, he was talking about Suo Yang. The two people in front listened.

       Shen Huiming felt that the parents of these children must be the type who wanted to ask but couldn’t and wanted to care but didn’t know where to start, so it would be better to help them.

       He talked happily later, telling everything about how he and Suo Yang met and what his plans were. Suo Yang naturally understood what he meant and didn’t stop him, and even occasionally said a few words.

       When they arrived at the train station, Suo Yang’s parents did not follow them in. They parked the car on the side of the road and watched the children get out of the car.

       At this moment, Suo Yang suddenly felt like he was back in his college days. At that time, his father would send him here every time, and then he would go to get the ticket and enter the station alone.

       Suo Yang often left without looking back. He never thought about what would happen to his father after he left. But once, he was almost at the ticket office and walked a long way. When he turned around, he found his father still standing there looking at him.

       They never said they missed each other, let alone try to stay. If he wanted to leave, his parents would always send him off calmly and tell him to do everything he should do.

       It wasn’t until the moment Suo Yang turned around that he realised that his parents couldn’t let him go either.

       After so many years, he still remembered that scene clearly.

       He and Shen Huiming were standing by the car. Suo Yang’s mother said, “Go, take care of your things and don’t leave them behind.”

       Suo Yang was silent for a few seconds and then said, “Mom, can I give you a hug?”

       Shen Huiming looked at Suo Yang and found that his eyes were red.

       Suo Yang’s mother, who was still in the car, was stunned for a moment when she heard her son’s words. After that, she got out of the car and hugged her son.

       Suo Yang’s family rarely behaved like this towards each other. Suo Yang couldn’t even remember the last time he hugged his parents.

       “Dad…” Suo Yang finished hugging his mother and looked at his father.

       The father in the driver’s seat finally got out of the car and walked up to his son. The two hugged each other tight.

       When leaving, Suo Yang’s mother’s eyes were red. Suo Yang said, “We will come back to see you in a while.”

       Shen Huiming said, “Uncle and Auntie, don’t worry, we will live a good life.”

       Living a good life with your lover and doing a job you like was probably the life that parents most wanted their children to live.

       “Let’s go.” Suo Yang’s mother said, “It’s too late to wait any longer.”

       Suo Yang couldn’t hold it back and went over to hug her again and then left with Shen Huiming.

       On the train back, Suo Yang fell asleep leaning on Shen Huiming’s shoulder. This time, he slept soundly and even had a dream.

       In the dream, he and Shen Huiming held a wedding in his hometown. It was a simple ceremony, but everyone, including family, lovers, and friends, was present.

       Under the blue sky and on the green grass, he and Shen Huiming were wearing the same style of suit. They held flowers at the same time and walked to the front side by side. They faced each other, faced their friends and relatives, faced the sky and the future.

       In the dream, the two swore an oath tacitly. Suo Yang couldn’t hear what was said, but it didn’t matter if he couldn’t hear it. He could understand everything from everyone’s expressions.

       His lover truly loved him, their family members truly wished them well, and their friends truly celebrated them.

       What could be more beautiful than this?

       When Suo Yang opened his eyes, the train was still speeding. Outside the window was the snow-covered land, and his hand was being held by Shen Huiming.


       “Yeah.” Suo Yang said, “I dreamed about our wedding.”

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