Chapter 60 – Show mercy when seducing others

Chapter 60 – Show mercy when seducing others


Jian Luo calmed down completely. He looked at Guo Feicheng’s face so close at hand, he somehow felt that he was not handsome, and he couldn’t get any points at all. Compared with Lu Shifeng, he was really far behind.


“Since you know, you still dare to work together with me?” Jian Luo reached out and pushed him away: “Aren’t you afraid at all?”


Guo Feicheng was suddenly pushed away and looked at Jian Luo with some amusement.


Jian Luo looked at him without any fear: “You won’t get anything from me.”


“Who told you that I want to benefit from you?” Guo Feicheng leaned against the wall in a leisurely manner: “I’m just a little curious, you don’t have to be too nervous.”


Jian Luo frowned.


The director not far away shouted: “Okay, the scene is set up, come here!”


As the protagonist of the commercial, Jian Luo and Guo Feicheng went there together. This time, the filming place was on the edge of the kitchen sink with ingredients and potato chips purchased by Moonlight. The director personally came to guide them: “Why are you two just standing there? Luoluo, just leaning on your side, you have to look like you’re going to feed him, do you understand what I mean?”


Jian Luo nodded.


The scene lights and staff were already in place, and the director shouted: “Action!”


Standing in front of the kitchen table, Jian Luo handed the potato chips to Guo Feicheng, and lowered his voice, very gently: “It’s the first time I made this, so I don’t know how it tastes.”


Guo Feicheng lowered his head and bit it, his eyes were affectionate and focused: “I like everything you cook.”


The two continued to look at each other affectionately, and Jian Luo endured the numbness and forced himself to continue to endure saying a series of disgusting words.


The director said: “Cut! It doesn’t feel right.”


The director sitting in front of the machine sighed: “You two are too stiff, you don’t have a little sense of being a couple, you have to be affectionate!”


People in Interstellar were relatively open, even if humans like Jian Luo were considered to be too lowly to be feeding things to a dark star, especially this extremely plain meal, and it seemed too forced.


Jian Luo said, “Director, do we have to act like this?”


The director pinched his waist: “This is the best way.”




Jian Luo ate the potato chips by himself: “Okay.”


Next, in order to allow Jian Luo to adapt as soon as possible, the director asked Guo Feicheng to take Jian Luo to the restaurant to have something to eat. The two chatted and deepened their impression of each other.


Jian Luo said, “Are you really going to eat with me? In fact, I should be able to adjust my state and cooperate with you next time.”


Guo Feicheng took him away: “We’re just coming out to relax. You are the anchor. Why don’t you take a photo with me and post it on your social media? It will attract a lot of fans for you.”


Jian Luo walked beside him: “I’m a gourmet cook, and I just want to make gourmet food for the audience who likes to eat and drink. I don’t want any other audience. It is fine.”


Guo Feicheng raised his eyebrows noncommittally.


The two found a restaurant that specializes in barbecue. Recently, it also launched spicy barbecue, which introduces chili. Jian Luo decided to order the spicy one, and Guo Feicheng ordered the spicy one too.


The two sat down together, and the attendant brought the barbecue and the crushed spicy noodles, which looked very spicy. Jian Luo took a pill from his pocket and ate it to prevent him from smelling the fishy smell. The medicine to prevent vomiting, which Lu Shi gave him last time, was quite effective.


Guo Feicheng was curious: “What kind of medicine is this?”


“Just some candy.” Jian Luo casually said, “Do you want to eat some too?”


He just asked casually, who knew Guo Feicheng had a thicker face than he imagined: “Okay, I’ll try it.”




Jian Luo covered the small bottle: “No.”


Guo Feicheng thought it was quite interesting: “Do you usually do this with Lu Shifeng?”


“You want to know?” Jian Luo is not afraid of him now: “I won’t tell you.”


Originally, he was a little afraid of Guo Feicheng, but now that the comparison was probably closer to a fox and a tiger, he was not particularly afraid anymore. The meat on the grill was gradually cooked, exuding the aroma of sizzling meat while the white smoke was coming out. Jian Luo sprinkled chili powder on it, as he was tossing and roasting the meat.


Guo Feicheng saw his skillful movements: “Are you Lu Shifeng’s exclusive chef?”


Jian Luo took off the cooked meat and cut it to be eaten: “What’s wrong?”


“It’s nothing, it’s quite strange that a human like you is willing to have a relationship with the dragon family.” 


Guo Feicheng said slowly: “I thought you would all reject the dragon family.”


Jian Luo was silent for a moment.


In fact, his history studies are quite poor. Although he is struggling, he is still studying, but what he studies is only half-understood, especially since he has not studied modern history at all, so he does not understand very well.


Jian Luo cut a piece of meat and put it in his mouth: “Do humans have any deep grievances with the dragon race?”


“Deep hatred and grudge? It’s impossible to talk about.” Guo Feicheng took a piece of meat for Jian Luo very kindly and considerately: “Otherwise you didn’t know about the order and the order that the people from the earth be exiled to Peace Paradise. The proposal was put forward by Marshal Lu, I think, if it wasn’t for that, you would probably have been integrated into the Sky city long ago.”




There was silence at the dinner table.


Jian Luo’s eyelashes trembled slightly and a few thoughts ran through his heart. If he was a native Peace Paradise resident, he might be very angry when he learned about this, but unfortunately, he is a half-way resident with a strong sense of identity with the human beings and the dark star.


If he had to say it, he also felt that the Sky city was not necessarily the best destination for human beings. In an age where technology is so advanced, it is already very good to be living in Peace paradise.


“Oh, I don’t mean anything else by it, I’m just chatting with you.” Guo Feicheng saw the change in Jian Luo’s complexion, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth: “After all, I thought, since you have such a relationship with him, there are still things to know.”


The corner of Jian Luo’s mouth twitched: “Thank you.”


Guo Feicheng smiled: “No need to say thank you, I’m actually half dragon, but do you know why I’m not in the military?”


Jian Luo originally didn’t want to know, but since Guo Feicheng wanted to tell him so sincerely, he reluctantly listened: “Why?”


Guo Feicheng sat opposite Jian Luo, with a little smile on his handsome face: “The dragon family is not the slaves of the empire, why should we be soldiers to defend our country because we inherited the genes of our ancestors? To become a sacrificed pawn?”


“He is really ruthless.” Guo Feicheng cut a piece of meat with a knife and fork: “He could lead his whole family to do these deadly jobs, just to consolidate his status as the Dragon King.”


Jian Luo listened quietly.


Guo Feicheng looked at him after he finished speaking: “Why, are you scared?”


Jian Luo stuffed a piece of meat into his mouth. It was a bit spicy. He raised his hand and took a glass of water to drink it, “Why did you tell me this?”


Guo Feicheng said with a smile: “I said it, it’s just a simple chat.”


Jian Luo fell silent.


“You humans have to be careful, if you don’t have any value, it will be very troublesome.” Guo Feicheng looked out with his chin propped up: “There are countless humans who were exiled by Lu Shifeng back then.”




Knives and forks slashed across the plate with a sharp sound.


Jian Luo raised his head and looked at Guo Feicheng in shock, but the person opposite said nothing: “I’m just really surprised that there are humans who are willing to be with him.”


Jian Luo fell silent.


Some things are creepier when you know them.


First, the authenticity of what he said to this person has yet to be investigated. Second, when he suddenly heard the news, his mind was in a mess and he didn’t know how to react. In fact, he had a foreshadowing in his heart. He is a good person, but he just numbs himself habitually.


Guo Feicheng smiled: “Anyway, I wish you a happy ending, let’s eat first.”


It was a terrible meal, but after returning, Jian Luo’s shooting condition was much better. Some of the movements were stiff before, but now they are more natural.


The director kept shouting at the side: “Yes, that’s it, move closer, right, right, look at him, and snuggle again!”


It was hot on the set, but not on the outside.


Secretary Jin got out of the car carrying the lunch box. Today, her task was to deliver meals to Jian Luo. Carrying the lunch box, she reported the situation to Lu Shifeng.


“Well, Luoluo took a leave of absence at the Planting base today. He went to the city centre.” Secretary Jin said while closing the car door, “It should be a temporary new job.”


Lu Shifeng said “en”: “Go and see him.”


“Okay.” Secretary Jin entered the building and said with a smile: “Luoluo seems to be doing well in his career. I heard that this place is a very high-end business center, and it is really excellent now.”


Lu Shifeng flipped through the documents in his hand, and said in a low voice, “Let him go as he likes, just don’t let him get too tired.”


This was the same as parents praising their children. Although the parents might say modest words, they will inevitably be a little proud.


Especially Secretary Jin, who has been with Lu Shifeng for many years, can feel the looming pride and satisfaction in the tone of her boss.




After so many years, he could finally find the right way to flatter him. Before, she couldn’t find what Lu Shifeng liked, so he couldn’t say anything at all. Now she has found the right way to do so. She can just praise his wife and children and be done with it!


Secretary Jin greeted the staff and walked inside, continuing to compliment Jian Luo as she walked: “Through ups and downs, he is very diligent, he is very sensible, and he is also an honest child, and he will never touch flowers and grass outside…”


She stopped halfway through the words.


The scene in front of her was extremely exciting. She saw that not far away that Jian Luo and a man were hugging each other, as they started to feed each other sweetly. The atmosphere was very good, and the posture was extremely ambiguous. It was getting more intimate, almost entering the realm of forgetfulness.


Secretary Jin widened her eyes and felt her jaw drop.

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