Chapter 91 – Dark Star

Chapter 91 – Dark Star


Jian Luo returned to the battleship.


The bag Aya gave him was not exactly small; he touched it, and it didn’t feel like a toy, more like clothing.


What’s going on? Why did she give him clothes? And it’s only been a few days; how did Aya know his clothing size?


Jian Luo didn’t dare to draw too much attention. Seeing that Lu Shifeng nearby didn’t seem to notice, he sneakily stashed the small parcel into the storage space of his communication bracelet. If Lu Shifeng were to ask him what this was later, would he have to explain it? Would he say that Aya felt their, well… intimate life was not harmonious, so she sent it?


If that was the case, then he would just bury himself on the spot.


“Beep, successful return to the cabin.”


Crossing that flight of stairs, he returned to the battleship.


Secretary Jin had been waiting, very respectfully saying, “Welcome back.”


Lu Shifeng took off the protective suit bracelet and handed it to her, asking, “Have the several auxiliary battleships returned to their positions?”


“They have all returned,” Secretary Jin replied professionally. “All the battleships we sent out have received important messages and have returned.”


Lu Shifeng nodded and said, “Good.”


Jian Luo listened to their conversation, feeling like he couldn’t really join in, but he could guess the general content of their talk. During his time on Earth with Lu Shifeng, the other soldiers were probably not just sitting around, and they likely had their own tasks.


After Lu Shifeng reported his work, Secretary Jin shifted her attention to Jian Luo.


She said to Lu Shifeng, “According to the monitoring information brief sent by the military doctors and the Dark Star General Hospital, it’s time for a comprehensive pregnancy check for Luoluo.”


Jian Luo blurted out, “No way!”


He had just had to get many vaccines just not long ago.


Secretary Jin smiled apologetically, “I’m sorry, Luoluo, it’s for your and the dragon cubs’ health.”




Well, thank you.


Lu Shifeng looked at him and said, “You just returned from Earth, check your health.”


Jian Luo nodded and said, “Okay.”


Although he didn’t show it too clearly, anyone with a keen eye could see that Jian Luo was feeling down.


Lu Shifeng withdrew his gaze. His long legs took large strides, and his military boots made a somewhat cold sound as they touched the smooth floor. He opened his thin lips and said, “Get the checkup done, and after that…”


Jian Luo pouted, “Even with a reward, I don’t want to get any vaccines.”


Lu Shifeng said, “After the checkup, when we pass by Earth next time, I’ll bring you down to visit.”




Jian Luo’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Really?”


Lu Shifeng said, “Why would I lie to you?”


“Great!” Jian Luo suddenly became spirited. “It’s just some needles, it’s just a small challenge.”


Secretary Jin watched Jian Luo’s newfound determination and was quite moved. She said, “Luoluo, you’re a true warrior.”


Jian Luo smiled, “Just wait and see!”



On the day of the pregnancy checkup.


Secretary Jin didn’t go in; she could hear Jian Luo’s wailing from outside, and the degree of his pitiful cries was comparable to being on death row.


Secretary Jin frowned, “Is Luoluo okay…”


Lu Shifeng sat in a chair not far away, reading some documents. He seemed completely unaffected by the crying from inside, like the person wailing in there had nothing to do with him.

After a while, Secretary Jin had to speak up, “Um, Commander.”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyelid to look at her.


“Just…,” Secretary Jin gestured to the documents in his hand, “it’s time to turn the page on this one.”


Lu Shifeng remained motionless, his blood-red eyes quietly fixed on her, his expression unchanged.


Secretary Jin felt a bit uneasy under his gaze and quickly said, “Well, I just remembered there are some other things I need to attend to. I’ll take my leave for now!”


As the conversation fell silent, Secretary Jin quickly made her escape. On the other side, Jian Luo, who had finally completed the extensive pregnancy check after going through various procedures, was trying to recover from the ordeal. He ended up dozing off right on the examination bed.


After a short while, the doctor emerged with the test results in hand.


Lu Shifeng finally tossed the report, which he had been staring at for quite some time without turning a page, to the side, asking, “What is it?”


The doctor handed him the test report and said, “Based on our test results, it seems that the dragon cubs may have had some nutritional deficiencies due to the recent pregnancy period.”


Lu Shifeng flipped through a few pages and inquired, “So?”


“We’ve formulated a plan,” the doctor said respectfully, “It appears that Luo Luo primarily consumes human food, which doesn’t provide enough nutrition for the dragon cubs. Therefore, we suggest reducing his consumption of regular meals, replacing as much as possible with the dragon species’ Dragon Fruit and some more nutritional fluids.”


Lu Shifeng repeated, “Reducing?”


The doctor felt a slight pressure but, due to her professional duty, continued, “Yes, initially, we’re just reducing the intake, but ultimately, it’s necessary. We need to see if he can gradually get used to it. By reducing human main course intake until he feels the need to eat the Sacred Dragon Fruit, we hope to improve his nutritional balance. All of these suggestions are for the well-being of the dragon cubs. Please think it over, General.”


“I don’t like to repeat myself,” Lu Shifeng sat in his chair, his presence steady as a mountain, and raised an eyelid to look at the doctor, his tone cold. “You’re here to treat him, not to make things difficult. If there are problems, you should find solutions. Why else would we need you?”


The doctor hesitated, “But…”


Lu Shifeng gave a cold laugh, “Is this the only solution you can come up with?”


The doctor was choked up, and the overwhelming pressure from Lu Shifeng made her scalp tingle. “I apologize, but your excellence, this is one of the options we have considered at the moment. We won’t let Mr. Jian Luo go hungry, but it may be a bit challenging for him to adjust to a different diet. It’s a temporary experiment. If it doesn’t work out, we will make adjustments.”


After all, Jian Luo’s situation was quite unique. The doctors had no prior experience treating pregnant humans and had to rely on trial and error in this area.


There was silence in the air as she waited for Lu Shifeng’s instructions, and the tension made her break out in a cold sweat.


After a while, Lu Shifeng picked up the examination report and handed it back to the doctor. “I am responsible for his pregnancy symptoms. I will keep a close eye on him for the next few days. If there is no improvement, we’ll come up with another plan.”


The doctor breathed a sigh of relief, “Thank you!”


After discussing this, Lu Shifeng stood up and asked, “Is he inside?”


The doctor had mixed feelings but nodded honestly, “Yes, he is.”


“Well, make sure the people in charge don’t disturb him,” Lu Shifeng glanced through the door. 


“Does the Earth’s magnetic field affect him?”


Finally, he brought up another pressing matter.


The doctor quickly replied, “According to our instruments, Mr. Jian’s body indeed has a different resistance to Earth’s magnetic field compared to other humans. With the changes in Earth’s magnetic field, which is considered a kind of regression, however, he is about 90% well-adjusted to it. So, although the changes in Earth’s magnetic field do affect us and even the people of Earth’s home planet, the situation may be different for Mr. Jian Luo.”


Lu Shifeng furrowed his brow, “Is this related to his ability to get pregnant?”

“At the moment, it seems possible,” the doctor didn’t dare to make any definitive conclusions yet. “However, we need to conduct further research.”


Lu Shifeng nodded without asking further questions.



Every time Jian Luo finished a checkup, he would fall into a deep sleep, especially since he reached the later months of pregnancy; he tended to get lazier and more lethargic.


When he woke up, it was already quite late.


Jian Luo freshened up and headed to the cafeteria, where he had not been for several days. As he approached, he could smell the enticing aroma of spicy crayfish, which was quite tempting.

The head chef noticed him and greeted enthusiastically, “Luo Luo!”


Jian Luo approached and asked, “Crayfish today?”


Without him saying anything, he wondered how they could keep eating crayfish without getting tired of it. How much could they store in the freezer? And it was heavy, didn’t anyone get tired of it?


The head chef answered honestly, “Everyone really likes it, and the Marshal has ordered us to provide it. There’s no need to hold back!”


Jian Luo chuckled, “Alright, then.”


Perhaps because he had been sleeping a lot, he was in good spirits. He watched them in the kitchen, and he wanted to get involved himself.


Jian Luo added, “I brought back some things from Earth a couple of days ago. I’ll make something for you to taste today.”


The head chef was curious, “What is it?”


Jian Luo decided to take the opportunity to livestream, letting others see this meal, even the people in the underground base, where there was a temporary storage facility for various everyday dishes.


He was quite excited since he hadn’t had it in a long time.


Jian Luo chose a small kitchen that was temporarily unused. He took out a small spherical device he hadn’t used in a while and waved at the camera, saying, “Hello, everyone!”


He had expected that his impromptu livestream wouldn’t attract many viewers. However, as soon as he started the stream, the network became laggy, and the barrage of comments started pouring in:


[ “Where have you been, streamer?”]


[“Please show us the cubs!”]


[“You look so thin; are you not eating properly?”]


[“Missed you so much, so let me see the cubs.”]



Jian Luo looked at the flood of messages and couldn’t help but smile wryly, “The cubs are doing well; no need to worry. Today, I’m live-streaming to cook a few dishes. I have some rare ingredients, so don’t miss it.”


The audience was still hoping to catch a glimpse of the cubs, but they gradually became interested in Jian Luo’s cooking because the ingredients he had were indeed quite scarce.


Jian Luo got to work with the ingredients. As he began to speak to the camera, he suddenly realized there was someone behind him. He turned around and saw Lu Shifeng leaning against the door, having arrived without him noticing.


Jian Luo widened his eyes and mouthed, “I’m live-streaming.”


Lu Shifeng nodded gently, indicating that he understood.




Fine, as long as you’re happy here, I won’t kick you out.


Today’s menu included edamame, which was a bit challenging to peel. Thankfully, Jian Luo had patience to spare. While he peeled, he could also provide commentary to the camera, saying, “We don’t eat the skin of this thing; we eat the beans inside.”


The barrage of comments from the viewers was full of curiosity:


[“What is this?”]


[“It looks so tiny.”]


[“There’s no such ingredient in the store!”]


[“Streamer, are you joking with us?”]


Lu Shifeng, who had been watching for a while, furrowed his brows.


Jian Luo, who was engrossed in peeling edamame, suddenly felt a hand extend from his side. The hand had long, elegant fingers and was exceptionally clean in the light.


Jian Luo looked at him with surprise.


Lu Shifeng lightly pushed him and whispered, “Work on something else.”




Jian Luo hadn’t even reacted yet, but the viewers were already going crazy:


[“Oh, oh, am I hearing things?”]


[“I love this hand too much!”]


[“Who is that? Streamer, can you adjust the camera angle?”]


[“Could it be one of the kitchen assistants?”]


[“No, no, just now he spoke, the tone, the tingling sensation… I swear I’ve heard it somewhere.”]


Of course, the viewers were not fools, and their speculation immediately turned to the major noble families. Almost everyone assumed it was one of the dragon cubs. So, the general direction of their guesses was probably correct:


[“Is it the Marshal?”]


[“Is it possible that the Marshal is cooking?”]


[“Woo-hoo, I feel honored to have eaten a meal cooked by the Marshal himself.”]


[“Aren’t you afraid of having nightmares tonight? He might come to take your life.”]


Originally, Jian Luo’s live stream was quite exciting. But he never expected that not only would he attract viewers, but also that Lu Shifeng would make a surprise appearance in his kitchen. Typically, Lu Shifeng’s public image was one of nobility, cold beauty, and an air of dominance.


So, cooking wasn’t something you’d associate with the Commander of the Imperial Army. This made the situation even more thrilling. If people could actually eat a meal prepared by Commander Lu Shifeng, the excitement reached a whole new level. Within minutes, this information and the video made it onto the star network with a catchy headline: #Commander Cooks a Meal#


If the major noble families of the empire ever entered the entertainment industry, and if they had rankings, Lu Shifeng could easily be a top-tier star, an absolute top-tier star that everyone knew.


Therefore, when the search keyword became “Commander Lu,” the popularity surged, and a massive number of viewers flooded in through shared live stream links, dealing a fatal blow to Jinjiang’s already fragile servers.


[“Here out of curiosity.”]


[“Can we watch the God of Death cook, please?”]


[“Streamer, I’m your loyal fan without question.”]


[“Wow, I love the Commander!”]


[“Are you not afraid that he’ll come to get you at night?”]


All these people were eager to show their love. However, in the midst of this swelling enthusiasm, the live stream suddenly went black – a 404 error.


This was the third time Jinjiang Live was crashed by the same streamer since its establishment.


Jiang, who had been sleeping, woke up abruptly and received a call from the programmers. He widened his eyes in shock, “What? Is Luo Luo live-streaming again?”


On the other side, Jian Luo looked at the black screen of his live stream and couldn’t help but feel helpless. He didn’t blame Lu Shifeng for this; instead, he remarked, “You are indeed top-tier.”


Lu Shifeng’s side profile appeared cold and domineering in the light. He raised his head and asked, “What?”


Jian Luo smiled and replied, “Nothing.”


Since there were no viewers, he decided to prepare a meal for himself. He was cutting lotus roots while talking to Lu Shifeng. The lotus roots were from the pond near Aya’s place. Although they weren’t as crisp as in the peak of summer, they were still incredibly fresh.


As Jian Luo sliced the lotus roots, he couldn’t help but speak to Lu Shifeng, “When we were young, we used to catch fish in the pond and occasionally dig up lotus roots from the mud to eat.”


Lu Shifeng asked, “You dug them up?”


Jian Luo hesitated for a moment and realized that he deviated from the script. He was supposed to have lived in a paradise, after all. “Uh… I meant that I dreamed of being able to dig up lotus roots since I was young.”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow and looked at him. Those calm red eyes, when locked onto him, naturally evoked a sense of nervousness from the depths of his heart. Jian Luo began to sweat.


After a while, Lu Shifeng withdrew his gaze and said, “When the child is born, I’ll have someone dig a pond for you to catch whatever you want.”


Jian Luo didn’t dare to argue. He simply nodded. Once everything was prepared, the programmers managed to save the live stream, and the audience returned to their lively discussions.


Audiences couldn’t help but jest:


[“Is Jinjiang afraid it might not crash?”]


[“Hahaha, Ah Jiang’s servers are truly something.”]


[“Maybe it’s because of the silly network, but all the major streamers are on Ah Jin’s platform.”]


[“Wow, without this, I won’t eat today!”]


Once Jian Luo had successfully prepared the lotus roots, the audience quickly shifted their attention from the edamame to the lotus roots. Even though both dishes were quite ordinary, they stood out because they weren’t commonly found, especially in the case of lotus roots, which were difficult to cultivate and store. This rarity added to their appeal.


Seeing the positive response, Jian Luo felt relieved and decided to have dinner with Lu Shifeng. Before starting his meal, Jian Luo muttered a little prayer, “I hope I won’t throw up.”


Lu Shifeng glanced at him, and Jian Luo couldn’t resist the tempting aroma. He quickly began to eat, serving a spoonful of edamame to Lu Shifeng and one for himself, mixing it with rice. “Delicious!”


However, the familiar sensation of nausea suddenly surged from his stomach. “Urgh…” He remembered this feeling all too well, and it had the same taste as before.


Jian Luo rushed to the bathroom, leaving behind the food he had just swallowed. Lu Shifeng stood by his side, supporting the swaying figure. “Take it slow.”


After rinsing his mouth and wiping his lips, Jian Luo pulled Lu Shifeng’s arm and didn’t feel shy at all. “Carry me to eat.”


Lu Shifeng looked down at him, and he couldn’t recall the first time when Jian Luo blushed and looked shy, like he was a seasoned pro now.


Jian Luo exclaimed, “I must eat the meal!”


Lu Shifeng led him back to the dining area and held him in his arms, saying, “The doctor recommended that you start taking nutritional supplements and focus on eating dragon fruit as your primary food.”


Jian Luo took a bite of his food and asked, “Why?”


Lu Shifeng replied, “You have three occupants in your stomach, and human food doesn’t provide enough nutrition for them. Prolonged malnutrition isn’t advisable.”


Jian Luo frowned, “Can’t I eat some meat?”


“Are you not repelled by the smell of it?” Lu Shifeng asked with a calm tone. “And it’s not enough.”


Jian Luo pouted, “Well, it’s better than drinking nutritional supplements.”


However, Lu Shifeng gave him a reality check, saying that meat couldn’t compare to the nutrients in the supplements.


Jian Luo argued, “Can I at least eat something?”


Lu Shifeng shook his head, and Jian Luo sighed, reluctantly accepting the situation, thinking he would endure this for the sake of the baby.


However, he still didn’t have the appetite to continue eating. He pushed his bowl aside and said, “I can’t eat.”


Lu Shifeng, seeing that the bowl had only a few bites taken out of it, knew that the stubborn human was throwing a fit again. He gently put down his own bowl and casually said, “If you don’t want to drink the nutritional supplement, then we’ll supplement your nutrition from other sources. It’s just a matter of different methods.”


This declaration brightened Jian Luo’s mood, and he eagerly asked, “What other methods?”

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