Chapter 20


Qu Di tossed and turned all night, thinking about how, in a moment of impulsiveness, he had ended up with Shu Yi. He felt like he had no self-control.


He licked his lips, even though he had already washed up, he still felt the taste of peach liqueur in his mouth, fresh and sweet, filling his entire being.


He sighed and finally got out of bed. He found his notebook where he recorded his inspirations. It was filled with notes and some quirky drawings.


He had already started preparing his first work after graduation. When he had nothing to do as a child, he liked to daydream and create a world of his own in his mind. That’s why he chose this major in college.


He had already outlined the story and had a rough idea of what he wanted to write. He took out his laptop and typed the first word…


When inspiration struck, time always flew by. Unbeknownst to him, seven hours had passed, and it was time to get up. Qu Di leaned back in his chair and stretched his stiff shoulders and wrists. He was tired but satisfied. If he could, he would continue writing, but for now, he was still Tang Xiyan’s assistant.


Since they were staying on the same floor, after Qu Di finished his morning routine, he planned to call Tang Xiyan to have breakfast. Just as he reached Tang Xiyan’s door, the door next to it opened. Shu Yi was dressed casually, looking sharp and well-groomed from head to toe. He seemed energetic, a stark contrast to Tang Xiyan, who often looked tired in the morning.


It was clear that artists who didn’t need assistants to worry about them were different…


“Good morning,” Shu Yi walked over, greeting Qu Di as if they were old friends. “Are you here to wake Xiyan up?”


Qu Di nodded. “Yes, you’re up quite early. Why didn’t you sleep in a bit?”


Shu Yi had a knowing look. “I was too happy last night and couldn’t sleep, so I woke up early.”


Others might have asked what happened, but Qu Di knew all too well. His cheeks flushed as he said, “I… I need to wake Xiyan up. I won’t say more.”


“Alright, see you later,” Shu Yi seemed to be in a good mood and even walked away with a spring in his step.


Qu Di only snapped out of it after Shu Yi disappeared from his sight. He scolded himself for being so useless, as he always seemed to be teased by Shu Yi every time they met.


He knocked on Tang Xiyan’s door. Tang Xiyan was probably still asleep. After waiting for a while, the door finally opened. Tang Xiyan, with a messy head, stared at him with a displeased expression. “What do you want?”


Qu Di had grown used to Tang Xiyan’s morning grumpiness. At first, he would try to cheer him up, but he had realized that Tang Xiyan was all bark and no bite. As long as he gave him some space to cool down, he would return to normal in no time.


Qu Di pushed him back into the room. “Get up quickly, we’re going to have breakfast in the hotel restaurant.”


At this time of day, Tang Xiyan was usually in a terrible mood when he just woke up. He immediately returned to his bedroom, fell onto the soft bed, motionless. His voice sounded muffled. “I’m so tired… I won’t have breakfast. I’ll sleep a bit more.”


“Today you have morning scenes. You can’t skip breakfast.”


Tang Xiyan fell silent, and Qu Di could tell he was not in the mood to argue. Qu Di tried to pull him up, but Tang Xiyan pushed him with a little force and brought Qu Di down with him. They were now very close, and Qu Di caught a whiff of the distinct scent of Alpha pheromones. He had never quite figured out what this smell was, but it was like the scent of the sea breeze when standing by the shore. Alpha had pulled him down and placed his hand on Qu Di’s waist. He squinted, turning to look at Qu Di, “You should get more sleep.”


Suddenly, he fell silent. The two of them were very close, and he could clearly see the tiny hairs on Qu Di’s smooth face. His eyes were captivating, with pupils slightly larger than usual, giving off an innocent vibe. At this moment, he seemed somewhat angry, with a hint of redness at the corners of his eyes, frowning at Qu Di. Tang Xiyan felt an itch in his heart…


How did he not notice before that Qu Di was quite good-looking, even more so than an Omega?


“Will you please get up for me!” Qu Di pulled Tang Xiyan’s hand and tried to get him up.


Tang Xiyan was annoyed by the disturbance. With a slight force, he pulled Qu Di closer, and Qu Di fell beside him, very close. He could clearly smell the Alpha’s pheromones, and he had never quite figured out what this smell was, but it was like the scent of the sea breeze when standing by the shore.


After pulling Qu Di down, Alpha’s grip on his waist lessened. Seizing the opportunity, Qu Di pushed him away and got up.


“I see you’re awake now. Get up quickly. Today, I’ll allow you to have half a cup of milk tea,” Qu Di said, and added, “Less sugar, no cream, and pearls.”


Normally, Tang Xiyan would have jumped up and complained, but today he was unusually quiet. Qu Di felt something was amiss. He approached and touched Tang Xiyan’s forehead. “You’re not running a fever.”


Tang Xiyan turned away, and his voice suddenly lowered, sounding muffled. “You can leave. I’ll get up right away.”


“I can wait for you here,” Qu Di said. He used to wait in Tang Xiyan’s room when he lived with him, and sometimes he even helped him tidy up the messy room.


“No,” Tang Xiyan’s voice grew louder, and it was clear that he wouldn’t take no for an answer.


Qu Di didn’t think much of it and eventually left the room, reminding him before closing the door, “I’ll be right outside. Hurry up.”


If he had stayed a little longer, he might have noticed the sudden increase in Alpha pheromones in the room, and that the carefree Alpha had unexpectedly become hard in the presence of a Beta.


His face turned bright red, like a child seeing their crush for the first time, feeling unsure and somewhat scared. He couldn’t believe that he was reacting to a Beta. Was there something wrong with him?


He lay there motionless, his mind finding countless excuses. Perhaps it had been too long since he had relieved his desires… and it was early in the morning, and everyone was full of energy. Qu Di had coincidentally appeared in front of him…


It had nothing to do with him. It was just a physiological response.


Two minutes passed, and he finally convinced himself. The feeling gradually subsided, and he got up to wash, but he realized he couldn’t let Qu Di come to his room early in the morning. A single man shouldn’t behave like this. An assistant should maintain a certain distance from their artist.


But he was carefree, and he soon forgot the incident and behaved as usual. When he went out, he placed his coat on Qu Di’s shoulders, and Qu Di naturally put it into his bag. At breakfast, Tang Xiyan was already full, so Qu Di ate slowly. Tang Xiyan leaned against him like a boneless man, ignoring all thoughts of “maintaining a distance.”


Qu Di shrugged and asked, “Aren’t you going to eat more?”


Tang Xiyan looked at the oatmeal and fruits he had finished and said with some disdain, “I can’t eat that anymore. I’d throw up if I did.”


Qu Di didn’t try to persuade him. He concentrated on his own food. At this point, Shu Yi came over with a small piece of cake and placed it in front of Qu Di. He glanced at Tang Xiyan and said, “I got too much of this. You can have it.”


Tang Xiyan heard Shu Yi’s voice and sat up, stretching lazily. “Isn’t this the limited edition brownie? I’ll take it!”


The hotel’s buffet breakfast, especially the morning pastries, were very popular. Brownies, in particular, were often unavailable if you didn’t come early. At least Tang Xiyan, who loved to sleep in, had never seen them.


Shu Yi lightly pushed his hand away before he could touch it and said with a smile, “Let’s not eat this. It’s high in calories. Let Qu Di have it.”


Tang Xiyan found it strange that Shu Yi was being somewhat passive-aggressive, but he appeared to have a good attitude. Since the artist didn’t want to eat it, he thought Shu Yi was just trying to be friendly with Qu Di.


Today, Tang Xiyan’s scenes were concentrated in the morning and mostly involved acting with Shu Yi. As for Qu Di, he had no scenes but was present. Tang Xiyan brought two bottles of drinks, giving one to Qu Di.


Qu Di was pleasantly surprised; they usually had very little interaction.


“Thank you,” he said.


Wen Gu, the naturally gentle and tender Omega, was very pleased. He hadn’t made a mistake. Qu Di was indeed a very nice person. It seemed like asking for his help wouldn’t be a mistake.


The two fell into a brief silence. Qu Di thought Wen Gu had nothing more to say, but suddenly, Wen Gu asked, “What kind of Omega does Xi Yan like?”

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