Chapter 100

       Wen Jianing’s Ye Xing was pure, but he was not expressionless, and he was naive to the point that it was almost evil. Just like this kind of illness, deeply torturing those who love him.

  Chen Zejun lost Ye Xing. He didn’t catch up to the middle-aged man, and when he came back, Ye Xing was gone. He searched for Ye Xing everywhere, and even went to the rehabilitation facility secretly, but he still couldn’t find Ye Xing.

  However, that night, when he returned home with his exhausted body, and saw Ye Xing squatting at the door of his house waiting for him, Chen Zejun finally couldn’t help his emotions outburst and suddenly hugged Ye Xing tightly.

  In fact, he wanted to be more angry, such as blaming Ye Xing for where he went, but he didn’t have that position, because Ye Xing could only live alone in his own world, and he couldn’t blame him. He could only blame himself for leaving Ye Xing on a strange street.

  Regarding this plot, Wen Jianing tried to discuss the rationality of this scene with Xie Ruoming.

  Because Ye Xing was unconscious when he was taken home by Chen Zejun for the first time, and this was the only time he was taken out by Chen Zejun. The memories of the direction and address were only left when Chen Zejun took him out. How could he find his way back so smoothly?

  Xie Ruoming did not answer directly, but only said, “For Ye Xing, he felt that he must go back to Chen Zejun now. If you are Ye Xing, what kind of explanation is more reasonable?”

  Wen Jianing was silent for a long time, “Of course he will not explain to Chen Zejun, but if he has to make this behavior reasonable, he can probably think that Ye Xing is a genius in some aspects, such as memory and sense of direction, which is also reasonable in the group of autistic patients.”

  Xie Ruoming patted him on the shoulder, “That’s it. Anyway, we don’t say it, Chen Zejun doesn’t say it, the audience will understand by themselves.”

  Wen Jianing smiled helplessly.

  At night, Lu Jinlang stood in the bathroom after taking a shower, sorting out his clothes. Wen Jianing suddenly hugged him from behind.

  Lu Jinlang patted his hand, “What’s the matter?”

  Wen Jianing didn’t say a word, only rubbed Lu Jinlang on his back.

  Lu Jinlang turned his head and saw his alienated and innocent look, so he asked, “Do you want to do role play? Do you want me to play along with you?”

  Wen Jianing said, “I’m just looking for feelings. Sometimes when I see you on the set, I feel a little confused about your identity.”

  Lu Jinlang smiled, “Are you under too much pressure?”

  ”You don’t understand,” Wen Jianing said, “This is called a pursuit.”

  It was already halfway through filming.

  This movie had received attention from all aspects since its early shooting, especially the young fans who liked Ke Xinhang and Lu Jinlang.

  Especially because this was Lu Jinlang’s first film after he won the international award. Although he had received a lot of recognition as a director before, for fans who liked him, naturally wanted to see his performance in the movie.

  And in recent years, Lu Jinlang’s focus had shifted, and the number of movies he participated in had started to decrease.

  Therefore, as soon as the film was shot, although the shooting process was kept confidential, a lot of efforts were made to dig up various resources on the Internet. Even a photo of the set was enough to cause some excitement.

  During this period, Cao Songquan filmed a Lunar New Year comedy, inviting Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang to do guest appearances.

  Lu Jinlang was originally going to refuse, but Cao Songquan tried to persuade Wen Jianing for a long time and asked him to help persuade Lu Jinlang, and finally persuaded Lu Jinlang to agree to appear as a guest.

  Since Cao Songquan’s film was a new year comedy, it was actually relaxed and lively with a plot that did not attract much scrutiny. It was completely starred by many big-name stars.

  Cao Songquan wanted Lu Jinlang and Wen Jianing to act as a same-sex couple, but Lu Jinlang refused without hesitation.

  ”Relax,” Cao Songquan persuaded Lu Jinlang. “The more nervous you are, the more suspicious people will feel. It is better to be more generous and block all those people’s words back.”

  Lu Jinlang snorted and said, “Bullshit, do you think it can block those people’s words back? Stop it. I won’t think about it.”

  When he saw that Cao Songquan couldn’t persuade him, he turned around to persuade Wen Jianing.

  Wen Jianing with a naive expression on his face, said to him, “Do you think I’m stupid?”

  Cao Songquan’s aim was not to take advantage of their scandal to hype up the movie, and he wouldn’t make such a big sacrifice to help him hype it.

  As a result, Cao Songquan arranged the two of them to appear in the same scene and asked them to act as the boyfriends of a couple who broke up. Of course, the couple who broke up are a man and a woman. As for why the current have become men, anyway, it was an illogical comedy, no one intended to ask the details of it.

  ”What do you think of Ye Xing’s feelings for Chen Zejun?” Wen Jianing asked Lu Jinlang later.

  Lu Jinlang did not ask him back like usual, but said, “I think Chen Zejun’s affection for Ye Xing is probably due to some parent-child affection.”

  Wen Jianing thoughtfully, “Chen Zejun has no daughter, and Ye Xing’s father died too early. If Chen Zejun has a father-son relationship with Ye Xing, it is normal for Ye Xing to have such affection for Chen Zejun. But is it just family affection? Do you say Ye Xing loves Chen Zejun?”

  Lu Jinlang asked him, “What kind of love? The love of love?”

  Wen Jianing didn’t answer, just looked at him.

  Lu Jinlang said, “Family affection is originally a kind of love, I think there are some feelings that have no absolute boundaries, there is no need to distinguish them so clearly.”

  The second suspect was crossed out by Chen Zejun again.

  He was increasingly unable to find a direction on this road, and the only thing he could hold in his hand seemed to be Ye Xing alone.

  Because he had Ye Xing at home, at least he didn’t come home to an empty and dark room every day, because Ye Xing always turned on the light and sat in the living room waiting for him.  If Ye Xing didn’t wait until he comes back, he wouldn’t sleep by himself.

  Chen Zejun was helping Ye Xing wash his hair that day.

  Because the shampoo got into his eyes, Ye Xing struggled uncomfortably and moved his body to avoid him, but Chen Zejun pressed him to prevent him from moving, and coaxed him, “It will be fine soon, just bear with it a little longer.”

  At this time, Chen Zejun received a call from the administrator of the building of the rehabilitation facility that he paid, because he saw a man harassing a little girl in the building. This man was different from the previous suspects because he was thin.

  Chen Zejun’s complexion changed and said to Ye Xing, “You wash yourself,” and hurriedly left.

  After that, he tracked him up. As a policeman, Chen Zejun naturally had his special investigation skills until he secretly broke into the man’s house and found a lot of evidence of his crime, and then staged the last scene in the movie script.

  Ye Xing stabbing Chen Zejun with a knife was the highlight of the whole movie, and it was also the climax of the movie.

  Later, this was the stage that the audience called the great performance of Lu Jinlang and Ke Xinhang.

  When Xie Ruoming was interviewed, he also confessed that he had never imagined that a young actor under twenty-five years old could portray a role to such a level. Perhaps this could only be called a talent for acting.

  But whether this was talent or not, only Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang knew.

  From his debut to the present, Wen Jianing had experienced no less hardships than anyone from the beginning to becoming a Film Emperor, and that was the result of his hard work.

  After his life ended and he started again as Ke Xinhang, he didn’t work less. Until now, he was still honing his acting skills.

  Even Lu Jinlang saw him standing in front of the mirror more than once, observing his expression and the reaction he expected.

  Lu Jinlang asked him if he was under too much pressure. Maybe he was, but for Wen Jianing, it was more of a dedication to his career.

  So when Ye Xing, played by Wen Jianing, raised the knife high and aimed it at Chen Zejun lying on the ground, the tip of the knife exposed in the lens was trembling slightly. It was not the trembling deliberately performed, but the emotional outburst Wen Jianing had at the moment, which was really uncontrollable.

  And when Lu Jinlang saw his tears fall, his eyes started to turn red.

  Lu Jinlang entered the play. He was brought into the play by Wen Jianing. He could feel the attraction of the other party to him almost magically. Therefore, after the two of them got together in a game mentality and a form of contract, they attracted each other and fell deeper and deeper under each other’s real or fake performance.

  At the end of the script, Ye Xing avoided Chen Zejun’s vitals and stabbed him with a single knife. However, at this time, Wen Jianing, who was fully integrated into the role, recurred in his mind the scene of two people getting along, as if rewinding, slowly tracing back, until he saw Chen Zejun standing up in the courtroom at first, testified that his father was the murderer.

  He opened his mouth as if he couldn’t breathe well, breathing heavily, making a sharp sound deep in his throat.

  The staff who were shooting on-site were a little shocked. The assistant director looked at Xie Ruoming and signalled to him if he wanted to stop.

  However, Xie Ruoming shook his head.

  Because Lu Jinlang didn’t stop, he looked at Wen Jianing, his throat hoarse as if he was seriously ill, but he said in a completely gentle tone, “It’s ten o’clock, it’s time to go to bed.”

  Wen Jianing let out a sharp howl like an injured animal, and when the knife finally stabbed down, it changed its direction. It did not stab Lu Jinlang’s body, and instead pressed his fist against his chest. He threw himself on Lu Jinlang, gasping for breath and letting out a painful cry of woe.

  Xie Ruoming reacted swiftly, so that everyone would not be dazed and continue the performance.

  Then the police broke in and pulled Ye Xing away from Chen Zejun.

  And at this time, Lu Jinlang raised a hand and grabbed Ye Xing’s back collar and refused to let it go. He held it tightly, not knowing whether this emotion was more of hate or love until the two of them were forcibly separated and pulled away.

  After the shooting, Xie Ruoming thought for a long time.

  Wen Jianing sat aside, quietly recovering his emotions. The unconcealed sadness still lingered in his heart, he could only close his eyes and let himself go.

  Lu Jinlang also quieted, then raised his hand to Wen Jianing’s shoulder.

  In fact, the best thing that Lu Jinlang could do at this time is to hug him and let him be separated from the character and return to reality, but the environment was not suitable, and Lu Jinlang could only do the bare minimum.

  He can only use the heat of his palm to warm Wen Jianing’s cold body a little bit.

  Xie Ruoming repeated the scene just now until Wen Jianing recovered his mood and came over to ask him if it was bad.

  Xie Ruoming groaned. In fact, what kind of reaction people will have on certain occasions was inherently uncertain. It couldn’t be said which was more reasonable to stab it or not to stab it.

  But in the end, Wen Jianing, as an actor in this role, had experienced the memories of being with Chen Zejun on behalf of Ye Xing. Perhaps in that situation, his stress response was more reasonable than that of an outsider who only relied on imagination.

  But obviously, Xie Ruoming liked the ending of the original script more, so he still asked Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang to follow the script and film the last scene again.

  The main scene was shot at the end. According to Xie Ruoming’s habit, after this scene was over, the whole movie was officially finished.

  After this drama, Wen Jianing took a long vacation with Lu Jinlang and went to Canada to visit Wen Cuilan.

  Within a short period of time, Lu Jinlang did not want Wen Jianning to continue to take up another play. He was a little afraid that Wen Jianing would not be able to withdraw from the play because even Lu Jinlang felt too immersed by the last performance until now.

  But obviously, Wen Jianing could adjust his emotions better than he thought.

  After living in Canada for nearly a month, Wen Jianing did not show any depression at all. Instead, he lived happily with his mother for a period of time.

  Wen Cuilan’s husband didn’t know that Ke Xinhang was Wen Jianing. He only thought he was the godson Wen Cuilan adopted. However, his attitude towards same-sex couples was quite tolerant and open, and the life of the family together was fairly harmonious.

  It was a year before the film was officially released.

  In the middle of the year, Wen Jianing took over some commercials, appeared on some promotional programs, and more than anything else, he had been preparing for his next film.

  This widely watched movie had become a hot topic on the internet before it was released. It broke the box office record for the premiere of the Mandarin film on the first day of its release. Naturally, all the seats were booked, and the venue was full.

  Wen Jianing had become one of the top domestic male stars because of the dramatic rise in the value of this drama, and his popularity was getting higher and higher.

  In terms of popularity, even Lu Jinlang couldn’t compare to him.

  In the Academy Awards that year, the film “The Culprit” won more than ten nominations, including two finalists for the best actor, Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang.

  Last year, the scandal between the two of them was raging, but then there was no more information. Until now, some fans still remembered it. In addition, the tacit understanding of the acting skills of the two people in the play had become the focus of attention.

  Even when many media were analyzing the most likely winners, they couldn’t help but revisit the old things and talked about the scandals of the two people.

  But after all, it was a scandal between two men. When everyone talked about it, they regarded it as just a joke, so they quickly forgot it.

  Finally it was the day of the awards ceremony. Wen Jianing wore a black dress and stood quietly in front of the mirror for a long time.

  Lu Jinlang appeared behind him and said to him, “Tinghuan has already come to pick you up, but you are not ready to leave yet.”

  Wen Jianing took a deep breath and said, “I’m very nervous.”

  Lu Jinlang smiled, “You are nervous because you are expecting something, how about it? Are you sure you’re going to win?”

  Wen Jianing heard the words and smiled, “I didn’t say anything.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “It doesn’t matter, that’s your strength, this award should be yours.”

  Wen Jianing said to him, “Don’t say that, why would I feel bad if I didn’t get it? Don’t forget that there are several other nominations, and it’s not just a war between the two of us.”

  Lu Jinlang said, “Well, I am looking forward to it.”

  This year, the organizing committee arranged for Wen Jianing to be next to Lu Jinlang.

  Before the award ceremony officially began, Wen Jianing stood up and looked back, trying to find the place where he had sat in the year he just became Ke Xinhang. He remembered that all his invitations were given to the company, not to him personally.

  Lu Jinlang had already sat down before him, talking in a low voice to the people around him.

  Wen Jianing took a deep breath and sat down slowly.

  The awards ceremony officially began. The host appeared on the stage and gave a lot of witty words. They even saw Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang sitting side by side and took it out to give some jokes.

  Both people behaved naturally and graciously, listening to the host joking about them, they just smiled and said nothing.

  In fact, Wen Jianing felt nervous before coming here, but when he really sat here, he was relaxed instead. He was dedicated to chasing this honor, but whether he could win the award this time might not be that important to him, because he was far from reaching the peak of his career. He believed that he could sit in this position every year in the future and looked forward to what should belong to him. No, he should have a higher and farther position and greater expectations.

  Nevertheless, the highlight of the whole night still fell on the best actor award.

  Even the award-presenting MC were not willing to rush to announce the results, wanting to save this suspense until the last moment. The camera repeatedly switched between Wen Jianing and Lu Jinlang.

  At the tensest moment, Wen Jianing found himself very calm. If Lu Jinlang could really beat him again and won the prize, he seemed to have nothing to be upset about. He was willing to accept the fact that Lu Jinlang was better than him, and what he had to do in the future was to continue to work hard with Lu Jinlang as his goal.

  ”The best actor is—” the award-presenting MC dragged his tone, looking towards the audience with a smile on his face.

  Wen Jianing suddenly felt Lu Jinlang touch his hand underneath. He dared not turn his head blatantly to look at Lu Jinlang, nor dared to shake off his hand, for fear that the camera would catch it, so he could only touch the back of his hand without moving.

  ”Ke Xinhang!” the guests announced loudly.

  At that moment, Wen Jianing’s heartbeat stopped for a while, and there was no expression on his face. It was not that he was pretending to be calm, but he was rather at a loss.

  Fierce applause broke out at the scene.

  Lu Jinlang stood up first, and then Wen Jianing reacted. He stood up, hugged Lu Jinlang, and whispered in his ear, “I love you.”

  Lu Jinlang smiled and hugged him tightly, then let him go.

  The scene of Wen Jianing talking in Lu Jinlang’s ear was captured by the camera, but because of the angle, they couldn’t see his mouth clearly.

  After holding the trophy from the award-presenting guests, Wen Jianing stood in front of the microphone and gave an acceptance speech. He talked a lot, and everyone heard nothing new. Most of them were about movies, and about the friends who cared about and helped him. In particular, he called on everyone to pay attention to this group of autism, and hope that people can give them more help.

  In fact, there were some things he really wanted to say. He wanted to say that there was a person who was very important to him, that person has an extraordinary meaning in his life, and that was the person he should be most grateful to.

  But he still didn’t say it in the end. He just glanced at Lu Jinlang. All his emotions for him were contained in the sentence I love you just now. They understood each other’s emotions, that was enough.

  Maybe in ten or twenty years, he believed that one day they could be fearless. They didn’t need to declare their feelings to anyone, they would no longer have to hide, and they would no longer be afraid of who would know about the relationship.

  After giving his testimony, just before he stepped down, the host suddenly stopped him and asked, “What did you say in Lu Jinlang’s ear just now?”

  There was a burst of laughter at the scene.

  Wen Jianing looked at the host with a smile, and said, “I say thank you.”

  The host said, “It doesn’t look like the shape of the mouth.”

  Wen Jianing laughed out loud after hearing this, and said, “I said I love him.”

  There was another burst of laughter at the scene.

  The camera was aimed at Lu Jinlang. He smiled and nodded, indicating that it was true.

  But no one knew how many people take it seriously and how many people didn’t believe it.

  Wen Jianing stepped down and walked slowly in the direction of Lu Jinlang. He suddenly found that he could hardly remember how he stepped down when he first won the prize.

  He probably watched Lu Jinlang at that time, but what were his thoughts? Forget it, don’t think about it, as long as he grasped the present, it was better than anything.

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