Chapter 61 – Long ge is more handsome than you

Chapter 61 –  Long ge is more handsome than you


The atmosphere on set remained highly tense.


Finally, the director spoke up: “Good, cut! Moving on!”


   The crew members relaxed, but this was just the first shot they had managed to get through that morning. There were still a few more smaller shots to go.


   The director said, “Great job, everyone. We can take a break for lunch at noon.”


   A faint cheer erupted on the set.


   Jian Luo let out a sigh of relief, setting down his tired arms and tossing a bag of potato chips aside. “Finally, it’s over.”


   Guo Feicheng gazed at him. “Are you tired?”


   Jian Luo nodded, then looked back at him. “Aren’t you tired?”


   “I’m used to it,” Guo Feicheng replied with a face handsome enough to rival Lu Shifeng’s, but with makeup, he looked even more delicate. “How about I treat you to lunch at noon?”


   Jian Luo was about to decline when his personal secretary approached. “Luo Luo!”


   This time, not only Jian Luo but everyone else also turned to look. Dragon Clan members were relatively rare in the entertainment industry, so few could recognize the chief secretary next to the Marshal. Nevertheless, many recognized his military rank, which was at the level of a General, indicating his high status in the Dragon Clan.


   Jian Luo turned around, his eyes lighting up. “Secretary Jin.”


   “I’m here to bring you lunch,” Secretary Jin stood beside Jian Luo, glanced at Guo Feicheng, her expression changing slightly, but she ultimately didn’t say anything.


   Guo Feicheng teased, “Miss Jin, you treat me like I’m invisible. That’s quite heartbreaking.”


   Secretary Jin playfully adjusted her hair. “You’re exaggerating. I wouldn’t dare. But this time, I’m here to pick someone up. We can chat if we have a chance.”


   With that, Secretary Jin led Jian Luo away.


   The two of them walked through the corridor and found a lounge to sit in. Once the door clicked shut, they began the so-called “three-court inquiry,” a legendary form of questioning:


   “Luoluo, why are you with him?”


   “Do you know each other well?”


   “Has he done anything to you?”




“Don’t make it seem like we’re having an affair,” Jian Luo scratched his head and explained, “We’re just shooting an advertisement, promoting it on the website.”


Secretary Jin also guessed the situation and sighed, “Alright, just for today then? Don’t interact with him too much, Guo Feicheng is a very cunning person. Do you know it’s dangerous to associate with him?”


Jian Luo chuckled, “It seems like you both have strong opinions about each other.”


He used to think that the Dragon Clan was all about love and unity, but now he realized there were distractions among them. He just hadn’t encountered them before.


Secretary Jin thought for a moment and decided that she shouldn’t discuss the Marshal’s personal matters. So, she used vague words, “Well, as long as you know. Just keep your distance from Guo Feicheng. Dragon Clan members are very territorial, you know? If the Marshal catches a whiff of your scent after being around him, who knows what might happen!”


“Scary,” Jian Luo said tentatively, “Isn’t the Dragon Clan’s possessiveness usually reserved for their partners? Can I even count?”


Secretary Jin replied, “Why not? Haven’t you seen how often the Marshal sends people over to check on you even when he’s busy with work? This isn’t just counting; it’s intense counting!”


“Well, I’ll be careful,” Jian Luo conceded.


Even if Secretary Jin hadn’t said it today, Jian Luo would have tried not to have too much contact with Guo Feicheng. His animal instincts told him that this big star wasn’t a simple character.


In the afternoon, the director’s voice rang out, “Cut, that’s a wrap!”


The final shot had been successfully completed. The director announced, “Great job, everyone. I’ll treat you all to dinner at Moonlight tonight!”


Moonlight was considered a high-end place, and the director was being quite generous. The surrounding cheers filled the air.


Jiang Jiang approached Jian Luo, “Luo Luo, are you coming?”


Jian Luo wasn’t particularly interested in joining, “I think I’ll pass.”


“What’s the matter?” Jiang Jiang tilted his head, looking at him, “Tonight’s dinner is the director’s treat, a celebration for you and the big star Guo. It won’t be the same without you.”


Jian Luo considered it for a moment and eventually agreed. Moonlight was practically his second home, and he felt comfortable there, both with the food and the people.


Jiang Jiang patted his shoulder, “Great choice.”


Finally, the group arrived at Moonlight, a splendid place as always. The building was beautiful, resembling a full moon during the day and a crescent moon at night, emitting a faint golden glow. The welcoming attendants, all handsome and beautiful, greeted them, “Welcome to Moonlight!”


The director reserved a table on the second floor. Jian Luo wanted to find a quiet corner since, as a minor character, he assumed no one would pay much attention to him. This was all thanks to the advertisement.


Guo Feicheng took the initiative to pull out his chair, “Please, have a seat.”


“Thank you,” Jian Luo replied.


The elegant and gentlemanly star won the favor of the crew. When the dishes started to arrive, the table quickly filled with various dishes, most of them given to Jian Luo, complimentary.


The director was delighted, “I’m a regular here at Moonlight, and this is in appreciation of our past cooperation.”


Everyone voiced their agreement.


Jian Luo ate his food quietly and noticed that alcohol was being served. The director said, “Come on, I’ll raise a toast to everyone. You’ve all worked hard today.”


Everyone raised their glasses, except Jian Luo, who substituted tea for alcohol. His small action didn’t go unnoticed, and it seemed like people were paying more attention to him than he expected.


The director’s expression changed, “Luo Luo, what does this mean?”


Jian Luo quickly explained, “I’m sorry, I can’t drink alcohol.”


The director was displeased, “You’re working, how can you not handle alcohol?”


Jiang Jiang sitting nearby wanted to defuse the situation, but Guo Feicheng was quicker. He immediately grabbed a glass of wine and drank it, saying, “Director, I’ll drink for him.”


With that, Guo Feicheng downed the glass of wine.


Jian Luo was surprised, and so was everyone at the table. After all, a Dragon Clan member, especially a big star, drinking on behalf of someone else was quite unexpected.


The director chuckled, “Feicheng, you’re indeed considerate of the younger generation.”


“Guo Feicheng: ‘Where? Where?'” 


As Jian Luo continued to eat, he found it uninteresting. He told the people around him, “I’ll excuse myself for a moment; you all continue.”


Using the restroom as an excuse at a dinner table was a universal reason and could even last until the end of the banquet. It all depended on the individual’s improvisation skills.


Jian Luo made his way to the rooftop. Now, with the night descending, the splendor of the Dark Stars was slowly revealing itself. The city was illuminated with brilliant lights, tall buildings sparkled, and the sky was filled with flying vehicles. The stars adorned the night sky, making this planet unbelievably beautiful.


“Oh, you’re here.”


A voice came from behind.


Jian Luo turned around, somewhat surprised, and met Guo Feicheng’s gaze. “How did you know I was here?”


“Dragon Clan members are sensitive to scents, especially since you also have a hint of dragon scent. Knowing where you are isn’t that difficult, is it?” Guo Feicheng approached slowly. “Are you so afraid of me? I don’t think I’ve done anything morally wrong.”


Jian Luo spoke calmly, “I advise you not to have any ulterior motives. Since you’re a member of the Dragon Clan, you should know there are people around me. If you do anything to me, the consequences will be severe.”


Guo Feicheng smiled, “I can tell, Lu Shifeng cares a lot about you.”


Jian Luo shrugged, “I think you care about me quite a bit too. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you had fallen for me, secretly in love. But now, it seems like you’re more likely in love with the Marshal.”


One of these remarks seemed to strike a nerve with Guo Feicheng. His lips twitched, and a mysterious glint passed through his eyes.


After a pause, Guo Feicheng approached closer, his handsome face sporting a smile, and he gazed directly into Jian Luo’s eyes. “Tell me, he’s not a very interesting man, is he? Overbearing and unreasonable, not to mention his lack of skill in flirting and joking. What exactly do you see in him?”


Jian Luo leaned against the rooftop. “I’m guessing you’re trying to make me get away from him.”


Guo Feicheng’s smile deepened. He extended his hand as if to touch Jian Luo’s face. “You see, I don’t like Lu Shifeng. As long as he’s unhappy, I’m happy. On the other hand, I quite like you, a human who has made it this far. It’s not easy. We’re quite similar.”


Jian Luo crossed his arms. “So, what’s your plan then?”


“Dragon Clan members all have weaknesses, and Lu Shifeng is no exception,” Guo Feicheng said slowly. “As long as you help me…”


Jian Luo frowned. He had only intended to hear what this person had in mind, but the conversation had escalated to a sensitive level. His animal instincts told him that knowing too much could lead to trouble. After all, he was just a survival-minded human.


Jian Luo raised his hand to stop the person who was getting ahead of themselves, “Stop, I don’t want to hear any more. Let’s end it here.”


Guo Feicheng was taken aback, “You’re not…”


“Oh, you must have misunderstood. I never said he forced me,” Jian Luo’s eyes gleamed, and he added with a playful tone, “I don’t know where you got your information, but our Long ge is much more attractive than you. Plus, he’s honest and doesn’t backstab people. I used to think Dragon Clan members were all good people, but seeing you, I finally understand why you were expelled.”


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