Chapter 104 – The Child You're Carrying Isn't Mine

Chapter 104 – The Child You’re Carrying Isn’t Mine


Once the passion for drama arises, no one can stop it.


Lu Shifeng quietly watched him, finally speaking after Jian Luo confessed all his wrongdoings, “Finished?”


Jian Luo wiped away nonexistent tears, “Yes.”


“Is what you said something that actually happened?” Lu Shifeng’s red eyes gazed quietly at him.


Hey, you dare to question me, little guy.


Unable to bear such injustice, Jian Luo snorted, “Why would I lie to you?”


Lu Shifeng was originally sitting cross-legged on a rock, but now he leaned closer to Jian Luo. The man’s aura carried a hint of oppression, and the closer he got, the more stuttered Jian Luo became, “What are you doing? I’m telling you, just because you’re still young, I won’t yield!”


Lu Shifeng approached a bit more, his gaze falling on Jian Luo’s belly, and said in a deep voice, “You haven’t given birth yet.”




Calculations, calculations, missed this aspect!


Jian Luo felt a bit awkward, but as long as he had no shame, the sense of embarrassment couldn’t catch up to him, “This is the second child. You abandoned us after the first!”



Lu Shifeng fell silent.


Jian Luo finally found a fabricated reason, and he could continue, “When we had the first child, we were fine. But later, after giving birth, I aged, lost my charm, and there was no excitement anymore. And the princess, she’s so beautiful that she immediately caught your attention…”


Lu Shifeng: “Which princess?”


Jian Luo stubbornly said, “The one from the vampire clan. Okay, do you have many princesses?”


Lu Shifeng sat back, coming to his senses, “If it’s her, you don’t need to worry.”


“Why?” Jian Luo argued, “You sweet-talked me before just like this. I didn’t expect this skill wasn’t something you developed as you grew up. Now, at such a young age, you’ve learned this. You don’t need to say more; I won’t believe it.”


While speaking, Jian Luo acted as if he were wronged. Although he pretended to shed tears on the surface, inwardly he was quite pleased. In reality, he was submissive, but in his dreams, he fought back fiercely. Faced with a high-maintenance flower, he dared not cause trouble, but dealing with a little Lu was a piece of cake.


Haha, he finally vented.


Lu Shifeng, you have it coming!


Lu Shifeng remained silent, glancing at him, “If it’s her, I won’t betray you with her.”


Jian Luo didn’t believe it, “Where’s the reason?”


“She’s uglier than you.” Lu Shifeng, with no survival instinct, said calmly, “You can rest assured.”



The air was filled with silence.


Jian Luo wasn’t comforted; he was so angry that his beard bristled, “What did you say?”


Lu Shifeng remained silent.


Jian Luo absolutely couldn’t bear this injustice. In reality, he could let it go, but in his dreams, why should he be overpowered?


Thinking of this, Jian Luo began to climb walls and tear down tiles. He clung to Lu Shifeng, half of his body pressing against him, unrelenting, “What did you say? Do you think I’m ugly? Fine, you, turns out you think that. You’re too much, you, not a single trustworthy man, alright! Consider me blind and mistaken, can’t I leave…”


Rainy day, the stones were a bit slippery. Jian Luo’s movements were a little exaggerated, and with a slight misstep, his foot slipped, and his entire body tumbled down. “Oops!”


Everything seemed to change in an instant.


At the critical moment, Lu Shifeng covered the ground beneath him. Swiftly, he positioned himself, and Jian Luo fell directly onto him.


Jian Luo winced in pain, “Uh…”


Lu Shifeng sat up, glancing at him, “Did you get hurt?”


“No,” Jian Luo said, “I just yelled randomly to create some atmosphere.”



Lu Shifeng didn’t bother looking at him, getting up to leave.


Seeing Lu Shifeng about to leave, Jian Luo couldn’t let that happen. He had finally encountered Lu Shifeng in a dream, and if he missed this opportunity, his source of happiness would be gone, right?


Realizing this, Jian Luo quickly caught up, “Where are you going?”


Lu Shifeng paused, turning to look at him, “Practicing flight.”


Oh, Jian Luo remembered. Those people mocking the marshal for not being able to fly. Unbelievably, it turned out that when the child was young, he wasn’t the pride of the heavens but was handed this script.


Seeing the heavy rain, Jian Luo asked, “Can’t you practice when the rain stops? It’s not good to practice in such heavy rain, right? Wait a bit more.”


Lu Shifeng raised an eyebrow, looking at him. Despite his young age, there was already a strong aura of a man. He said, “Rain won’t wait for someone to find shelter, and others won’t wait for you to grow up.”



Jian Luo was stunned.


For a moment, he suddenly understood why Lu Shifeng developed such a paranoid and strict personality after growing up. Perhaps they couldn’t blame Lu Shifeng for not understanding tenderness. If he hadn’t been shown kindness and forgiveness in his childhood, how could he treat others gently?


People said he was cold-hearted, but no one had ever pitied him.


Realizing this, Jian Luo sighed inwardly, saying, “Where are you going to practice? I’ll accompany you.”


Lu Shifeng had been watching Jian Luo since he got up, not missing any expression. He lightly opened his lips, “Are you pitying me?”



The kid is quite sensitive.


Jian Luo pinched his waist, “Are you out of your mind? There’s flat ground everywhere. Where do I go to avoid the rain? I’m human, I can’t fly, and I’m carrying your child. Where do you want me to go? What if I encounter bad, bad dragons!”


His dominance was too strong. Even though the young Lu Shifeng was calm, he wasn’t a match for a pregnant husband making a scene.


Lu Shifeng said, “You’re not carrying my child.”




Jian Luo widened his eyes, unbelieving, “Are you really abandoning your wife and child?”


Lu Shifeng said, “The child you’re carrying belongs to him, not the present me.”




How old are you?


Young man, your thoughts are a bit dangerous. Has no one told you that?


Jian Luo fell silent; he shouldn’t have underestimated the teenage version of Lu Shifeng. Maybe dealing with the younger version would be more challenging than the grown-up one. Well, he better be more honest.


Arriving at the usual training ground for Lu Shifeng’s flight practice, the juvenile version of the black dragon appeared in front of Jian Luo. Unlike the towering and majestic adult version, this little dragon was about the size of a lion in a zoo. Its wings were not as broad as before, looking somewhat fragile.


Jian Luo stood under a small rock to avoid the rain, shouting from above, “Go for it!”


The little black dragon hesitated while standing on a large rock.




A lightning bolt flashed, and it rushed down. The distance between the rock and the ground was over 10 meters high. In the wind and rain, it jumped down resolutely, with a touch of recklessness.


Jian Luo watched its wings, involuntarily holding his breath.


One meter.


Two meters.


Three meters…




The little black dragon fell, splashing water and creating a pit on the ground. It looked quite disheveled. Jian Luo subconsciously wanted to step forward to help.




The dragon roared in his direction, its blood-red eyes filled with threat and danger. Obviously, it didn’t want anyone to approach.


Jian Luo helplessly stopped, “Alright, alright, I won’t bother you, okay.”


Then came Lu Shifeng’s acrobatic wrestling moves. From initially worrying, Jian Luo turned into sitting cross-legged on the grass under the rock, supporting his chin, looking worried, “What if your child turns out to be just like you, stubborn to death?”


In the midst of the storm, Lu Shifeng paid him no attention.


Finally, when the little black dragon fell again, Jian Luo shouted, “Lu Shifeng, come here!”


Lu Shifeng ignored him.


Jian Luo unleashed his ultimate move, “My stomach hurts!”



The little black dragon hesitated for a moment, transforming back into human form. The cute dragon-horned Lu Shifeng walked slowly to Jian Luo. “Where does it hurt?”


Jian Luo took out two bags of dried fruits he had packed from his pocket, “Are you hungry?”


Lu Shifeng repeated, “Where does it hurt.”


“In the stomach.” Jian Luo opened one bag for himself and handed the other to Lu Shifeng, “Eat something. You keep falling like this. No, I mean, a balance between work and rest is necessary for progress.”


Lu Shifeng remained silent for a while, finally taking the dried fruits. His once slender and fair hands were now smeared with mud from the wrestling.

Jian Luo withdrew his hand after a glance and took out a few pieces of dried fruit with his clean hand. He handed them to Lu Shifeng’s mouth, saying, “Come on, open up.”


Lu Shifeng said, “I can do it myself…”


The clever Jian Luo seized the opportunity and directly tossed them into his mouth while he spoke.


Lu Shifeng silently looked at Jian Luo’s triumphant face, ultimately choosing not to argue with him. He silently chewed on the dried fruit. Perhaps he was genuinely hungry, so he didn’t complain and quietly ate whatever Jian Luo fed him.


Finally, Jian Luo asked, “Is it good?”


Lu Shifeng asked, “Did you make it?”


“No, I got it from the elf tribe.”






The rain outside gradually subsided. Lu Shifeng was about to continue practicing flying. Having been closer this time, Jian Luo saw many wounds on him—new and old injuries intertwined, making his skin look unbearable.


Standing under the giant rock, Jian Luo suddenly understood how to fly.


Behind Lu Shifeng, there was a little tail. Huffing and puffing, Jian Luo also climbed up the rock. The journey exhausted him, and he was panting heavily.


Lu Shifeng turned his face and looked at him, “Why did you come up?”


Taking a moment to catch his breath, Jian Luo pinched his waist, “I came to help you. Just practicing like this won’t work. You might need some external assistance.”


Lu Shifeng asked, “What?”


Approaching, Jian Luo glanced at the bottom of the rock, a height equivalent to five or six floors of a building. At first glance, it was really anxiety-inducing. He really couldn’t imagine how Lu Shifeng managed to jump down from such a height and how much it must have hurt.


Taking a deep breath, he felt like he was about to wake up.


Turning around, Jian Luo said to Lu Shifeng, “Don’t care too much about how others see you or what they say. I believe you can fly. The future of the dragon race won’t be lost in your hands. You’ll be the strongest Dragon King.”


Lu Shifeng was covered in injuries, his voice somewhat hoarse, and a hint of a sarcastic smile on his lips, “Even if I can’t spread my wings, I can’t even capture the weakest prey.”


Jian Luo stood by the edge of the rock, raindrops falling on him. He looked at the several meters of height below, slowly spoke, and his voice carried a seriousness that had never been there before, “Sometimes, flying and becoming stronger don’t necessarily have to be for attacking or harming others.”


Lu Shifeng asked, “What?”


The young man standing at the edge of the rock changed his face into a bright smile. Leaning backward, his eyes firmly met Lu Shifeng’s. His voice contained endless trust and certainty, “It can also be for protection, you know.”


Because you are the Dragon Lord, you have to protect your clan. Your heart should not be filled with thoughts of slaughter. When you learn to protect, that’s when you truly become a Dragon Lord.


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